The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 122 After

Chapter 122 After Party.

Ethan sees Elizabeth grab her coat and purse. He knows she is ready to leave the reception. Brian takes her into the lobby of the hotel, having a little surprise for her. Keeping this a secret the whole time.

“Brian, did you call the car to come to get us?” Elizabeth asks.

“No, babe. I have a little surprise, we are staying at this hotel for the night. I got us the honeymoon suite. So all we have to do is get on the elevator.” Brian smirks.

“You little devil, you had this planned the whole time. What else are you hiding?” Elizabeth grins.

“Aww, just a few small things that should make you smile,” Brian smirks.

They both get on the elevator, Elizabeth wrapping her arms around Brian and kissing him passionately. Not even waiting to get to their room. His little moves all throughout the night, already had her going. With his soft touches, little kisses here and there. He knew just what to do to get her going. He knew just where to touch, and how.

Ethan goes into the lobby looking for them, wanting to talk to them not finding anything. He even goes outside to see if they are waiting for the car to show up, but nothing. He loses another chance at talking to her. He just growls to himself going back into the reception area.

Brian and Elizabeth get off the elevator on their floor, walking down to their room. Brians arm around Elizabeth's waist. They open a door to a large room with a king-size bed, fireplace, big screen tv, and a sofa. The room is very nice.

Brian wastes no time, not really caring what the room looked like, they have been in so many hotel rooms lately it really didn't matter to him. He just wanted to be alone with Elizabeth. The lust building all night, just watching her. Sitting close to her, smelling her perfume, he just needed her and now.

He wanted this to last, and not just be a quickie. He knew once the passion built up in the both of them, there was no holding back. Things went quickly from there, just this time, he wanted to take his time and go slower. Enjoying each and every new curve to Elizabeth’s body. Being pregnant, filled her out a bit more, and Brian wasn’t complaining. He wanted to touch, kiss and lick all of her. He wanted to show her just how much he needed her.

He goes for her coat which he slides off her body throwing it on the sofa. Then pulling her body close to his, kissing her passionately on the lips. Pulling the can of whip cream out of his coat pocket.

“You brought Whip cream?” Elizabeth giggles.

“Yes, I wanted to try something new. I want to lick it off of all of you.” Brian says seductively with his amazing sexy voice.

That just makes Elizabeth, even more, turned on, going for his lips again, Brian scoots her up and takes her to the king-size bed, where he lays her on top of it gently. She just looks up at him with loving eyes. Eyes filled with trust.

“Hmm, I need to get you out of that gown first don’t I?” Brian asks.

“Yes, you do.” Elizabeth answers. Scooting herself off the bed, turning herself around so he can unzipper her.

Brian slides the grey tight dress off of her body, making sure his hands roam every part of her as he slides it down and off. Elizabeth now standing in her grey lace bra and panties. Brian places her lightly on the bed again moving himself in front of her, kissing down her neck, and back up to her ear lobe which he licks and sucks on. Gaining some light moans from Elizabeth.

He places more kisses on her collarbone before, he lays her body down on the bed, then he starts taking off his own shirt and pants, Now being only in his blue underwear. He gets onto the bed where he shakes the whipped cream can, getting a giggle out of Elizabeth.

“You're going to be my dessert for tonight,” Brian whispers.

Elizabeth just looks at him wide-eyed.

Spraying a line of whip cream from her hairline up her belly, then lightly licking it off with his tongue. The bulge in his underwear very apparent. He moves his body on top of Elizabeth’s pulling the straps down of her grey lace bra, then spraying each breast with whip cream. Then licking and sucking each of them till all of the whipped creams is gone.

Elizabeth just moves her body up closer towards Brian’s. Each lick sends her body into overdrive and Brian was just starting.

He slides her grey underwear down her slender legs, lifting one of her legs and spraying the inside of her thigh with whip cream, laying himself between her legs, he licks, kisses and sucks on her inner thigh. His breath hitting her womanhood, making her want more. He moves himself over where he licks her clit, getting Elizabeth to move upward from the touch of his tongue. He keeps licking at her, as he slides in one finger into her warm wet cave. He sees Elizabeth pant and squeeze at the bed sheets with each lick. He keeps sliding his finger in and out, as he licks her. Watching her come undone under him, just gets him harder.

Her body whithers and shakes as he makes her climax, getting great satisfaction at just watching her body move. He kisses up her belly, her chest to her lips, Where Elizabeth grabs at him pulling him close to kiss him deeper.

Elizabeth rolls him over, where now she is on top of him. Still kissing him as she can’t get enough of it, Her hands roaming his chest down to his hard member protruding out of his shorts. She slides her body down, so she can remove his underwear. Then she grabs the whipped cream.

“I think its only fair, I repay the gesture,” Elizabeth says with a smile.

She sprays the whipped cream on his nipples as she licks and tugs at them. Making Brian’s member throb, needing release. She sprays more on his belly and down his hairline where she continues to lick and suck her way down. Then Spraying his manhood. He knows She doesn't do this often so he is more than excited for what's to come.

She licks all around his manhood licking at the whipped cream. Each lick of her tongue makes Brian harder, she then slides his head into her mouth, working her way down. Brian watches as she bobs up and down, taking his manhood deeper. The feeling making him want to lose all control. She uses her hand and mouth, going up and down, faster, making Brian know he is going to lose control and soon.

“I’m Going to Cum.” Brian howls.

Elizabeth sliding her hand up and down his hard wet shaft as he blows all over her breasts. Panting and gasping for breath.

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