The Bewitched Knight

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Chapter 7

Greedy. How can a person be greedy? Is wishing for money and wealth considered to be greedy? Or being selfish at some points for own benefits is greedy?

For me, the people who laugh at others' problem, obviously having a good time for themselves because they could get some time out of their busy schedule to laugh their heart out, but also, in the process of bringing shame and embarrassment to the one who is suffering are greedy. Just for a sake of good time, you chose to ruin someone’s day, memories and you think you are not greedy?

I watched as the same blonde girl who tried to bully me in my day, troubling Ace, who had helped me from the beginning with all the notes and doubts and asked nothing in return. She pour some juice on him, broke his glasses. The boy was not that tall comparing the blonde girl but I had hoped that he would at least stand up for himself at some point or maybe he could’ve cried to make them feel bad. But then the blonde stood there laughing like a maniac as she spits chewing gum on his head and feigned innocence.

At that point, I had really hoped Ace to stand his guard, but all he did was examine his hair, and then he picked up his broken glasses and books and walked up straight from there. He came straight towards my direction and for a minute looked my way. There was nothing in his, not a single drop of tear nor any rage. He just walked past me to somewhere and I looked back at the redhead giving a high five to the blonde girl.

So, these people really enjoy bullying others.


I wonder if they have ever felt what being hurt actually feels.

But I was impressed. Impressed by that nerd boy, Ace. I have never really seen any other guy with so much patience and quiet. My dad was always so calm and had so much patience, but I doubt he could withstand these many bullies as Ace did. Because my dad would literally blow their heads off with a ...

I looked back at the way where Ace just went. These guys are literally taking advantage of his patience and he is just letting them do that.

I heaved a sigh as I held the straps of my bag and threw it over my shoulder as I turned to leave.

“Did you saw how his expression changed when he felt that chewing gum on his hair?” the blonde said laughing hysterically and I looked to find her wheezing and choking on her own breath as she held the sides of her waist and laughed. “Totally worth the watch!” the redhead said: “Good job, Chelsea,” they stood there in a group enjoying their time as I watched them from far away. How victorious they felt for coming in a group and picking on a single boy.

“Good job...Chelsea,” a smirk formed on my lips as I watched the blonde girl, before turning around and leaving.

The last bell for the day rung and everyone packed their bags and left. I looked to my right to find the seat where Ace usually seats vacant. The Korean guy with whom he usually seats was also absent. Probably, he was with him. I looked at the notebook on my desk. It was Ace’s notebook and I had failed to complete it in time and I am yet to return it back to him. But he never asked for it. It’s been two weeks and yet he had never asked me to return it back. My fingers trailed over his handwriting, it was so beautiful and clear. Each letter were clear and were in cursive and I looked at my handwriting which was in a scribbled form.

“Time to pay back,” I mumbled as I shoved all my books and notebook in my bag and walked out of the class to my locker to put some of the books in it. As I was walking crossing the hallway, I heard someone talking and I stopped in my tracks when I saw who it was.

Jung and the other one was Ace. For a second, my eyes widened as I looked at him. He had shaved his hair off his head. Was that because of that gum? He has a burr cut on him and he had new sets of eyeglasses as he stood there in a red oversized shirt and shoved all his books from his locker to his bag.

“Ace, are you sure you want to go home? We have exams next week,” Jung spoke and paced around Ace who was busy packing his books.

“I don’t know man! I just need some time off. Moreover, I haven’t been to my family for a long time and I really miss them a lot. I will come back right before the exams,” Ace talked nonchalantly and stood there with the bag on his hand. He looked so different with his hair shaved away but his eyes were so sad. “C’mon, Ace I know why you are doing this. Trust me, you look good with this hairstyle bud,” Jung held his shoulder and all Ace did was shrug his hands off as he walked away with Jung following and persuading him to stay.

