The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 10 Plane Ride

Chapter 10 Plane Ride

Before you knew it, Friday was here. Elizabeth was more nervous then she has ever been. Not really knowing what is going to happen, she never left Wisconsin before. This would be her first plane trip. Everything was new, yet she wasn’t going to let any of that stop her. She was determined to make something of herself. Now that she had the chance, she wasn’t going to let any words that Ethan spoke to her, win. What he thought didn’t matter. This was for herself.

At the moment, Joann was promising her the world. Not sure if any of it was good or bad. She did contact a lawyer, So She wouldn’t sign a messed up contract. Making her wind up not making anything out of this. Ethan was right on that, she knew nothing about any of this. So she was protecting herself, or at least she was trying. She wasn’t going to make him talk about her on that either. Saying god knows what you signed. She knew him very well, everything always bothered him. He was very negative about everything and anything.

On Friday, Elizabeth hugs and kisses her girls. Telling them she will call them. If they needed anything to just call her.

“Mom, we will be fine. We are not babies. Please go and have a great time. If nothing else you will get to see New York.” Sofia says.

“I thought the same thing. I just worry about leaving you and Izzy behind.” Elizabeth says.

“Stop worrying about us. We will be fine.” Isabella says.

“I left some frozen meals for you and your father, so you guys have dinner. Before you leave for school take it out to defrost and put it in the oven when you come home from school. I don’t know yet how long I will be away.” Elizabeth states.

“We are fine. We can always go to granny Joan’s for dinner.” Sofia states.

“OK. I love you both very much. I want you to know that.” Elizabeth says.

“We Know.” Both the girls say. Giving their mom a big hug and kiss. Then leaving for school.

Elizabeth waits outside the house, for Joann to pick her up. Which she does right on time.

“OK girl get in. We can’t be late for our plane.” Joann says.

“I have never been on a plane before,” Elizabeth replies.

“Don’t worry. It’s nothing. You will be flying a little bit now. I will try to get you to each book signing by car. If you feel you need to. Whatever you want. We will make it happen. I am telling you,this is going to be big. I feel it.” Joann responds.

“I hope your right. Otherwise, all this is for nothing.” Elizabeth states.

“Nothing is ever for nothing my dear. Everything happens for a reason.” Joann comments. As they pull up to the airport. The driver gathering their bags.

Once on board, Elizabeth just sits next to Joann, Going first class. She takes the window seat to lookout. Still nervous but doing her best to put that behind her. She wanted this. She could do this. She wasn’t letting anyone stop her. She just kept telling herself. Not really sure about any of this, just not letting her old self take over and keep her behind.

Once the plane takes off a sudden calm comes over her. She was leaving Wisconsin. She was leaving her life behind. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. Just looking out the small window, watching the clouds in the sky. The sight is beautiful. She feels free for once in a very long time.

Now she just couldn’t wait to see what happens in New York. Joann on the side of her, taking a nap. All dressed up in finer clothes. She thought to herself, I can now do that too. I want to look like that. Knowing that Joann had plans to give her a makeover. She was excited about it. It’s been years since she changed anything about herself. It was time.

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