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Chapter 104 nervous

Chapter 104 Nerves Setting In.

Once they get to the OBGYN’s office, Brain takes a seat as Elizabeth goes to the front desk to sign in. Then she takes a seat next to him, waiting to be called. Both their nerves getting to them, just neither one of them showing the other, how they truly feel. As each of them is trying to be strong for the other.

When the nurse calls her name, Elizabeth grabs Brian's hand holding it as she walks back to the doctor's office. Brian takes a seat in the chair, and she goes behind the curtain to put on the gown that was given to her. Elizabeth knows the drill of what comes next. This isn’t her first time at this. None of that bothers her at all, it's not knowing how far along she is, that is eating away at her piece by piece.

She takes off her clothes and puts the paper gown on, taking a seat on the chair waiting for the doctor to come in. It takes her a bit to come, making Elizabeth and Brian sit there and wait, and stew.

After about a twenty-minute wait, the OBGYN comes in.

“Good afternoon, Sorry for the wait.” The doctor says.

“No problem,” Elizabeth answers.

“Ok, let's see, so you are pregnant and your here for an exam and ultrasound.” The doctor replies.

“Yes, we would like to know how far along I am and if everything is ok.” Elizabeth states.

“Ok, let me take a look then we will get the ultrasound.” The doctor replies.

“Yes, you are indeed pregnant, everything looks well from here.” The doctor responds.

The doctor then lays a towel over Elizabeth’s legs and lifts up the gown to show her stomach, which she puts some cold gel on. Brian walks over to Elizabeth grabbing her hand and looking into the screen. Hoping so badly that this child is his. Even though he told her he would take it, either way, there was a huge part of him, that truly wanted it to be his and not Ethan’s. He wasn’t sure how he would really react if it wasn’t his. At this point, he didn't want to really find out.

Laying there on the bed, Elizabeth sees this beautiful baby on the screen, its heart beating strongly. She just smiles at the screen as a tear rolls down her face. Holding onto Brian’s hand for dear life. She was glad he was there with her, this way she didn't have to explain anything to him. He was there to get a first hand look. Also knowing if it's his or not. Elizabeth not hiding the truth no matter how it would hurt them. This was something he needed to know.

“From what I am seeing, your about four months. The baby looks wonderful, healthy everything is good. Do you want to know what it is?” The doctor asks.

Elizabeth almost jumps up off the bed, hearing four months. It was no way in hell it was Ethan’s. It was for sure Brian’s. She just squeezes his hand and looks up at him, filled with joy. He looks at her the same, feeling a deep relief inside himself. He knows as well it's his.

He looks back and knows, he got her when they went to the expensive house they couldn't afford, and he got kinky there. He just chuckles to himself feeling proud of himself and also relief it's not Ethan's.

“Yes, I would love to know what it is.” Elizabeth finally answers.

Brian nodding in return.

“Its a boy.” the doctor replies.

Elizabeth's heart leaps out of her chest. A son? One she always wanted, now with a man, she loved dearly. She couldn't ask for anything more.

“I think everything should be ok. Your a little older with this one, but everything should be fine. Just keep your appointments so we can watch and try to keep your pressure down. It seems a little high today.” The doctor states.

“Yes, that's fine. Thank you so much, doctor.” Elizabeth replies. Standing up to put her clothes on as the doctor leaves the room.

“Are you ok now? Feel better?” Brian asks.

“Yes, God Yes, It's yours. We are having a baby!” Elizabeth says extremely happy, giving Brian a kiss in just her underwear.

“Babe you're half-naked, I normally don’t mind but let’s get out of here, and yes we are having a baby. I knew it would work out. I also see how happy you are about it now. It's great to see.” Brian smiles.

“More than happy, you couldn’t imagine just how happy. ” Elizabeth replies now fully dressed, kissing him again.

“I have to go to the office and pick up some files before we go home, that way I have them while we are on the road. Is that ok?” Brian asks.

“Of course, we can go anywhere you want. Afterward, maybe go get something to eat? I am starved!” Elizabeth replies.

“I bet you are, you didn’t eat much at all the last few days. I knew your nerves were bothering you. Let's get you something to eat than the office. I am so glad to see you this excited again. ” Brian answers.

“I want to thank you for everything. You were willing to accept it no matter what when you didn't have to.” Elizabeth says.

“I love you, I wasn't going to give you up for something he did, probably even on purpose and he got it up his ass.” Brian snickers.

“I love you too, and you are bad when you want to be.” Elizabeth laughs.

Elizabeth feels free and happy. The relief that filled her was overwhelming. Knowing it was Brian’s child made her feel great. First, because it was his, and second because she was able to give him a child. She didn't think it was something she wanted until now. It was a new life, one she could start fresh and she was finally free of Ethan. Now knowing she wasn’t going to be stuck with him ever again.

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