The Bewitched Knights

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Chapter 61

Ace Pov

The clock hit four in the evening and there was still no news of Chelsea. I tried to contact her but to no avail. She didn’t respond to any of my messages or emails. This seems really weird as the rumor of our engagement broke out and she didn’t even reach out to me or reacted to it.

I couldn’t stop thinking about what Veronica told me when she was angry with me.

I have always resented her from the day she bullied you and still today because of a reason you don’t know. I wanted her to tell you everything but since she didn’t I will tell you.

I remember it clearly. Though she didn't tell me what it was, I was already on point wanting to know what was going on. Because of the moment, I didn't pressure her to tell me. So, all these times I was right. There was really something between Veronica and Chelsea, that has been bugging Veronica and it was why it was being hard for her to warm up around Chelsea.

"What is it, Veronica?" I mumbled as I looked blankly at my laptop screen when there was a knock on my cabin door and I looked up to find Noah.

"Sir, there is someone wanting to meet you," he said as he adjusted his glasses standing next to the door. My immediate thoughts were, Veronica.

Did she change her mind and return back to me?

"Who is it?" I asked and he looked back as he opened the door and immediately, I stood up from my chair as I recognized the person, who came in.

"You asshole!" I laughed not even bothering to mind Noah's presence as I walked around my desk and he laughed out loud as he came forward and we hugged.

"You haven't changed a bit!" he said in his thick Korean accent as we retreated back and did a handshake.

"What the hell? Why did you not tell me about your arrival?" I asked as I showed him in and towards my couch and looked back at Noah and signaled him for coffee. He nodded and walked out, quietly closing the door behind him.

"Its because you fucker didn't even bother to let me know about your engagement," he narrowed his eyes at me and I leaned back heaving a sigh.

"It's not what you think it is," I exclaimed as I raked my hair and he furrowed at me as I sat there explaining him everything that was going on for the next hour.

"Man! What a situation," he pulled his suit as he leaned back and nodded. I noticed how different he looks from the last time we met. Its been probably a year since I last saw him. He had been to the states a couple of times and every time, I was the one who went up to his country to meet him.

He looked thinner from the last time we met. His hair styled as slick back and he was in a black suit with a white shirt underneath. He looked handsome and as usual, he had that glow on his skin. I knew if I ask him about that glow then he would only tell me to try his restaurant's special dishes made from herbs.

"Speaking of that! Now, I understand!" he said and this time I was the one who furrowed at him as he clasped his finger and his mouth formed up in a thin line.

"Understand what?" I asked as he picked up his coffee and gulped down the last amount left and kept the now empty cup on the table. "I talked to Veronica before she dashed back to somewhere. She is still the same, running here and there," he said and I nodded.

"What did you two speak?"

"Nothing much! I was just confused when I got the news of you being with Chelsea. I was like, how can this be? Every time we talked, you couldn't stop thinking about Veronica all these years. Just I kinda blabbered that with, Veronica," he shrugged and I looked at him as if he had two heads.

"You did what?" I couldn't explain my own raise of voice but he just grinned and leaned back on his seat while I remained gawking at him.

"And yo-"

"What? It's good that she knows. I mean why do you even care about it? You two are together right? How does it matter?" he asked as he got up and I kept looking at his face.

"It does. It is embarrassing!" I exclaimed out loud when the door opened and I looked back wanting to know who walked in when we are talking.

"No its not! Why do you even feel that?"

It was Veronica. My heart fluttered as I saw her face and immediately stood up as she walked in with her suit jacket on arms as she came and stood right before me. A smile on her face, a mischievous glint on her eyes as she squinted her eyes at my direction and then looked back at Jung.

"Oh, you're back!" Jung smiled as he came forward and gave a hug to Veronica as she giggled and hugged him back.

"I couldn't get the chance to talk to you. So, I came back," she told him and he huffed at her.

"Don't lie! We all know for whom you are here," as he said that he pointed his thumbs at my direction and she smiled as I shook my head and sat down on the couch.

"What are you doing here? Did you not say that you are going to leave for Pretoria?" I asked and she shrugged in reply, as she sat down next to me, crossing her legs.

"My flights got delayed and I thought of resting here for a bit more. So, I will depart after two days," she told me and I stared her ways and looked back at Jung who was grinning.

"Oh well! That's perfect! Even I'm here for a week. Let's catch up, if possible?" he asked and before I could open my mouth, Veronica nodded and immediately circled her arms with mine.

"Perfect! Just like the old times. It would have been amazing if Reyansh was here too," she said and I nodded looking back at Jung.

"That's not a problem. I met him last week only! Recently! he has taken some time off work and has been touring. Let me send him a message about our reunion and wait," Jung told us as he pulled his phone out, probably typing a message to Rey while I looked back at Veronica who turned to face me.

"Are you happy now?" she whispered and I nodded, leaning in as I pecked her cheeks and she smiled widely.

"Why did you not tell me?" she said all of a sudden as I raised an eyebrow at her wanting to know what she meant.

"What do you mean?"

"If you liked me, you should have told me. I deserved to know. How could you manage to live just by liking me all these years when I was still not before you? I must say, you have a crooked mind," she finished as I ended up laughing, finding it pretty humorous.

"Whatever you two are talking, I don't want to know," we heard Jung and as we looked back at him, he looked down at his phone and got up walking towards the glass curtain wall, completely ignoring our presence.


