The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 121 reception

Chapter 121 Re

Brian, Elizabeth, Joan, and Izzy get into the limo that takes them to the reception. Joan and Sofia planning this part of the wedding together. Trying to make it as nice as they could, Joan going all out for her first granddaughter's wedding. They were having it at the Crystal Ballroom at the Hilton Milwaukee City Center.

When the limo pulls up to the Hilton, Brian and Elizabeth are both very pleased. The hotel itself was very beautiful. It didn't need any extras to add to the reception. The whole place was very elegant. The huge crystal chandeliers took your breath away

The doorman Pete, welcome everyone and was very nice, Leaving a wonderful impression with all the guests.

Stepping into the ballroom arm and arm, Elizabeth’s breath was taken away. It was stunning. She does notice right away that there is a long table at the front for all the immediate family. Which meant she would be sitting at the same table as Ethan. That was something she dreaded. Never knowing what he would want to say, or even if he said nothing. It still was very uncomfortable.

They go up to the table and Elizabeth moves the place cards around, putting Micheal's parents next to Ethan and Jessica. Moving her and Brian to the other side of the bride and groom. Brian just watches and doesn't say anything. He knows how she feels, he feels the same. They just move down to the table and take their seats.

Ethan, Jessica, and their son taking theirs. Ethan just looking at the end of the table, knowing that Elizabeth swapped the cards. It just shows him even more how desperate she is to get away from him. Their daughter and new Son in law sit in the middle of them all. Giving them a good distance apart.

Everyone is enjoying themselves, great music and food. Most of the people there were Ethan’s side of the family and Micheals. Where now Brian and Elizabeth didn’t even notice, back in their own little world. Talking to each other, Brian still staring at her in the gown, putting his hand on her thigh and rubbing. Not able to wait till later when she was all his all alone.

He would make sure, he would touch her arm, back, or thigh. Always pawing at her, their connection was strong and something not so easy to be broken.

Ethan just watches as they get up to dance, Brian, holding Elizabeth close, with his arm around her waist, whispering in her ear.

“I can’t wait to get you alone tonight. You know that right?” Brian says.

“I have been noticing that all night. I feel the same about you. I am so glad your here with me.” Elizabeth replies, looking up into his blue eyes.

After the dance, Brian takes his seat at the large long table, before Elizabeth can, Karen smacks into her, on purpose.

“Well, Well Look at you? The one who always thought she was better than us. Looks like your pregnant and not married, how does it feel?” Karen smirks.

“You know what Karen, the first time around, I did everything right. I thought it meant something, I was raised to get married and then have children. To stay home and take care of them and be the best wife and mother you can be. Where did that get me? An ungrateful husband? Who In his eyes I did nothing right? Who cheated on me and even had a son? So this time, I tried it a new way. You know, if you can’t beat em, join em.” Elizabeth replies with a chuckle.

“You surely have become a bitch. Is this abomination my son’s?” Karen asks.

“Wow, who is really the bitch? No, it's not your sons. You and your son need to realize, I have moved on from both of you. Your son especially. He should concentrate on his new girlfriend and son. Not on me, Not on who I am with or how many other children I have.” Elizabeth replies.

“I am over you, I was over you when my son was married to you. I am still not sure why he stayed with you for so long. I told him to divorce you a long time ago. He just never would listen to me.” Karen responds.

“I guess, you got your wish. Just your son didn’t divorce me, I divorced Him.” Elizabeth comments.

“And you're proud of this? Being forty-one and starting all over again? When you should be looking forward to being a grandmother.” Karen says.

“The first time sucked, so maybe this time will be what I wanted. It gives me the chance to do all the things I didn't the first time. ” Elizabeth answers, walking away from her.

Even though she felt the same, she wouldn’t give that to Karen. She never thought she would be having another child this time in her life. Then she just looks at Brian sitting at the table watching for her, smiling. This was her second chance.

Women of today were having their first child at Forty-one, it was very common these days. It was nothing wrong with it. A peace washed over her and she felt everything would be fine.

The rest of the wedding goes smoothly, Ethan wanting to talk to Elizabeth but never getting close enough to. Brian always next to her, It was like it was their own wedding enjoying the music and food to the fullest.

When it was time for Sofia to through the bouquet, Elizabeth is the one to catch it. Which Brian just smiles at her.

“I guess, that means you are going to marry me huh?” Brian grins.

“I love you, I know that without any doubts.” Elizabeth smiles.

Sofia and Micheal leave to go on their honeymoon, which now makes it possible for Brian and Elizabeth to get out of here. Before they do, Brian steals a can of Whip cream from the sweet treat bar, having his own ideas for sweet treats for tonight.

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