The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 107 Joan's take.

Chapter 107 Joan's Take.

Elizabeth thinks about what Monica said, about someone she knew being there to take care of the child. She knew she would have to tell her mother about the baby sooner or later, and also about the news coming out. She didn't want it to be a big surprise for her family hearing everything in the tabloids or however, this was going to play out. She did know some of it she wouldn’t like. It was just going to be part of her life now, that her private life wasn’t going to be all that private anymore. That would take a lot of getting used to.

Once home, she feels she should give her mother a call and warn her. Also telling her the big news. She wasn’t sure how she would take it, but here goes nothing.

“Hey, How are you? I have to say, Christmas was wonderful there, nothing like with Karen and Joe. It was so nice. The food, the atmosphere, you and Brian. It was what its supposed to be like. I really enjoyed being there.” Joan states.

“I am so glad that you did. It was very different, I enjoyed it a lot myself. Things are really nice with Brian.” Elizabeth answers.

“The ring was very nice as well, Are you really going to marry him? I know you were having second and third thoughts about that part.” Joan asks.

“I see more and more that he really cares, that he really wants this. It makes me want to throw caution to the wind and just go for it. At the same time, there still is this little voice in the back of my head, saying it all can crash and burn.” Elizabeth Admits.

“Heh, it already did, you came out just fine. You know I am not one for marriage after your father I always told you, I wouldn't ever get married again. I just see how Brian is different, it might be good to take the chance. Your home is beautiful, your relationship is great, you seem to get along very nicely. How is he on big things?” Joan asks.

“When big things come up, he is there. A big thing did come up and he was with me all the way. He hung in there when he could have bolted. He made me see, this has a chance.” Elizabeth confesses.

“Then that's great. You don’t have to rush it and get married now, just keep the option open. You know more about Brain then you ever did about Ethan. You didn't live with him before you married him, everything was new and hit hard too late. This time, you already are with him, any surprises you don’t like you will see.” Joan replies.

“I know, I also called you to tell you that Monica is going to let it out in the open that we are together. It will be around. I am not sure where or how this works, to be honest, but if you hear things good or bad, just shrug it off.” Elizabeth responds.

“Oh, I am sure Ethan is going to love this. I know he will be part of it since he is your ex. God knows what stories will come out, most won’t look good for him.” Joan comments.

“He should have thought about that before having a child with another woman while he was married to me. Gezz of all things, I could accept the affair. Our marriage wasn’t the best, we didn’t have sex, we didn't communicate, I know it lacked. I felt it just as much as he did. It just took me forever to do it myself.” Elizabeth states.

“What he did was awful, but he still never left, you were the one to leave him and get a new man. I am sure that will be the focus of articles that are given out. You know how people will twist things, and I am sure you will not escape the bad.” Joan says.

“Oh, I am sure I won't come out shining in this. Monica said that a lot of the fans will like us being together, that it will give off that Zach and Racheal are real, I just don’t think everyone will feel like that. It really doesn't matter, I just wanted you and the girls to be aware of what's to come. I also have something else to tell you.” Elizabeth replies.

“We will deal with whatever they say, it doesn't matter what they say. What matters is that you're finally happy. They didn't have to live with Ethan, you did. What else is there?” Joan responds.

“Well, I found out a few days ago that me and Brian are going to have a baby.” Elizabeth answers.

“Oh, my really? Ok, I didn't see that one coming. Are you happy? Is he? A Baby at your age?” Joan asks.

“At first I was a little upset for a few reasons, but now I am happy about it. Brian wanted to have a child with me, he just never said anything.” Elizabeth responds.

“If your happy, I am. Is everything ok?” Joan asks.

“Yes the baby is fine and so am I. Mom, I wanted to ask you when the baby is born and we need to go on tour would you help with the baby? I don’t really want to leave it with anyone else.” Elizabeth says.

“If you need me, you know I am there. Its been a while since I have taken care of a baby, but I am sure we will be fine.” Joan answers.

“Thank you, that is another stress off of me. Monica said she would maybe even make it possible for you to be with us.” Elizabeth replies.

“I know, you don't want to leave it. I know very well how you are, You were away from the other two one evening to go to a business dinner with Ethan and you about died. And it was just a few hours, and they were not babies. I just feel it may be better to do your work and not have the baby traveling. It's only a month here and there or a few weeks. The baby will be fine. It needs a schedule and a home. Not living out of a car or hotel.” Joan states.

“I know your right, it's just hard to even think about leaving it. I guess we will talk more about it when the time comes. Thank you for everything.” Elizabeth says.

“No, problem. Be careful on the road and let me know you're ok.” Joan responds.

“I will. Love Ya.” Elizabeth says.

“Love ya too.” Joan answers.

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