Devil's Redemption

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Romance / Drama
Lovina S.
Work in progress
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Lauren Miller is a high society girl with high self-esteem. Being the most popular and beautiful girl in college is just a plus point of her reputation. Excel in academics comes easy to her and the line of handsome boys fluttering around is just a normal case. She is the girl that some envy and some wants to be. People look upon her for her kind, strong and helping nature.

But what they don’t know that the perfect golden girl isn’t perfect in some ways. She has everything but not freedom.

Freedom to choose someone special that would sweep her off the feet sometime in future. She wasn’t allowed to date for some reason and it was a dark spot on her bachelor life.

Alex Miller, a worm of same high society who has nothing to do with the qualities listed above. Despite being the only son of the greatest business tycoon, he is socially awkward. The boy didn’t even hold guts to carry himself in front of the same age group. He is a lovely son and an excellent student but what he lacks is courage to defend him in the time of need. Being bullied all his life from the preschool to college years, he is usually left unnoticed and beaten. The nerdy look and thin body have always made him stand in a box in front of judging eyes. He had a beautiful heart but an ugly appearance. No one was interested to know about him.

But he carried a secret and admired the college’s most popular girl from afar, knowing well than to confront her in person and pour his feeling in front of her.

He didn’t feel bad what people say but he feared the reaction of the girl whom he loves deeply from a long- long time.

It’s not just a cliché story where the princess finds a prince charming. It a story of a love so passionate that was pushed like a nail deep inside the soul.

When you crush a heart for your selfish deeds then sometimes one life isn’t enough to redeem.

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