The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 112 No holding back

Chapter 112

A few days go by, and Elizabeth and Brian are now in Philadelphia. Following the same trail, they did the first time. Just now things are a bit crazier. More have read the book and come to the signings, wanting to meet them. The tabloids not helping with people asking all kinds of questions now, not even involving the book. Just personal questions about her and Brian. They both try there best to answer them, without getting annoyed.

While they are at the hotel, getting ready for another signing, Elizabeths phone rings. She goes to look and its Sofia.

“Sweety, I am so glad you called, how are you?” Elizabeth says.

“It's not Sofia, it's me. I need to talk to you and it seems you have blocked me and I can't reach you.” Ethan states.

“I really have no desire to talk to you. I would like you not using our daughter's phone to contact me either. What does it take for you to understand I don't want to be bothered?” Elizabeth growls.

“I see you haven't changed. We still have children together, still, have things to talk about. Even though you're not fond of me.” Ethan remarks.

“Still with the snide remarks I see. What do you need Ethan?” Elizabeth asks.

“I am having a lot of financial problems at the moment, I am sure your dear side dick is the cause of it.” Ethan mummers.

“Really? Do you need to call him such things? How immature are you? I am also sure he hasn’t done a thing to you. You're just imagining things, trying to be an ass. You call me for this?” Elizabeth answers.

“I Guess you are blinded by him, or you don’t want to see it. Anyway, this shit going around that you left me for him, isn't helping with anything. Just making things worse.” Ethan says.

“I am sorry about that, we don’t like it either, it was just bound to get out. I am sure it will die down.” Elizabeth replies.

“IS it true you are engaged to him? You are really going to marry him?” Ethan asks.

“Yes it's true, we are going slow but marriage does look like it's in our future. We have already bought a home together, it's just the second step.” Elizabeth answers.

" I am getting offers to reveal my side of this story. I may just take them up on it. I can use the money and I think they need to hear my side of the story.” Ethan responds.

“Your side? Which is that? How you cheated? How you always put me down? Probably not, right? What are you going to say about me? I cleaned after your sorry ass for twenty years without any appreciation at all. But I am sure that's not what you will say either. It would be more like I never paid any attention to you. I was cold and pushed you away. Not wanting sex or any kind of relationship with you. I wonder why Ethan? DO you really not know why? Do you even give a shit? Let’s not forget, How to you, I sucked as a housewife, never doing anything to your standards or your freaking mothers.” Elizabeth snaps.

“You were not perfect in the marriage Elizabeth. You were cold and distance and pushed me away. You never spent any time with me, you always ran away.” Ethan answers.

“Yes, I did, I never said, I didn't play my part. Just do you know why? Do you remember the things you did or said to me? Let’s see, once when you got drunk and wanted to feel my breasts and I moved away. You said you wished I got cancer. Do you say that to the mother of your children? Do you wish that for her? Or when I did something you didn't like you called me a stupid cunt? Hmm, I really want to be close to that, you ungrateful bastard! You never watched what you said, you never thought before you acted. There are things you said and did that were very hurtful, and just downright mean!” Elizabeth huffs.

“I was drunk when I said those things. I didn’t mean them.” Ethan replies.

“That doesn't change anything or make it hurt any less. When you love someone you think before you say it, even if it's on the tip of your tongue. There were so many times I wanted to say how I felt. What I thought of you and I bit my tongue and walked away. Keeping my feelings to myself. I didn't use them to hurt you back. I didn't even fight back, I just walked away, or maybe that was the problem. You figured you could keep going because I did walk away. Well, Screw you, if you want to sell shit to the tabloids go for it. Because if they come to me, I can do the same or just ignore you like I always do. Which I think is the best choice. Say whatever. It doesn't matter anymore, Everything you think of me is just your opinion, not the truth. You were raised by two ignorant people, how could you be any different?” Elizabeth snaps.

“Well, haven't you changed?” Ethan states.

“Yes, I grew up, I see you for what you are now. I am with a person who treats me the right way. That doesn't belittle me or hurt me. Your mother did that to you Ethan and still does to this day. You know what I am saying is true, you did it to me by seeing her and your father. He isn't here anymore and she still treats you terribly. You need to grow up, and stop this from happening again. She is the reason you are what you are. You have good traits to, you're a great father, a hard worker, you would help anyone who needed it. Use those and set the past free.” Elizabeth comments.

“I am trying. It's just been a very hard few months. I am sorry for what I have done, I just can't go back and fix it. ” Ethan reveals.

“Maybe not with me, but with Jessica you can. Don’t treat her like you did me. Think before you act. If you think it will hurt, don’t say it.” Elizabeth replies.

“I will try. Are you coming to our daughter’s wedding?” Ethan asks.

“Yes, I will be there and so will Brian. If you want to take Jessica, do so, I don’t care. Try not to start any shit. It's our daughter's wedding. It should be a good day.” Elizabeth responds

“I know. I will see you then.” Ethan answers.

“Yea. Ok.”

Elizabeth gets off the phone, still a bit steaming, she couldn’t hold her self back. Everything she felt all these years just came out.

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