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Chapter 101 mixed feelings

Chapter 101 Mixed Feelings

Elizabeth lays in bed, with the tiny kitten by her side, most of the evening. Not even leaving the room to eat since she has no appetite. She doesn’t text or call Brian at all. Not able to bring herself to tell him on the phone what is going on.

While Brian is at work, he texts Elizabeth back after his meeting is over to get nothing in return. Which was very odd. It makes him wonder if something went wrong? He figures he will wait a bit maybe she got busy with something and return his text in a few.

At the end of the workday, Brian checks his phone again, getting no response from Elizabeth. Now he is worried. He just gets into his car and heads home, feeling maybe she forgot to charge the phone. There had to be a good reason for her not to pick up or text back.

After the car ride home, Brian pulls up to the house, he sees everything dark, like no one is even home. He enters the door to everything still dark, no lights on, no food cooking. Nothing.

“Elizabeth,” Brian yells from downstairs.

Brian walks upstairs to the dark bedroom to put on the light finding Elizabeth laying in bed.

“Babe, what's wrong?” Brian says going over to the bed. Knowing now, something is truly wrong.

“I been texting you all day, why haven't you answered? Did the doctor say something bad? What is going on?” Brian adds.

Elizabeth just sits up looking at Brian, not really sure how to tell him this. She is just happy to see him, she loves him so much and is scared this is going to break them. She moves over to him, taking a seat in his lap and wrapping her arms around him.

“Babe, are you going to talk to me?” Brian asks.

“I don’t know how you're going to take this. I just want you to know I love you and I don’t want to lose you.” Elizabeth answers.

“Take what? Your scaring me. I have no intention of going anywhere Elizabeth. You should know that by now. I am here you just need to trust me.” Brian says.

“I’m Pregnant,” Elizabeth admits.

“Your pregnant? We are going to have a baby?” Brian says joyfully, kissing Elizabeth and holding her tight.

Tears just run don Elizabeth’s face, she sees he is happy, she doesn't have the heart to say the rest.

“You're happy about this?” Elizabeth asks.

“Of course, to be honest, I been thinking about having a child with you more and more. After seeing you this holiday with your children, and how you are with Tylor I really wanted to have a family with you. I just didn't know if it would happen, so I got the kitten, feeling at least we would raise that together.” Brian laughs.

“You never said anything, You always said it was ok if we didn't have any children. You should have told me.” Elizabeth says.

“You said you didn't think it would happen, I was ok with it either way but I have to say, I am really glad it did happen. I want this child with you, I want a family with you Elizabeth.” Brian says.

“What about the tour? How am I going to tour being pregnant?” Elizabeth asks.

“We will figure it out, its nothing really I am sure that Monica will spin it in our favor. Zach and his girlfriend are having a baby. The fans will probably love it.” Brian says happily.

Elizabeth just looks at him, not knowing what to say, she was relieved that he was taking this so well, she just knew he wasn't thinking of the main part, Ethan. He was so overjoyed she didn't want to bring Ethan up. She didn’t want to ruin everything.

“I don’t know why you were so upset about telling me this. Did you really think I wouldn't want to have a child with you?” Brian asks.

“I wasn't sure about anything. It just hit me like a ton of bricks.” Elizabeth replies.

“You don't have to panic in telling me things, I hate seeing you get so upset. Let us go downstairs and see what we can do for dinner. You need to eat.” Brian responds.

“What did I do to deserve someone as wonderful as you?” Elizabeth asks.

“Your you. I do have my own problems, I’m not perfect.” Brian comments.

“You're perfect to me.” Elizabeth answers.

Both going downstairs to get something to eat. Brian did think in the back of his mind it could be Ethan’s. He was just doing his best to keep that to himself at the moment. He too wanted to see what the ultrasound said, there was no need to start from now. To add more stress to this already bad situation. He wanted the child, he wanted Elizabeth, he just hoped everything would work out the way it should.

He knew that was the reason Elizabeth was so distraught, He just didn’t want to take it out on her, it wasn't her fault. Yet, in the end, they were both paying for it.

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