The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 110 fan questions

Chapter 110 Fan Questions

Brian and Elizabeth go back into the front of the bookstore taking their seats waiting for the signing to begin. The line still taking up inside and out. They both see a huge difference from before. Women are telling them that they use the book at their book clubs and discuss it. Women are also all over Brian, wanting him to sign the book and take pictures. Now he is their fantasy man. Elizabeth just peers over and giggles at him. Not worried at all. Knowing that he loves and cares for her and that this is going well for both of them.

After the signing, a bunch of people heads into a room to hear Elizabeth read parts from the book, now this was supposed to be an added thing. They wanted to hear from her, asking her questions and being part of the book. Brian just takes a seat next to her, seeing how far, they both have come with this. How from just a few people showing up when they first started and now the place packed.

“First, I want to thank you all for reading my book. It means a lot to me. I am glad you fell in love with the characters as much as I have. When you're creating them, they come to life for you, wanting them to succeed and be all they can be. I see they have done that for all of you. Thank you.” Elizabeth says before reading bits from the book.

When she is done its time for the readers to ask her questions.

“Is there going to be a part 2?” One reader asks.

“Yes, Part two is already written and being sent to the publisher. It will be out probably next year.” Elizabeth answers.

“Will Zach and Racheal get there a happy ending?” Another one asks.

“You will have to read the book, I can’t give out spoilers. ” Elizabeth answers.

“Is it true you left your husband for Brian?” One asks.

Elizabeth stands there and takes a deep breath, with all these people came questions. She knew this would hit sooner or later.

“Yes, I did,” Elizabeth admits.

“Is he your real life Zach?” Another reader says.

Elizabeth takes a look at Brian, him sitting there looking lovely as always. She just smiles.

“Yes, and no. He is actually way better than Zach. I couldn’t ask for anything more.” Elizabeth replies.

“Will, you ever write a nonfiction about yourself?” Another asks.

“I am not sure, we will see how this goes. So far I am just going to be giving you more of Zach and Racheal.” Elizabeth states.

“Ok, if there aren't any other questions about the book, we will be going now,” Monica says standing up and taking over.

“Thank you all for coming, enjoy the book and the second one,” Elizabeth says walking over to Brian.

“Are you ok?” Brian asks.

“Yes, I am fine. I just wish our real life wouldn't overshadow the book.” Elizabeth says.

“Darling, the real life is going to make everyone want to read the book. They think its a glimpse into your real life.” Monica answers.

“It's just a story.” Elizabeth answers.

“In a lot of ways, yes, but there are some things that are real,” Brian says.

“Like me wanting to find someone like you? Yes, and I'm glad I did.” Elizabeth answers.

“It's late we need to get to the hotel, we have a big day tomorrow,” Brian replies.

“I am tired, I will see you tomorrow Monica thank you for everything,” Elizabeth responds.

“It was nothing, you two are going to have to deal with the repercussions of it.” Monica answers.

“We already are,” Elizabeth says.

Both Brian and Elizabeth knew this was going to bring interest in their relationship. People trying to connect the dots, where it was just a story she wrote. In another way, it would bring interest in the book, making even more people want to read it then before just for different reasons.

Elizabeth wasn’t sure if she wanted them to read it because of that. She wanted them to read it because they were interested in the book itself not what it may represent.

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