The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 108

Chapter 108

Elizabeth and Brian get their bags packed and ready to go. It's only going to be for a month that they are gone, they are pretty much use to it by now. They were looking forward to being around each other like they were the first time around. Able to spend more time, without Brian having to work a regular job like at home.

There first stop being in New York which wasn’t far from where they lived, or far from where Brian works. Their first appearance was only blocks away. Just like when they first started out, bringing back memories.

Brian and Elizabeth enjoy the car ride together, like always talking and listening to the radio.

“Brian, I changed the ending of the book,” Elizabeth says out of nowhere.

“What do you mean? I thought the book was done? You already gave the script to Monica.” Brian says.

“I did, but I rethought it. The new ending has a cliffhanger, where I can write part three.” Elizabeth answers.

“A part three? So you came up with more to keep it going?” Brian asks.

“Yes, I didn’t want to let go of it just yet. I enjoy traveling with you and being with you. If I write one without Zach, it won’t be the same. Just if I give her this script that means you have to stay as Zach for a bit longer. ” Elizabeth says.

“I don’t mind, its only hair. I will need to see what the firm says. I told them it was just for this and the second book, but I don't think they will mind. Me being Zach has been good for them, bringing in even more clients. They want Zach to defend them, It’s kind of funny. I would prefer being with you when you travel anyway, I am not sure I want you to go to all these places alone or with a new driver.” Brian admits.

“Aww, A little jealous?” Elizabeth replies with a smile.

“It's just a lot of time for someone to be with you. We spent some of our most intimate times together doing this, and it was even before we actually made love. I don't think I want someone else that close to you.” Brian admits.

“I find that adorable, I do want you to know, you have no need to worry though. What happened between us doesn't happen often and I don't have any reason or want to be with someone else. I am the happiest, I have ever been. You only cheat or look for something else when your not happy or getting what you need at home. Something is lacking, and I don't mean only in sex. I mean lacking in all departments. we are not lacking in anything. I hope you know that. Not to mention I am carrying your child.” Elizabeth answers.

“I am very happy as well, and I know your not looking for anything else. I also know how men think and are. So I think me staying in the Zach character a bit longer is fine. See what Monica says about the new ending. What is the new ending?” Brian asks.

“Well, the new ending is, It looks like he killed her or did he?” Elizabeth states.

“Wait, Why would Zach kill the love of his life? I mean that's crazy. I am not sure I want people to think I did that.” Brian says.

“Zach is a detective trying to cover up the murder of Rachael’s husband. Of course, Zach knows Racheal did it, its how they met. Just now others are seeing that she did it too. I want it to look like He killed her in the end, but in part three, he just faked it so she could go free.” Elizabeth answers.

“How in the world do you think this stuff up?” Brian laughs.

“Its just part of being a writer, the crazier the plot the more the reads. You want to get the readers hooked to know what's next.” Elizabeth says.

“So far the first book seems to be doing very well, so I am sure the second will do the same. Everyone is going to think I killed her until the third book comes out.” Brian says.

“It's only a book it means nothing. They will learn the truth in part three.” Elizabeth answers.

“Are you going to let them get a happy ending in part three? After all this drama?” Brian asks.

“I guess we will see, Not every story ends like Cinderella,” Elizabeth replies.

“I know, but I think they should at least wind up together,” Brian responds.

“We will see, I haven't worked it all out yet.” Elizabeth states.

Brian was ok with staying Zach for a bit longer, at this time, it really didn't matter. He knew she loved him for being him not for playing Zach. He saw that she wanted him to be with her, and he liked that. Not wanting to be anything like Ethan, he wasn't going to let anyone take his girl.

He also watched that unfold in front of him, knowing all the signs. He would pay attention to her, making sure things would stay the same.

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