The Bewitched Knights

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Chapter 62

I put the cooked rice aside as I heard the door opening and closing. I brought the potatoes and washed them and as I kept it on the chicken counter I felt a presence next to me and I adjusted my glasses, taking the knife.

"What are you making?" I heard her soft voice.

"Lemon rice and black bean sweet potato enchiladas,"

"Since I have not cooked for a long time, I had no meat in the house. So, vegetarian food today," I said and turned to look at her as I stopped in my place, my breath caught in my mouth as I looked at her. Her wet hair, she shampooed her hair. She was dressed in my red Tshirt and the shorts that I had earlier kept in her room.

How come my clothes look so good when she is the one who is wearing them?

"You still wear your glasses?" she asked looking at my glasses and I averted my gaze back towards the potatoes, nodding at her. "Sometimes, yes," I told her and heard her humming. In the background, I could hear Shadow and Hitler playing and running here and there.

"Here, let me help you with them," she said and came forward as she took the knife from me. Her cold finger grazing my hand as she took the knife from to cut the potato and with a smile she took my place as I took a step back giving her some space. I could smell that fragrance of hers and I wondered what body fragrance or shampoo she used.

I had no idea when out of nowhere, my arm went forward and I circled my arms around her waist and she giggled as I put my chin down on her shoulder. Her body so close to me made me so happy and excited as I put her hair to the side and made myself comfortable on her shoulder. "You smell so good," I said and roamed my hands on her waist as I went forward and rubbed her arms and held the knife with her.

"Do it in small and thin shape," I made her cut down the potatoes and she nodded, slicing them down when an idea formed in my head and I let her go.

"Where are you going?" she asked as she looked back at me and I smiled.

"I will be back in a minute," I told her and she looked at me in confusion but didn't ask me further as I made it to my lab and searched for the candles. My lab only consisted of microscopes and non-chemical stuff because I have rebellious pets at my house. And as I got the candles, I walked back to the kitchen room and placed the candles on the dining table as she looked up at me and I showed her the candles.

A bright smile formed on her face as she understood what I was going to do.

"I love the idea," she said out loud and I placed the candles on the table and walked back to help her. We started preparing the dinner and she talked about how she started learning horse riding. I was still pleased with the idea that she returned back and at least she was here for two days.

The food was done and she set the table cloth, I took Shadow's and Hitler's food and served them in their trays and they came running in and started munching on their food.

Veronica placed the food on the table and I lit the candles and played a romantic piano piece. She dimmed the light and I pulled the chair for her, as she took a seat and instead of sitting before her, I chose to sit right next to her. We took our food and she poured the wine to the glass, looking my way.

"Oh, this perfect. This is how I wanted to relax!" she told me and I looked back at my pets who were already done with their food and Hitler was licking its paw while Shadow sat next to it looking our way. "And I am happy that you are here," I told her which made her smile.

"You should thank Ava. If she isn't staying in my penthouse then I wouldn't be her-"

"You are here because of that?" I put my spoon down as I stared at her for an answer and she gave me a toothy grin."No, of course not! You caught me off-guard when you asked me to come and stay with you. I was really surprised," she said and I noticed how badly she tried to stop herself from smiling.

"Don't lie to me. Don't talk to me," I told her as I picked up my spoon and she laughed.

"I am serious Ace. C'mon don't be like this," she laughed and got hold of my arm as I gave her a smile and we ate our dinner talking about things and she told me about the places she had thought of to hang out with Jung. My phone vibrated and I checked the message to find it form Jung.

"What a time," I said and she leaned closer to look at the message.

"Rey is coming," I read out loud and Veronica looked excited.

"That's awesome," she said out loud and Hitler jumped on the chair as it meowed and looked up at me. I patted her and she slept, comfortably on the chair, purring.

"The food is delicious. Thank you," she said as she had her last bite and sipped her last sip of wine.

"I would like it if you can take some time to meet my sister, Amelia," I told her and watched as she looked taken aback for a second. "She is in the city?" she asked and I nodded recalling the stunt that she pulled to make me come back to New York. My face scrunched up and it didn't go unnoticed by Veronica as she reacted immediately.

"What's up with that face you just made?" she asked and I shook my head.

"My sister is a little nasty prankster," I told her and she smiled and we gathered up our plates and we went back to the sink. I watched as Veronica took her rubber band from her hand and tied her hair up.

"I will wash the dishes," she simply said and started washing the dishes and I smiled taking a napkin as I went back to clean the table. The whole time, my eyes remained trained on her as she cleaned the utensils and she would occasionally look back at me and give me a smile. The atmosphere around me was so homey, and warm, I loved it.

It was hard to believe that someone like Veronica would do such things. If I had not known her then I would've probably judged her of being arrogant, born with a silver spoon and a spoiled brat. But she was far from that. She made herself what she was today. She was anything but arrogant. She was disciplined, well behaved and warm, but only to those whom she trusted. I kept the cloth down on the table as I made my way to her.

She smiled as she was done with the last plate and as she turned around, I held her waist and before she could even react, made her sit up on the kitchen counter. There was a look of surprise on her face as she took in what I just did and that made me smile. I pulled her hair down and she looked down at me.

"What are you doing?" she whispered and I put my hand on either side of her as I looked straight into her eyes.

"You are mine," I told her and this the look of confusion was replaced with a light smile and she put her arms on my shoulder.

"And you are mine," she whispered and bit down her lips.

"Why are you staying far away from me?" I whispered back and it was when she closed the distance between us putting her forehead on mine and I could feel her breath on my nose. "Let me make it up for you then," she whispered and I held her waist, firmly as she lowered her head down and our lips met.

The kiss started with a soft synchronization and she pulled me closer, her legs wrapping around my torso and I held her thigh pulling her closer. I could literally hear her heartbeat, raising every second but I couldn't get enough of her. The kiss grew passionate and she raked her hand on my hair as I felt my glasses being in between, disturbing me. So, I withdrew for a second to remove my glasses and watched as she panted watching my moves and pulled me immediately for another kiss.

My lips smashing to hers and she began biting my lips. I circled my arms around her waist and she moaned. It was satisfying.

I trailed kisses down her face and neck, and she gave up on me holding me close to her. "Oh, Ace!" she moaned holding a fistful of my hair and I pulled back to have a look of her face. She refused to let go as she looked into my eyes. There was both a strong desire in her brown eyes. Lust and love.

I could see the lust making her eyes darker and I could feel how affectionate she was as her hands moved on my body. She loved me, at least her action told me that.

"I love you so much," she whispered and put her forehead down on my shoulder and I hugged her back tightly feeling her in my arms, inhaling her scent as I felt contended that finally after all these years, she responded back with the same passion and affection I had for her.

"I love you too, more than you could have ever thought of," I told her and she woke up from my shoulder as she held my face and looked into my eyes. "I know," she said as she smiled and inched down when we heard a meow.

The moment was interrupted by none other than Hitler as it jumped up on the kitchen counter next to Veronica meowing as it looked at me and Veronica curiously.

Veronica looked back at me and bit down on her lips wanting to stop herself from smiling any further as she patted Hitler, who purred and rubbed herself to Veronica who looked beyond happy.

Her lips were swollen, hair disheveled and her cheeks turned red as she averted her gaze to Hitler.

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