The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 117 rehearsal dinner

Chapter 117 Rehearsal Dinner.

Elizabeth and Brian get into their waiting car, and drive off to the restaurant, that Elizabeth has waiting for the immediate family and friends. Since she couldn't help with making plans, she figured she would help with the rehearsal dinner and paying for it. Since Ethan was stating he didn’t have the money to do much of anything at the moment. His funds were frozen, thanks to Brian.

Elizabeth was scared that would come back to haunt them both. She knew that Ethan was revengeful, now you were messing with his money and income. It was going to let out a beast. She just felt whatever happened her and Brian would get through it. So far they have managed to get through a lot of hardship. Which just seemed to make them closer.

Elizabeth was taking them all to a bar & Grill, where they could order anything they wanted from a huge cheeseburger to a large steak. The place had everything you could image, fancy tables with white table covers, small candles on the table with fancy dinner wear and glasses. It made a wonderful impression. She was doing it all for her daughter and son in law. She could care less about Ethan and his family. Mostly, Karen, she knew she would complain about something. It wouldn’t be her if she didn’t.

Once at the restaurant, Brian and Elizabeth walk in hand and hand. Brian keeping her as close to him as he could. At times it seems as if no one else was even in the room like it was just them. The world seemed to disappear when they were together. No matter who else was in the room.

They all take their seats, Elizabeth sitting next to Brian, side by side, Then Joan on one side of Brian and Izzy on the side of her Elizabeth. Ethan and his mother are on the other side, with Sofia and the groom to be.

Karen can’t seem to stop looking at Elizabeth and Brian, her eyes wander towards them all night, So does Ethan’s. Ethan just trying to keep his composer through the whole dinner, when he would like to rip Brian's head off. Watching how even while waiting for their food they hold hands. Brian is still not able to not touch her in some way. The way she looks up at him when he talks. Ethan just takes it in, it all stewing inside of him.

When dinner is partway through, Ethan excuses himself to take a smoke outside. Needing some fresh air. Having enough of everything he was witnessing. Brian sees him get up and follows.

“I will be right back,” Brian says.

“Ok,” Elizabeth says with a smile.

Brian follows Ethan outside, once there, he doesn't hold back his feelings. He just sucker punches Ethan.

“What the fuck?” Ethan says.

“I owed you that, for everything you have done. She might not want to take you to court for the rape but I just can’t sit back and watch you get away with it.” Brian answers.

“You son of a bitch, you have a lot of nerve. You steal my wife, then fuck with my finances and now even want to punch me. Who the hell do you think you are? You have no right getting into our affairs.” Ethan replies.

“You put me into them when you hurt her. I want you to stay away from her, and I didn't Steal your wife. You never had her.” Brian responds.

“That will be pretty hard if she is carrying my child. Do you think, I didn’t see the baby bump? That I wouldn’t notice?” Ethan comments.

“That baby bump is no concern of yours. That's my baby.” Brian states.

“Really and how do you know that? It only takes one night, and I didn't use anything.” Ethan admits.

“We are aware that you didn’t, the ultrasound proved that it wasn't yours. She was already pregnant when you hurt her. You could have hurt my child as well.” Brian snaps.

“I don’t believe any ultrasound. I want more proof. I want a DNA test.” Ethan growls.

“Whatever you need. It's not going to change the outcome.” Brian states.

“You better hope it doesn’t because if its mine, I want custody. You don’t think, I am going to let the likes of you raise my child? With me having Custody that will make Elizabeth have to be around me if she wants to see it. Who do you think she would choose You? Or her Child?” Ethan smirks.

“No wonder she cheated on you and left. You are a downright asshole. You can play this any way you want, It's not going to change anything. She loves me, not you. The more your an ass, the more you push her away, so keep going. I like watching as you fall flat on your ass.” Brian gloats.

“Laugh now, you won’t be in a few months.” Ethan answers. Walking away.

Brian stands outside getting the fresh air, now knowing that Ethan is going to make this a pain. he isn’t going to let them alone until he knows for sure this child isn’t his.

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