The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 120 Sofia's wedding

Chapter 120 Sofia's Wedding

After a few hours, the women come downstairs all dressed and ready to go, Brian helps them take pictures and helps them get into the limo with their dresses. The limo drives them to a small church. They all get out and take more pictures and get go to the places they need to be.

Brian goes and sits upfront in a pew, waiting for Elizabeth. Joan taking a seat right next to him. Brian just sits there watching the people take their seats. Also noticing how Ethan’s mother just watches him. He pays no mind to it. Feeling if she is anything like Ethan, she is just one crazy bitch.

"Don't mind her, She is just nosey. She likes to put her nose into everything." Joan says.

"I'm not paying attention to her, She is just another Ethan." Brian answers.

"I knew I liked you," Joan replies with a laugh.

Elizabeth fixing her daughter's train making sure everything is in place. Giving her a kiss on the cheek.

“I love you,” Elizabeth says.

“I love you to mom,” Sofia replies.

Elizabeth sees Ethan walking his way to get ready to walk Sofia down the aisle, which makes Elizabeth say her goodbyes and walk away, heading to her pew. Ethan notices how she does everything to avoid him. Not wanting to be around him at any cost. It just makes him more upset, keeping it to himself. Knowing she feels this way hurts him, he just doesn't know how to fix it.

Ethan wasn’t good with words or emotions. Instead of saying how he felt he would act out. Saying things to hurt you back, as he was hurt. Not making things better. The only time he would way his words was when he wanted sex. Then he would put on the charm, and you knew exactly what he was after. Once he got what he wanted, he went back to his asshole ways. Not caring what he said or how he hurt you. Sometimes not even noticing that he did. It was just his way.

Elizabeth knew him too well, they spent way too many years together. They knew how to get under the other's skin. Elizabeth being a pro now at paying him no mind.

Elizabeth goes and takes a seat next to Brian, holding his hand and giving him a big smile. Ethan's mother still watching, not caring if they noticed or not. Which neither of them cared. They didn’t care who saw how much they loved each other.

After a few minutes, the music starts to play and the bridesmaids start walking down the aisle, Then comes Sofia and Ethan. Ethan was happy to be able to give his firstborn away. It was a special day for him. He didn’t see it as Elizabeth did, he saw it as a good thing. She was getting married and would have a family. She would be a wife and mother. That was enough for him, where Elizabeth outgrew that and wanted her daughter to have more than just that. Ethan was still old school and set in his ways. Where Elizabeth grew and changed.

Once Ethan takes his seat, he takes a look over at Elizabeth, who is watching their daughter get married and still holding Brian’s hand. He sees at times she even lays her head on his shoulder being very close to him. Not afraid to show affection, or how she felt. Ethan just remembered when they were first married and how she would be close to him, how he pushed her away and said she was smothering him. Now how he regretted it, it was just too late.

The Ceremony is a success, everything going as planned. It's a very enjoyable thing to watch. When it's over, its time to take more pictures, Brian gets in a few with Elizabeth as she insists on him being with her, and then some just the immediate family. Meaning, Izzy, Sofia, her new husband Micheal, Elizabeth and Ethan. Elizabeth stays on one side of them as Ethan does the other. Elizabeth always managing to stay as far as she could from Ethan.

“You are getting good at avoiding him.” Brian laughs.

“It's kind of annoying, to be honest. I can’t wait for this day to be over and for us to go home. Back to our own life.” Elizabeth admits.

“It’s only a few hours, I am sorry you feel that way. Today is supposed to be special.“Brian answers.

“It is, it would be better if I didn't have to be near him. He just keeps staring at us. It's very annoying. He has his girlfriend right next to him. What is so interesting about watching us?” Elizabeth asks.

“Maybe it's just new to him to see you like this. You look amazing, and he did notice the baby bump. So I am sure that is making him wonder.” Brian comments.

“He can wonder all he likes, it's not getting him anywhere.” Elizabeth snaps.

Brian knows what Ethan is up to, he just keeps it to himself, feeling at least for now.

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