The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 105 office rump

Chapter 105 Office Playtime.

Elizabeth and Brian go to lunch, Brian making sure Elizabeth eats. He sees how happy and back to normal she is now. He sees the relief wash over her. He is happy to see this, feeling the same way. Also feeling they can finally move on. It just seemed that every time they felt they could, something else would pop up and interfere in their lives. Their past relationships harder to dump then they thought.

After lunch, they both head over to Brian’s office so he can collect his files. He knows he will be away for a while, going on tour with Elizabeth. He had to make sure everything was taken care of before he left. He had clients he had to make sure things were done for. Matt didn’t mind him leaving, they knew he was good at his job and that this was part of the deal for a while.

Once the second book would come out and the tour was over, he would be still. Just being the lawyer. In a way, that bothered him, he felt if Elizabeth wrote more, he still wanted to be a part of it, going away with her. Its what made them meet and get close. He wanted to always keep that. He enjoyed sharing this with her, he felt like her partner in and out of work.

Once at the office, Brian goes in with Elizabeth behind him. He goes to get his files as Elizabeth slides off her coat, putting it on his sofa in his office. The office was just as expensive as the one Monica had. Everything in its place and speaks money. She was proud of Brian. It all just made her smile. Then even if he was just a bouncer she still loved him. It didn't matter to her what he did as a job, The way he treated her and how they got along is what mattered. All the money in the world can't make you happy.

She just watches him, standing there pilling out the files he needs. How handsome he is in his black suit, that long trench coat, which made him look hotter and even sexier if that was possible.

She walks up to him, rubbing his back, walking in front of him, kissing him passionately on his lips, taking him by surprise. She goes for his coat sliding it off of him letting it hit the floor. Then his white shirt, unbuttoning it button by button, looking into his eyes the whole time, then lightly pushing him into his chair, as she sits on top of him.

“Someone is a bit Frisky?” Brian smirks.

“I am always frisky when it comes to you. I want you to remember me in this office, taking me. I want you to think about how I feel on you, My hands, my body, my mouth.” Elizabeth says seductively.

Brian can just feel himself rise to the occasion, seeing that Elizabeth is finally letting go some. He has to admit he likes it a lot.

She goes to kiss his lips as her hands roam his chest and down to his pants, which she unbuttons. Sliding his hard throbbing manhood out of them. Brian’s hands go for her dress that he hikes up, feeling her smooth soft thighs, her upper body pushed up against his. Her lips not leaving his, as her hand slides up and down his shaft. Her core rubbing up against his thighs, which only makes him harder.

He picks her up, bending her over his dark wooden desk, pulling her dress even more up, so he can see more of her ass. He slides her black lace panties down her legs making them hit the floor, as he rubs his hard manhood up against her lower lips, making her moan and grip the desk. He feels how wet she is, smirking to himself, knowing this is what he does to her.

He keeps rubbing himself on the outside just teasing her with his head, making her move herself closer to him, wanting more. He rubs his hand down her back, where he bends down to kiss her neck and nibble her ear lobe, making her come undone. By now, he knew just what she liked, just want she wanted. He was good at making her crazy. Which in turn made him crazy.

He slides his head slowly in just staying there, which makes Elizabeth hotter than ever. She moves herself back sliding him inside her slowly, feeling every single inch he has to give. The feeling incredible for the both of them. Brian puts his hands on her hips bringing her body closer to his, slowly going in and out, listening to each pant and moan she gives out, which makes his climax build.

“Brian, faster!” Elizabeth says.

Brian giving her what she wants, sliding in and out harder and faster making the desk move with each thrust. Elizabeth holding onto the desk, pushing herself back onto Brian.

It takes no time before they both let go, Brian's chest falling lightly on her back, which he kisses. Both out of breath.

“Did that help with your friskiness?” Brian asks with a chuckle, as he helps her up.

“Yes, that did, Now I don't think, you will look at this desk again the same.” Elizabeth laughs pulling down her skirt.

“No, every time I am sitting here I will think of you. That was what you were after Wasn’t it?” Brian says.

“Yep, and it was the only place we haven’t done it.” Elizabeth giggles.

“I am sure we can find other places for that. I like this part of you when you let go. When you share with me.” Brian says, fixing himself.

“I do too, I feel so much better after today. I feel so close to you.” Elizabeth comments.

“Good, that's what I want,” Brian says with a smile.

They both get dressed, Brian getting the files he came for and they head back home. Brian sees if outsiders and outside things would leave them alone, they could grow even more. He was going to make sure that would happen. Now even sure he could get her to marry him, just not bringing that up just yet. It was a good day, let's take it slow, he thought.

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