The Bewitched Knights

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Chapter 60

I looked back at my phone as I looked down at Veronica who had her hands wrapped around my torso as she leaned closer to me on the couch and slept, seeming exhausted. A small smile remained plastered on her face as I picked the phone to find my dad's name on the caller ID.

Gently, letting her slip to the couch, I got up and walked to the kitchen counter wanting to have a word with my father.

"So now you call?" I asked through gritted teeth and heard him chuckling.

"Sorry. I know for what you have been calling for. I'm sorry. I was having a word with the media and it slipped. They made a big issue out of my statement," he said as he exhaled out and I heard someone talking to him from his end and recognized the voice as Ron.

"Slipped? Just what did you tell them?"

"They asked me about you and then I told them that you are not really seeing anyone but then they asked me about your friend circle and since you told me about Chelsea, I spilled the name out. They took it in a different way and made a gossip out of it,"

"Then why did you not pick up my calls. Do you even realize what situation I was in?" I asked as he hummed in response.

"Situation? It was not that big of a situation," he argued.

"You don't understand. You don't even have any idea-"

"Wait a minute. A gossip about you getting engaged to Kinsley is not a big deal unless and until you have someone else in your life," he chuckled as I looked back at Veronica who was now sitting on the couch looking my way. She gave me a smile as she signaled me to continue talking.

"Well, you guessed that one right!" I didn't bother to hide it and heard him gasping in shock.


"Yes, and I will let you meet her soon," I said as I hung up immediately knowing he would jump on to asking me questions and end up digging up more information. But eventually, he would find out anyway. As much as I knew him, he had already asked Ron to find out about it and I really didn't care about it. But the only problem was Veronica.

I didn't know how she felt about me. I had been waiting patiently for her to express her feelings for me but I seriously want to know how she feels from her mouth. Her actions do tell me that she likes me but I don't understand why she can't tell me that.

I made my way to her as I sat down before her, holding her hand.

"I am going to talk to Chelsea now," I told her and watched as the smile on her face faded away.

"Look, I know you are upset but you also need to understand that she is my friend. If I am in a situation where she is involved then I need to tal-"

"You want to talk to her?" she asked tilting her head to the side looking at me curiously.

"Yes, I do," I said not bothering to hide anything from her. She clearly told me that she didn't like Chelsea and even though she said she hated her, I know that she said just because of the heat of the moment. Veronica is not really the type who could hate anyone. She simply doesn't like people but that doesn't mean she hates them.

"Alright. I won't interfere then. If you want to talk to her then you should," she said as I looked at her with utmost shock.

Okay! I didn't expect her to understand this so quickly.

"Really? So are you okay with it?" I couldn't help but ask.

"Yes. Actually I still do not trust her a bit but I do trust you. So," she shrugged as she gave me a shrug and got up. Her small statement made me smile and my heart which was aching a few hours ago because of our fight seemed to be filled up with bliss.

"Since you are taking the matter in your hand, I have left no work here. I have to again fly back to Pretoria!" she said as she looked up exhausted and massaged her shoulder.

"Now? You just arrived today in the morning and you are already ready to fly back? Don't be absurd! Take some rest!" I argued as I stood up and reached to hold her hand but she got back, away from my reach as she laughed.

"I agree it is a lot of work to fly back and forth but what can I do? I have work to do in Pretoria. I came here leaving all my work for you but I have to look for my work too, right?" she asked and picked up her phone and her suit jacket.

"I will come back as soon as I am done with my work," she said and reached to me as she placed a kiss on my cheek.

"I hope you sort everything out Chelsea and I don't have to face her again when I come back or I wouldn't like it," she said which made me smile.

"You are acting possessive now," I smirked and thought she would counter or deny but all she did was put her finger on my chin as she made me look back at her.

"I am possessive for what is mine," she whispered and pecked my lips which caught my breath as she smiled and got back before turning to leave. I stood there watching her retreating back. A smile remained plastered on my face as I thought of what she just told me.

She said I was hers.

"And Ace," I snapped out my thoughts when I heard her voice from the door. She stood there looking elegant as ever with that beautiful smile of hers. Her beautiful eyes dazzling with happiness.

"Last time you told me you didn't have the perfect atmosphere or any gift to present me as you told me how you felt for me, guess what? You did gift me the most precious thing of my life. I want to tell you, I love you too. I really do," she said and that immediately made me widen my eyes. I really did not expect her to tell me this soon but now when she did, I am nothing but filled with shock and surprise.

"Thanks to Chelsea, I am clear with my emotions. I had no mixed feelings for you ever. It were also clear. I have always liked you for the way you are. You showed me what real power and love is and that is why I love you," she said with a smile as she shifted her jacket to her other arm and turned back.

"I hope when I come back we would get time to spent with each other without anyone interrupting," she laughed at the end as she waved at me and walked away from my sight.

I was rooted to my position for some minutes before, I plopped down on the couch chuckling.

This was really unexpectant.

This woman really knows how to make my heart skip a beat. A smile remained plastered to my face as I thought about her. So, now there were no uncertain feelings between us. She had finally accepted me and I have accepted her. We were finally officially together as a couple.

I still couldn't believe it.

Veronica is mine. Finally. Finally, after all these years, I don't have to long for her and miss her anymore. She is with me and is going to stay with me forever.

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