The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 115

Chapter 115

A few nights later, Brian and Elizabeth are laying in bed watching tv together. They are all packed and ready to leave in the morning to go to Wisconsin to Sofia’s Wedding. Elizabeth not as happy as she should be to go back there, just doing it to make her daughter happy.

“Are you looking forward to going tomorrow?” Brian asks.

“Not really, I mean I want to see my family and be with my daughter. I just am not looking forward to seeing Ethan and his family. My belly is showing now, you know Karen is going to love this. I am sure she will make a few remarks.” Elizabeth states.

“Why care what she thinks? Its none of her business. You can’t let what they say get to you. I will be right there so Ethan will not be able to touch you. I don’t think he would want to do that here anyway.” Brian replies.

“I’m not worried about him doing that again, it's just every time we are free of them, it seems we get sucked back in by something. It's never a clean break. I know I shouldn't care what they think, I don't. I also don't want to be the talk of the wedding. Its suppose to be Sofia’s day, not mine.” Elizabeth answers.

“It will be, I am sure everything will be fine and you're worried about nothing. Maybe after this wedding, it will be a break for a while. When we have our child, your mother and children will come to us. It doesn’t involve Ethan at all.” Brian responds.

“Thank god. I am sure everything will be fine too, I just worry you know that.” Elizabeth answers.

“Yes, I do. You need to keep calm and try not to stress yourself out. It's not good for you or the baby.” Brain says.

“I know, it's just hard at times,” Elizabeth replies.

“I understand that our lives haven’t been very easy lately. I am hoping things calm down after this wedding. Its just one thing after another. ” Brian responds.

“Do you regret any of it so far?” Elizabeth asks.

“No, not at all. I love being with you, that is the only stable part of this. It's just if it's not Ethan, it's Victoria, it's always one of them throwing shit at us. I am hoping after our last conversation, that Victoria got the drift and will leave us alone. That she will finally see that it's over and nothing is going to change that.” Brian comments.

“It's hard when you really love someone to let go. I don’t like how she acts, but I can understand it. She thought she was going to be with you always, have a life and family with you. Sometimes it's hard to throw away the dream of something you wanted for so long.” Elizabeth answers.

“That's not very fair to Matt or their marriage,” Brian responds.

“Is anything really fair? Its just part of life, Matt isn’t in the dark, he knew what he was getting into. He just wanted to marry her and along came the baggage of you.” Elizabeth admits.

“And with you comes along the baggage of Ethan....and me Victoria...I get it. It still sucks though.” Brian comments.

“I never said it didn't suck. It's just the way it goes.” Elizabeth states.

Elizabeth and Brian snuggle up close, watching tv and doing there best to drown out the outside baggage.

Brian knew more complications could arise at this wedding, he was just trying to put on a brave act. Hoping that his suspicions would be wrong. But he knew how Ethan worked now. He knew once he would see her with that belly. Shit would hit. It would follow how Ethan does things, Plus he knew that Brian was the one to cause him troubles. He would want to return the favor, Sticking Elizabeth in the middle of it.

Brian couldn’t wait till they would come home and this would be over.

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