The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 113

Chapter 113

Brian comes in seeing that Elizabeth is steaming. He knows something is wrong. Just the look on her face gives her away.

“Babe are you ok? You look furious.” Brian asks.

“I will be fine. Just another day.” Elizabeth answers.

“Ok, what happened?” Brian asks.

“I was talking to Ethan,” Elizabeth admits.

“Really? How? I thought you blocked him?” Brian snaps.

“I did, seems he got Sofia’s phone and used it to call me.“Elizabeth states.

“Why? What does he want now?” Brian asks

“Just wanted to let me know that the tabloids were offering him money and that he needs it so he may tell all. He also said you're the cause of it.” Elizabeth confesses.

“The cause of what? And tell all? What that he is a dick?” Brian asks.

“His financial problems? Brian, did you do something to make this happen to him? I know he is an ass but he seemed like he knew it was you. I am sure he will put me down, he did while we were married, why not now?” Elizabeth states.

“Yea, it was me. I feel you needed some justice after the rape. You wouldn't go to the police, you let him get away with it. So I let a friend help me with this.” Brian admits.

“I know you want to help and that you mean well. Just it will only cause us more issues in the end. It's better to just let him go. After the wedding, I have no intention of being near him again. My kids can visit us here, I will even pay for them to come. I don't want to go there again. I know grandkids will happen and special events. I am just going to have to choose wisely on the ones to attend and one to just say no to.” Elizabeth admits.

“You're going to give up those events for him? I know how you feel about your children.” Brian asks.

“It will be better that way. He isn’t ever going to change, I can’t let what happened the last time, ever happen again. When I do need to go, I will do my best to stay far away from him. I just know at this wedding that won’t be so easy. They are going to seat us at the same table, wanting pictures and everyone acting like things are great and ok. When they are not. The only difference is I will have you by my side this time.” Elizabeth replies.

“I will be there, I will always go with you. I don't want you to miss out on things because of him.” Brian says.

“Its all part of breaking up and divorcing. Its why I stayed while they were little. It just made things easier. Just now things have gotten out of hand in every way. I also have to say, I don't like you keeping things from me. This is the second time Brian. I know you mean well and are trying to protect me. I just need to know what is going on. I have been through a lot, I can handle it.” Elizabeth comments.

“I know and I’m sorry. I just thought you wouldn't let me go through with it, I know that's not a reason to keep it from you. I just needed some sort of justice.” Brian answers.

“I understand. It’s fun watching him squirm, I have to admit, just I am sure he will return the favor. We just don’t want this to be a revenge game. Going back and forth. Just let him go. It's not going to change what he did. The best revenge is moving past it.” Elizabeth responds.

“That is so true. I will do my best not to make him get under my skin.” Brian replies.

Brian holds her tight still seeing that the conversation she had with Ethan got to her. Her nerves were rattled and he hated it. The stress Ethan caused her, and now she was even pregnant. It was another reason Brian did what he did, needing Ethan to sweat and suffer as he made them.

He also saw she was learning to pick up for herself, and saying what she needed to.

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