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Chapter 102 Chat

Chapter 102 Chat

Brian takes Elizabeth downstairs into the kitchen to get something for them both to eat. His mind is filled with a lot of his own questions. Trying to deal with this in his own way without adding more to Elizabeth. The thought that it could be Ethan’s bothers him greatly, for many reasons. He knows this is going to be hard, he just has to be strong for himself and for Elizabeth.

“Babe, What did the doctor say? Is everything ok with the baby?” Brian asks.

“He told me to go to the OBGYN, I should make an appointment, they will be able to tell us more. We can get an ultrasound and see how far along I am as well.” Elizabeth says.

“That sounds good. I would like to go with you to that if it's ok?” Brian asks.

“Of course, I would love you to be there, Its special hearing your baby's heartbeat,” Elizabeth replies.

“I want to be there for it all Elizabeth, I hope you know that?” Brian states.

“I do. I do see how much you care. It means a lot to me. It wasn’t the reason I was so scared to tell you I was pregnant. There were other reasons.” Elizabeth admits.

“I believe I know the reasons. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. We may have nothing to worry about.” Brian answers.

“I know, but there is a chance. Every time I think about it, it makes me sick.” Elizabeth responds.

“For right now, let it go. Let’s see what the ultrasound says. We will figure it out either way. I promise you. I know it wasn’t your fault.” Brian replies.

“Thank you, I am so glad your here with me. I just don’t want this to hurt us.” Elizabeth comments.

“It won’t, we won’t make it. We will get through it. So far we have gotten through whatever Ethan or Victoria through at us. It just shows that we can make it.” Brian states.

Elizabeth just smiles at Brian, glad she has found someone so caring, so sweet. Someone who really loves her and wants to be with her. Just in the back of her mind, she can’t help but wonder, if this baby isn’t his, will things change? She knew some would. How couldn’t it?

She did see that telling Brian things, always went a lot better than she thought they would. He would stay calm and listen. Always trying his best to make the situation ok. It made her know now that she could talk to him about anything. Even things she was most scared of saying out loud. She hoped that would remain and be a constant in their relationship.

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