The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 118 Karen;s side

Chapter 118 Karen's Side.

The night is over, and everyone goes there separate ways. Elizabeth not knowing anything about the conversation that took place outside the restaurant. Brian not really wanting to tell her, he didn’t want her to worry and be upset. So he keeps it to himself for now. Wanting this to be a nice trip. He also felt he didn’t have anything to worry about, he knew the child was his. She was already two months pregnant when she was here last. It was no way Ethan’s, not that it would stop him from causing a ruckus.

Ethan hated Brian and vice versus. Ethan just saw it as a way to get them both back. Brian for his financial issues, and for taking his wife, and to Elizabeth for leaving him. Even though he knew their marriage was falling apart long before Brian, that didn’t stop him from blaming him.

Ethan gets into the car driving his mother home, her needing even more of his help now that his father was dead.

“Did you see that tramp walk in with him?” Karen asks.

“Mom, she really isn’t a tramp, but yes I saw them together.” Ethan states.

“What do you call someone running off with another and I saw the belly. She always thought she was better than us, And now here she is not married and pregnant. She is making you look like a damn fool. What do you think our relatives are going to say tomorrow at the wedding when they see them together and her belly?” Karen says.

“Just what they said when they saw me with Jessica and my son. They are all going to talk and then it will blow over. Its how it goes, mom. And yes I saw the belly, it might be mine though.” Ethan admits.

“What? She slept with you after being with him? Damn slut.“Karen answers.

“It wasn’t like that, but yes,” Ethan says not telling her the full truth.

“Well, then you need to find out who’s baby it is. Oh god, Ethan another one with her? What the hell would it be now? You're not together, you don’t even live in the same state anymore. This shit is going to get complicated.” Karen comments.

“I know mom, maybe if its mine she will come back,” Ethan replies.

“Why on earth would you want her back? It's so much better now, you have Jessica anyway. I don’t see her leaving her new boyfriend anyway. You can not be that blind.” Karen responds.

“She was my wife for twenty years mom, you know how it was. Dad was no angel yet you took him back and never gave up on him. I am hoping she will get him out of her system. How long can the infatuation last? Not to mention, all the stress that surrounds them. “Ethan responds.

“I think you're barking up the wrong tree. She would give you the child and stay with him. Your wasting your time. And yes I loved your father very much so I put up with a lot of shit from him. Things no other woman would, and yet he didn't care. Even at the end, he treated me like shit. Marriage is hard, and sometimes it just doesn't work. Just maybe that's the best for you two.” Karen admits.

She would never just give up the child, mom you know that. You know how she is with the kids. She is overprotective and very close to them. This one wouldn’t be any different. And I know marriage is hard I have done a lot of wrong things, I just wish she would give me the chance to make it right.” Ethan comments.

“Why don’t you be honest with yourself. You don't care that she left, you care that she went with him. You want to break them up and win the fight. ITs the only reason you're interested in her now. Its a game to you. You can’t see him win, just if this is his child he has won. You need to stop the games and move on.” Karen replies.

“Its a little of both, I want her back and I don't want him to win. Plus I owe him, son of a bitch thinks he is smart. Even if I'm not the father, I'm going to make that bastard sweat!” Ethan confesses.

“Its revenge, it's all it is. No one wins with revenge son.” Karen states.

Ethan knew what she was saying was true, but hell if he was going to let it go. He owed Brian just like Brian owed him. Now was it just who can sling the shit further.

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