"Alright. See you, man! I have to meet some clients. So I will be off now!" Jung told me as we side hugged and shook our hand and Veronica walked forward to give him a hug as his car pulled before us.

"Alright let me know if Rey replies back!" I said and he nodded.

"I will let you know about the place to hang out!" Veronica spoke up and he nodded smiling as he got into his car and waved at us as his driver pulled off. I watched as his car went out of sight and then turned to look back at Veronica.

"You Missy have been surprising me a lot lately!" I told her and she smiled biting her lips as she rocked in her place.

"Am I not supposed to do that?" she asked in a flirtatious tone as I loosen the tie and nodded biting the inside of my mouth wanting to stop grinning. "You are! But sometimes let me surprise you! You just don't give me any chance," I told her and she giggled this time.

"Alright then! I'm giving you a chance now. Surprise me," she said as she passed her suit jacket to her left arm and looked up at her blinking her eyes. As I continued to stare at her eyes, the only thing I wanted was the lean in and kiss her senseless but I couldn't for the people of my office walking around me. They recognized me well and I didn't wish to have another gossip.

"Well now?" I asked and she nodded.

"Let's see what comes to your mind! How do you think you will surprise me?" she asked challenging me with her gaze. That sexy, determined gaze that she held did something to me. I just wanted to push her to the pole near us and kiss her.

"Well! If you ask me, I would ask you something, which I know will definitely surprise you. But I don't really think you would even agree," as I told her that, she squinted her eyes at me angling her head to the side. "Try me!" she challenged and I chuckled at her.

"While you are here, come and stay with me in my house," I told her immediately. I didn't even bother to think what she would think or reply. I just shot it on her way and she raised her chin up. There was no reaction on her face. I had no idea what she was thinking and as she stayed quiet, I grew a bit nervous.

"Obviously, it's your ch-"

"Oh well! Let's go then. I am so tired. The first thing I am gonna do is to take a nice shower and then let's order something to eat," she said out loud and clear while I stood there flabbergasted.

Okay! I had never expected that this would go this fast!

"You sure?" I managed to ask and she shrugged.

"Did I surprise you instead?" she asked and I huffed getting that she was just playing with me. "You wish!" I told her and she ended up laughing the whole way until we reach my house.


"I'm not sure if you are going to like it. I mean I live like a bachelor! The things are out of-" I stood before my door, fidgetting with the keys as I looked back at her while she looked everywhere with a smile on her face.

"Who even cares about that?" she told me and I opened the door.

I looked back at her and stood on the side, allowing her to walk in first. She smiled and walked in and I heard her gasping and the next moment she was squealing.

"Oh my gosh! Oh hello," she was patting my black Samoyed, overexcited dog who continued to wag its tail as it jumped on Veronica excited.

"You liar! You said you lived alone," she laughed as she crouched down before my Shadow and it licked her on her face wagging its tail as it tried to climb on top of her thigh as she laughed.

"You are so beautiful. Oh my god!" she hugged my Shadow as I closed the door and looked down at them.

"He is Shadow and he is only three months old," I told her as I crouched down and patted Shadow's back but he didn't even pay me any attention and Veronica noticed this, as she chuckled.

"Somebody is already losing his importance," she joked and I shook my head.

"It's rare. He doesn't allow anyone to touch him. Not even my sister could ever pass to touch him,"

"Well! I think he likes me as much I do to him," Veronica smiled as she kissed Shadow's head who started wagging his tail and whined barking at Veronica, excited.

"Look up there!" I pointed towards a table and Veronica looked up and she gasped.

"You have a cat too!" she laughed.

"Her name is Hitler," I told her as I pointed at my brown and white-colored cat who just sat there staring at Veronica, curiously.

"I had adopted her a year ago," I said and Veronica furrowed at me.

"Hitler?" she whispered and I chuckled looking back at my cat who was anything but interested to come down. "You will know soon," I said and Veronica though didn't quite get it, went back to pat Shadow affectionately as I sat there smiling at them.

"I love animals," she cooed at Shadow and seeing her happy made me happy as I played with the keys.


"So, this is the living area, as you can see. I have only two bedrooms. I have converted the third one as my lab. You go around and go on have a shower while I order some food. What would you like to eat?" I asked as I picked Hitler up from the table and she meowed snarling at me immediately as I let her go and she ran up to Veronica, sniffing her leg as she started rubbing herself on her.

"What the hell?" I scowled at the cat as I noticed her behavior and Veronica laughed as she went ahead and picked up the cat who looked anything but angry.

"I understand the name now," she joked cuddling Hitler who was rubbing her head on Veronica's chin.

"What's wrong with me?" I couldn't help but scoff as I got rid of my jacket and Veronica laughed.

"There's nothing wrong with you. I will cuddle to you," she said and I smiled narrowing my eyes at her.

"Remember that! I change my mind. I will cook today," I told her and her face brightened up as she smiled widely, patting Hitler who meowed and purred in her arms.

"Really? That's perfect! Let me get a shower first! I will help you with the dinner," she told me and then walked towards the other bedroom with Hitler in her arms as Shadow barked and ran after her as she closed the door as soon as he entered. I stood their alone as I scoffed at my pets but at the same time smiling to myself finding it cute to see three of them mixing well.

There was a reason why I called my cat, Hitler. She resembled Veronica's personality. She was sassy but at times she was affectionate. She would only go to the one, whom she liked and never the other way around.

I guess, they found their match.

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