The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 106 Monica's

Chapter 106 Monica's

New years is finally over, Brian and Elizabeth spending their first New Years' Eve with Brian's brother Sean and his girlfriend Martha. To them, it didn't matter where they spent it, as long as it was together. New Year's day they spent alone at their own home, just the two of them. Knowing that the days to come would be hectic.

Elizabeth also knowing that before they leave she has to spring the news to Monica about the baby. She needs to inform her so she knows before it gets out. She just doesn't know how she is going to take this.

The day before heading out on the tour, Elizabeth and Brian both go to the publishing company to let Monica know. Brian now makes sure he goes with her, to anything important. He doesn't ask anymore, he just goes. Knowing if he asks, she will probably say she has it. Which he knows, she may but having someone to lean on is always nice. He wants to prove to her, that no matter what he will be there. This life was them together.

Once at the company, they both take a seat in Monica's office waiting for her. Both knowing she is always a tad late. It's just her, and neither of them mind. They were used to it now, not only that, they both liked her very much. They didn't only work for her, they became friends.

“Oh, My, Here you two are! Look at you, How were your holidays? Damn Brian, that hair needs a trim before you leave.” Monica laughs.

“I thought, I was going for the blinded by hair sexy look? Our holiday was great, and yours?” Brian chuckles.

“Mine was great as well, its really good to see you both. And sexy we are going for, yes, but that thing has gotten out of hand. A good trim will do you good. So are you looking forward to playing Zach again?” Monica asks.

“Yea, I am, I think it means more this time, then the first go-round. Its what brought us together.“ Brian says.

“Ok, wait a minute, what is that on your finger?? Holy SHit? Brian, did you do what I think?” Monica asks excitedly.

“Yes, I did.“Brian says with a smile.

“OMG!! You said yes didn't you?” Monica asks.

“Yes, I did. We came here to tell you that but there is also something else.” Elizabeth comments.

“I am so happy for the both of you. It's wonderful watching your relationship bloom like this. My own Zack and Racheal. It's actually even better than the book. What else could there be?” Monica asks.

“Well, we found out we are going to have a baby on top of this.” Elizabeth answers.

“Holy shit, you two don't let any grass grow under you, do ya?” Monica laughs.

“I guess not. Can you spin this?” Brian asks.

“Hell yeah, I can spin anything. Do you know how the fans are going to react to this? A real life Zach and Racheal, getting married and even having a baby? This should be wild! The publicity is going to be out of control. I know your not totally well known but the book is big, and any dirt they can get will blow up. You know how people love to gossip. There may be things that come out that you don’t like. Just don't let it get to you.” Monica says.

Monica thinks to herself and has a panic run through her, just not sure how to ask what she wants to. Not even sure that Brian knows about what took place.

“Brian would you be a love and please get me a Starbucks. I wouldn't ask but I am running on empty.” Monica asks.

“Sure, I will be right back, there is one next door,” Brian says.

Monica waiting for Brian to get out of sight.

“Ok, sorry I just needed to talk to you alone. Does he know what happened to you?” Monica asks.

“Yes, I told him the truth, we are working it out. It took a bit but I’m not letting that defy me. I won’t let it break this relationship or anything else for that matter.” Elizabeth answers.

“Good, I am so proud of you. I wanted to call and ask but I wasn't sure. I just thought about you all this time.” Monica states.

“You can call me anytime, it doesn't have to be about the book. We are friends as well, you know that.” Elizabeth answers.

“I know, I just didn't want Brian to overhear if you didn't tell him. I know this is a shitty thing to ask but is the baby Brian’s?” Monica asks.

“Yes, we were worried there for a bit, but the ultrasound proved it was his. Everything is going fine at the moment. We are happy about it, I know I didn't see this one coming but I see it as a good thing, Brian is a wonderful dad to Tylor so I am sure he will be to ours. I just worry it will get in the way of the tour. I signed the contract when I wasn't pregnant.” Elizabeth says.

“Don’t worry about it, how many months are you now? We will work it out that the baby is already born before you go touring for the second book. That way no worries about you going into labor or anything happening. ” Monica replies.

“ I am already four months. That would be wonderful after it's born can we take it with us? I mean at least to some places, I never left my children. I have always been there for them and I want to do the same for this one. It will be a baby, it will need me.” Elizabeth responds.

“I see the housewife, mother in you again.” Monica laughs. “Look, we will work it out, do you have a family member or friend that would come with you to some places? Be able to take care of the child?” We can make them come, I am not sure to all places but I am sure we can make it work. I guess the second book tour isn't going to be as romantic as the first.” Monica grins.

“I guess, I can ask my mom. I don't know yet, I haven't really told anyone but you that we are having a child. I will get back to you on that. And I Guess it won't be as romantic with a baby, it's turning into real life now. I am sure it will still be fun, we will just have our child with us. ” Elizabeth answers

Now wondering how that will be, will it kill the romance altogether? Turn into the boring everyday life, being mommy and daddy? Then she stops herself from the thoughts, feeling I am not going to think that way anymore. This is different than the first time, use what went wrong to make this time better.

Brian comes back with the coffee, knowing that was an excuse to get him to leave. He didn't mind, he knew it was girl talk and that Elizabeth would only fill him in on it later."

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