The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 116 Welcome back

Chapter 116 Welcome Back.

The next morning comes quick, both Elizabeth and Brian grabbing their luggage and heading to the airport. They were going to stay at a hotel, that way they didn’t put anyone out, and could come and go as they pleased. Plus Brian wanted to Keep Elizabeth far away from Ethan as he could. The Hotel wasn’t close to them at all, they lived in a very small town, where there wasn’t much of anything.

It was so different from where Elizabeth lived now. There was so much for her to do, she could walk to things without needing a cab or car. She enjoyed this life so much more than her other one. She just knew in the back of her mind she had to let go of the past, fully. Just some parts of it were still hard for her to do so. Small things would always creep back into her mind. The fear all of this would disappear just as fast as it started.

Once in Wisconsin, they both head to the hotel to get ready for the rehearsal dinner. Elizabeth going only a night before the wedding. Limiting her interaction with Ethan and his family. She was now on his territory it would be very uncomfortable in the current situation. She knew it wouldn't only be that way for her but also for Ethan. This is the first time they would see each other with their new significant other. Before they just knew of the other, now they would see it up close and personal.

For Elizabeth she didn't really care who Ethan was with, she as just happy he had someone and maybe would finally leave her alone. She did know how jealous he was, that wasn't something new. She just hoped he didn't do anything stupid.

Brian and Elizabeth get dressed, Brian wearing his normal black pants and light blue dress shirt, just no tie for this evening and leaving the top three buttons open.

Pushing his long grey hair back, smelling and looking great.

Elizabeth just stares at him and smiles, She is glad to be going with him, to have him by her side. He was good at making her feel safe.

Elizabeth slides into a blush Sheath/Column Jewel Knee-length Lace dress that fits her every curve, putting her long hair up, with matching high heels, dabbing her favorite perfume on.

Brian takes one look at her and she takes his breath away. She looks very gorgeous and elegant. He couldn’t ask for more. Just the sight of her turns him on, in more ways than one.

“You look incredible my dear,” Brian says.

“Thank you, my love. You don’t look too shabby yourself.” Elizabeth replies.

Both getting in the car parked outside of their hotel waiting to take them. They were both now use to coming and going in style. They could hang out and be simple and switch the switch to fancy without even thinking about it now. Monica’s transformation of both of them stayed with them. Both of them loving the new them.

Just where they were headed, they would both be out of place. Nothing was fancy about Ethan or his family. Even though it was a wedding, they would wear simple clothes and have simple things. Which wasn’t a bad thing, just these two have moved past that.

They get into the car that drops them off at the church where Sofia and her husband to be are to get married. Brian and Elizabeth walk in seeing the girls and Joan.

“Hi, Mom I am so glad you can make it. You look so pretty.” Sofia says.

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world, and thank you, so do you,” Elizabeth says. Hugging both girls and her mother.

“We will take a seat up front and watch,” Brian says.

Elizabeth and Brian walk into the church all eyes on both of them. Ethan can’t help but just stare at Elizabeth, she is nothing like the woman he was married to all those years. She looked perfect and well together. He sees a glow all over her, as his eyes travel her body, he notices the baby bump. Which takes him by surprise. He can’t stop but stare and think about all things. Needing to talk to her, just at the moment, he is busy with his own family and friends.

Not to mention, he sees Brian glued to her arm, just another thing to burn him inside, feeling they should be doing this together. It was his one regret, even though his girlfriend Jessica was sitting alongside of him with their son. He can't help but think, what if. Now seeing how Brian walked into his life and took over his wife, his life and now even having a child? He doesn't make a scene, he just waits for the right time.

The church rehearsal goes off without a snag, everyone getting along. Elizabeth doing her best to stay clear of Ethan and his mother. She would bother with her son in law to be and his family. Brian next to her, doing the same, no one at the moment saying anything about him being there. Everyone trying to behave.

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