The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 114 Chatting with Victoira

Chapter 114

The month they are promoting the book flies by. Each state they go more and more people show up to see them. Making it very interesting, to say the least. Brain and Elizabeth have a great time together just like they did the first time around, except this time is even better. There is no hiding, no caring who sees. They are both careful and natural together. Always enjoying each other's company.

The sex has gotten better too, Elizabeth has let go a lot more, feeling at ease with Brain. Her pregnancy hormones helping a lot with it, making Brain happy in that department as well as others. He sees that Ethan and what he has done isn't holding her back anymore. Which surprises him and makes him relieved.

At the end of the month, they both drive back to New Jersey both tired and happy from their travels. Both glad in a way, to go back to their regular life for a while, knowing that after their child is born, they will need to promote the second book. Elizabeth not too happy with the idea of leaving the child. Just trying not to think about it from now.

Once home, they both go into their house, putting down their luggage and sitting down on the sofa to relax, Elizabeth is now five months pregnant. She has a small belly, not too, big but big enough to tell she is pregnant. Every time Brian sees her tummy he smiles. The fact she is carrying his baby makes him feel even closer to her. This is something he really wanted, just not able to tell her that. Feeling it wouldn't happen, just now it did without even trying.

When the weekend comes, its time for Tylor to come to visit his father. Elizabeth goes out to pick up some take out, while Brian waits for Victoria to drop Tylor off. He isn’t very excited to have to talk to her, but he knows its part of the deal.

Victoria parks in the driveway then walks up to the door to knock, Brian answering it knowing it's her.

“Well, Well, you're finally home and making time for your son.” Victoria states.

“I always make time for my son Victoria. I have to work, I am sure you like your weekly checks.” Brian answers.

“I could get a weekly check and you could have a normal job seeing your son every weekend. Don’t you miss him, spending the time with him?” Victoria asks.

“Of course I do, but I am set in a contract and making very good money. I just can’t up and leave it. I see him every weekend when I am at home. We were home for months, and we will now be home for a bit as well. One month here and there isn’t hurting anyone, I guess except for you.” Brian replies.

As they are talking Elizabeth comes home with the bags of food in her hand, walking right up to the door.

“Hello, Victoria,” Elizabeth says.

“Hello,” Victoria answers, taking a good look at Elizabeth and noticing her belly. A strong sadness taking over her.

“I will take this in before it gets cold. Don’t stay out here too long.” Elizabeth says kissing Brian on his cheek.

“I will be right in babe.” Brian answers.

Elizabeth goes inside, and Victoria just looks at Brian.

“Really? You knocked her up?” Victoria says.

“That's none of your concern.” Brian answers.

“I can’t believe how dumb you're being with her. Is this going to make you even further away from our son? You having a child with her that you will see every day and be raising the right way.” Victoria snaps.

“Elizabeth and I having a child has nothing to do with Tylor. He is my son and always will be. It’s not going to take love or time away from him. You always need to make drama out of everything. If you are so jealous of me having a child with Elizabeth, why don't you have one with Matt? Maybe that will keep you busy and happy for a while. ” Brian responds.

“You are always so rude to me. You know you still care about me. I don't know what you are fighting it. What happened before you left to take this job and be with her, meant something.” Victoria states.

“I was drunk and horny that was pretty much it. You read way too much into it. I didn’t mean to hurt you or lead you on. I am sorry if I have. It's over Victoria, it has been for a long time. You are even married to Matt, make it work and move on.” Brian says.

“Whatever, I just don’t want you leaving our son in the dark because you have a new life. For some reason with her, you want to do everything you never did before. Don’t leave Tylor in the dark because of it. And don't say you haven’t because you have. She calls you and you drop and run just to be with her. Giving up the weekends just to go where she is.” Victoria replies.

“When I have given them up, I had to. I don’t need to do that anymore. We are together and living in the same home. Things are stable and will remain that way. You have nothing to worry about.“Brian responds.

“Good,” Victoria says walking away back to her car.

Brian goes inside, going to the dining room table to eat his dinner.

“That took you a bit. Is everything ok?” Elizabeth asks.

“Yes, everything is fine, she saw your baby bump. She was jealous.” Brian answers.

“Oh, Sorry. I didn't mean to make problems.” Elizabeth replies.

“You didn’t she had to find out sooner or later. Everything is fine, she just doesn't want me to forget Tylor is mine as well. I understand her point, I have no intention of doing that.” Brian comments.

“Maybe you should see him another day in the week also? Even if we just go out to dinner and take him home to his mother. That way you can spend as much time with him as you can. We can even do it, that you have him to yourself, so you both have quality time together. So he doesn't feel out of place when the new baby arrives.” Elizabeth says.

“That sounds very nice. I will talk it over with him, and I guess Victoria. ” Brain responds.

Brian wanted to make sure that Tylor wouldn’t feel left out, it would be weird all of a sudden having a new sibling. This was different for all of them, it was just time that Brian got a family and moved on from Victoria.

He finally was happy and with someone who made him happy. He was enjoying this new life even with all of its unwanted attachments.

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