I stood there for some time and then walked to my locker. I put all the books in and made my way towards the girl's washroom. As soon as I opened the door, there she was. Chelsea the blonde. She was washing her face and I walked in towards the sink. I have seen her just every day after school she would make her way to the washroom, to wash her face and apply makeup. And then I had just made it a guess that she would be there and she was.

I looked at her through the mirror while she continued splashing water on her face clearly oblivious to my presence. But then all of a sudden she looked up at me in the mirror and then back at me.

“What are you doing here?” she questioned and I shrugged “Why? Is this your property?” I asked and she narrowed her eyes at me and stood straight. I watched as she forgot to rotate the faucet off and the water continued to flow. Such a wastage!

“You sure have a sharp tongue, newbie,” she remarked as I crossed my arms over my chest “Veronica,″ I corrected and that made her raise an eyebrow. “Don’t you dare talk back to me, newbie-”

“Veronica. VERONICA,” enunciating each word as I leaned on the basin counter and watched her steaming in anger. “How dare you cut me off in the middle? Don’t you know me? I can make your life a living hell,” she smirked and that made me chuckle “Really?” I questioned and the next minute she threw a punch towards me which I blocked effortlessly with a single hand not letting her hit me and not letting her free herself.

“You know from the day I have joined this school, I have seen you bullying other students disturbing the unity and peace in them. They come here for studying and you bunch of complete fools, think that it is alright to bully someone and make their life miserable only because they don’t stand for themselves,” I said as I clicked my tongue in the end. “But the fact that you mistook me for them had me,” I twisted her hand and raised my leg up and kicked right on her chest as she went flying backward and fell down hitting the door wincing in pain “Had my blood boiling,” I finished as I looked down at her with satisfaction as I cracked my knuckles.

“What the hell are you doing?” she coughed and whimpered but soon got back up to hit me and that was a bad move as I punched right on her face and this time she pushed the door open to the toilets and fell on one of the commode. “Look here blondie,” I held her chin and made her look up at me as tears streamed down her face and all of a sudden she spit on my face. I wiped it out and slapped hard on her face as she held her cheeks and cried her eyes out whimpering in pain “If I see you bullying any other kid one more time than remembers this,” I held her chin and made her look at me “Veronica Sullivan will kill you and bury your body right in the middle of the school’s playground and no one could ever find you,” I warned and she had her eyes wide. A bruise formed on her face as she sobbed and opened her mouth to speak “I will complain about you to the dean,” she whispered and that made me laugh.

“Really?” I asked and looked at the commode. The next minutes went by me grabbing her hair and forcing her face down the commode while I recorded it using my phone, She screamed and thrashed around wanting to be free but the more she did that the more I forced her face into the commode. I had fun. I was doing this after a long time and that made me feel awesome. All thanks to Ace.

“Who saw us?” I asked as I pushed her down on the ground. Her makeup long gone and eyeliner smudged all over and face covered with that toilet flush water.

“Even if you complain, who can give the witness for all this huh?” I wiped my hands using the toilet paper. “But remember, all you have done and how many people have seen you,” squatting down on my place I looked at her and turned my phone for her to see “I can easily viral this anonymously. Do you want to be a laughing stock for everyone? I’m sure the authorities will try to search the reason behind this video and the person who did this and sure enough, they will get to know about all that bullying.” I sighed and stood up as I kicked on her stomach making her cry aloud “So, better behave. Don’t make me do stuff that I don’t want to hmm? Be a good girl from now on and no bullying alright?” I smiled as I shoved the phone back into my pant pockets.

As I walked out to leave I turned around once again and looked at her condition. That was only 0.1% of what I actually do. I have done worse.

“This is the third thing that I don’t like. First, never annoy me while I’m eating. Second, never annoy or block my way. Third, never dare to over smart-me huh?” I chuckled at the end and she looked at me all the while sobbing in pain “I hope you remember this because...I can be the most dangerous and serious bully, one could ever imagine off." I told her as I turned the faucet off.

"I am so vengeful right?” I told her, my tone dead, the playfulness in my voice long gone as I kept my point.

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