The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 119 Getting ready

Chapter 119 Getting Ready.

The next morning, Elizabeth wakes up all curled up to Brian. Which wasn’t anything new. She loved being as close to him as she could. She felt safe, and at home with him. Nothing seemed to change that.

Once up, they both know it's going to be a long day, Brian knowing he will be around Ethan again, not knowing what he would say or even do today. He knew that last night, Ethan was pissed and wanted to make trouble. He just hoped he wouldn't tell Elizabeth today. He didn't want her stressed out, and Ethan was good at doing that to her lately.

They both get up and take their showers, getting ready for today's events. Brian putting on his black suit, and Elizabeth putting on her Trumpet/Mermaid Jewel Sweep/Brush Train Elastic Woven Satin grey dress. She again puts her hair up with curls. Looking very beautiful.

Brian can’t help but stare at her, as she gets dressed, he knows she is very pretty but seeing her all dressed up takes his breath away. He goes up behind her to help zip up her dress.

“You look gorgeous,” Brian whispers in her ear, in his smooth sexy voice.

The voice that makes Elizabeth melt. At times he sounded so hot, it drove her wild. She could just close her eyes and listen to him speak. That alone turned her on, more than he ever knew.

“Thank you, are you ready for today?” Elizabeth ask.

“Yes, We will be fine. I don’t know if I will be able to keep my hands off of you though. I know I can’t wait to peel your sexy body out of this dress.” Brian smirks.

“Well, we do need to behave but once back here, I am yours.” Elizabeth smiles.

Brian smiles back, placing a light kiss on her cheek, then they both head downstairs to head to Elizabeth’s mother's house to help the girls get dressed.

“Are you sure you want to come to my mother's house? You can head out with the guys.” Elizabeth states.

“I will be fine, I rather be with the women, If I go with the guys, that means I have to hang out with Ethan. I rather not.” Brian answers.

“I understand that. I thank you for being here and supporting me. It means a lot.” Elizabeth answers getting into the limo.

“I am always here for you, just like you are for me.” Brian answers.

The car takes them to Elizabeth’s mother's house, where Sofia, Izzy, and Joan are getting ready. Elizabeth sent over a woman to do hair and makeup for them. All of them enjoying the attention.

Brian takes a seat on the sofa and watches tv as the girls are upstairs getting ready. Elizabeth Helps Sofia into her gown and just watches how her little girl is all grown up. Elizabeth is happy she isn’t missing this. Its a proud moment for her, also a sad one.

She still wished her daughter would have taken this part slowly. Not rushing into marriage, getting to see what was out there before taking the plunge. Yet, she just bites her tongue and makes the morning as nice for her daughter as she can. Doing her best to enjoy it as well, even though all thoughts run through her mind. She just hopes that her daughter has it better than her. That the love lasts. That they treat each other with respect.

She thought if they have even half the relationship she has with Brian things would be just fine.

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