The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 109 Book signing

Chapter 109

Later that night, Elizabeth and Brian are at the book signing. Things way different then they were before. There was a line around the block to get in. Monica was already there waiting for them.

“Omg did you see the line outside?” Elizabeth asks.

“I sure did, I am so proud of you. I also wanted to say the story broke today if you didn't see it already.” Monica answers.

“No, we haven't. We have been driving and just hanging out together. Is it bad?” Elizabeth asks.

“You can see for yourself it's all over the internet,” Monica says.

“Oh god, just what I need. We will check it in a few. I also wanted to talk to you about a new ending. I rewrote it for the second book. I have been thinking about it and I feel I have one more book in me of this.” Elizabeth states.

“Ok, send me the new ending, nothing has been sent to the publishers yet so nothing is in stone.” Monica answers.

“I brought it with me, I knew you were going to be here. Let me know what you think of it.” Elizabeth states.

“Is this so Brian has to stay in the part?” Monica asks.

“No not really the part, just so he gets to still travel with me and mostly so this is still something we share. I know I wrote the book but without him, it wouldn’t be the same. He took it to life. I want him to feel apart of things.” Elizabeth replies.

“As long as he is ok with it. I am glad to add a part three to this. I was hoping you would but when you sent me the last one I went along with the ending. I will read the new one and let you know. I will tell Joann so we can make a new contract as well.” Monica answers.

“Thank you so much,” Elizabeth says giving Monica a hug.

Before the signing begins Elizabeth and Brian head to the back of the book store to see what is being said about them. They both feel they need to know what is going on before heading out there with all these people. They are sure they saw whatever it was.

They go online, to the link that Monica gave them. Seeing it was aired on ET.

“An insider that knows the couple said that Upcoming Author Elizabeth Marks, has divorced her husband, Ethan Marks of twenty years, to be with her lover. The man that plays Zach in her best selling book The Detectives affair. Brian McGinnis seems to be her real life Zach, both meeting each other for the book tour and falling in love. Brian is ten years younger than Elizabeth and never has been married. The insider said they are very happy together and even got engaged over the holidays. Could this real life Affair work? I guess we will find out.” The reporter states.

“That wasn’t that bad,” Brian says.

“I guess it could be worse,” Elizabeth replies.

“What they said was true, we met and fell in love.” Brian answers.

“Yes that part is great, just now they brought Ethan in it, I am sure he is going to want to get all he can out of this. With his financial problems, I am sure he will sell “news” to them.” Elizabeth sighs.

“Don’t worry about him, whatever he says we can handle” Brian responds.

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