The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 111 Encounter

Chapter 111 Encounter.

Brian and Elizabeth head to their hotel room, both still talking about the night they had. Brian still not believing all the people that showed up to see them. In a way, it was awesome. He enjoyed every minute of it.

Once back in their room, Brian takes off his long black wool coat and heads into the bathroom to get showered and changed. Elizabeth not wasting any time and following him in there.

Elizabeth enters the bathroom as Brian lays down his nightclothes, he turns around to Elizabeth, grabbing him by the blue dress shirt and kissing him deeply.

“Someone frisky again?” Brian smirks.

“Yes, I want you.” Elizabeth answers

“Take off your panties,” Brian orders, holding out his hand.

Elizabeth just looks at him, seeing this is a bit new. Just knowing whatever he is planning, she will like. He never hurts her its always pleasure.

“Come on, take them off.” Brian grins.

Elizabeth slides her panties down her legs, stepping out of them and then handing them over to Brian. Her eyes gleaming with excitement. Before Elizabeth knows it, Brian throws her pink panties to the other side of the bathroom, then wrapping his arms around her waist, hoisting her up and over to the sink, to sit her on the countertop. Her black ruffled skirt sliding up her thighs.

His lips going for hers, in a deep long passionate kiss. The long kiss ignites a fire in both of them. Both needing each other. He then steps back to undo his pants, as Elizabeth watches wide-eyed. He grins at the sight of her.

He then steps closer to her spreading her knees apart. This time the fabric of her skirt bunches up around her waist, leaving her core exposed to him. He touches with his left hand and runs his index finger up and down her slit a few times, excited in how hot she feels to his touch.

Brian moves in to kiss her again, their lips brushing up against each other, Elizabeth’s hands running through his hair, pushing his mouth closer to hers. Brian continues to gently rub her clit as Elizabeth melts under his actions. Pushing herself closer to him.

“I can feel how much you want me. You’re already dripping wet for me and we’ve barely started.” Brian says. Loving how he makes her feel.

Elizabeth just moans and gets as close to him as she can, Brian just smirks to himself seeing how wet he makes her. Brian continues to touch until her juices coat his fingers turning him on as much as she is. Brian then steps back removing his blue dress shirt, and black dress pants.

Elizabeth slides off the black ruffled skirt and pulls her pink top over her head. Brian then going in to remove her pink lace bra.

He’s hard and leaking from his tip but that’s not a surprise. He sees Elizabeth is so turned on by him, and he hasn't done anything yet. She’s eager to continue. He can feel her eyes on him as he strokes himself, spreading the pre-come over the head with his thumb. Brian looks at her, seeing she is watching him slide his hand up and down, his hard wet shaft. She bites her lip as she watches, wanting him so, to be inside of her.

“Do you want me?” Brian asks.

“Yes, Very much so. I need you.” Elizabeth answers in a seductive tone.

Maneuvering herself she leans back on the sink’s countertop, showing her glistening, dewy flesh to him. She spreads herself open with her middle finger and stares up at him. Knowing that will set him off.

Brian sees that she is becoming more and more open with sex, and with what, she wants from him. It turns him on to see just how much. The sight in front of him is enough for him to blow, but no, not yet. He will give her what she wants, but he is going to make her beg first.

He leans in kissing her and rubbing his shaft along her wet core. At this point, needing her as much as she needs him. Just doing his best to control it.

He takes the tip of his hard member in his hand and slides it lightly against her clit. Making her give out load moans. Her moans only egg him on, spurring him to keep on teasing her until her eyes are shut tight and her chest is moving up and down from shallow breaths and pants

“Do you want more?” Brian asks.

“Yes, Please Yes. Don’t stop.” Elizabeth replies out of breath.

Brian lifts her from the countertop and places her inside the shower, with the warm water now hitting both of them. He gently turns her around, where he lightly pins her to the shower wall, getting a great view of her creamy white thighs and tight ass. His hands on hers, as he goes to kiss her neck and down her back then kisses his way back up placing his hands on her hips.

“Spread your legs for me,” he commands, and his shaft pulses with pleasure just anticipating what's to come.

Elizabeth does as she is told, moving her body back towards him, needing to feel more of him. Needing him so badly at this moment, she couldn't help herself.

“Brian please!” She says.

Brian grabs his erection by the base and nudges the tip between the folds of Elizabeth’s core. The damp heat of her skin welcomes him and he shudders from the feel of it, sliding it inside her slowly, taking in the feel of her around him. He pushes himself fully inside her, stopping to feel her close in around him. Elizabeth lets out a loud moan, pushing herself onto him, as the water hits their hot bodies.

Brian slides in and out, holding onto the shower wall, for support as he goes faster and harder inside of her. His hands grab her waist and slide even deeper within her, going harder and faster till they both let loose.

Brian wrapping his arms around her waist, Elizabeth's head going on his shoulder and her eyes closed. Trying to breathe and get her composer back.

“Whatever that was, I want it again.” Elizabeth states.

“You make me crazy. I just can’t help it.” Brian replies.

Elizabeth just smiles and kisses him knowing he does the same to her in every way.

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