The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 123 Together

Chapter 123 Together.

“Hmm, Now I am even more sticky, are you going to help clean me up?” Elizabeth asks.

Once Brian catches his breath, “Of course, I would love to.” Brian replies.

They both get off the king-size bed and walk to the adjoining bathroom. Brian puts on the water, making sure its just right before both of them step inside. Both sticky from the whipped cream, and Elizabeth a bit sticky from Brian.

Elizabeth stands in front of the Shower, with Brian behind her. The warm water hitting her body and sliding down her smooth skin. Brian’s arms go around Elizabeth’s shoulders, pulling her body back into him. He leans her head back, tilting his head down to kiss her. Elizabeth turns herself around to face Brian, wrapping her arms around his waist, she leans up giving him another kiss.

Brian grabs the soap, which he rubs in between his hands, getting them all soapy. Then he sides them up and down on Elizabeth’s breasts, washing her up. He slides his hand over each of them, rubbing them gently flicking his fingers over her nipples. Making her close her eyes and lean into him more. His other hand going between her thighs, palming her womanhood. Brian Feels the heat and wetness he is creating all over again. His need is even more than earlier. He turns her around, sliding his hands down her ass and then grabbing her waist. He pushes into Elizabeth in one smooth motion. Both letting out a large sigh as he just stays there for a second taking in the feel of her tight warm core wrapping around his hard throbbing manhood. His hands on her waist pushing her back onto him even deeper, as her arm goes around him to try to grab at his ass pushing him into her harder.

Brian kisses down her back, and up to her neck, both of Elizabeth’s hands are on the hard cold white tile of the shower as she backs herself up and into Brian with each of his thrusts. He keeps going faster and harder, as he hears her pants grow longer and louder. He knows she is getting closer. He keeps up his speed, sliding all the way out and sliding fully into her again, over and over again.

Until she can’t take it any longer and screams out his name, Her heart racing, she slides herself onto him as she climaxes. Brian feels her tightening around him, and let's go. Holding her in his arms as the water comes down on both of them.

“Are you clean now?” Brian asks out of breath.

“Not sure, I think You might have made me dirty again. You may have to clean me up all over again.” Elizabeth giggles out of breath.

“I don’t see that as a problem,” Brian says kissing her tenderly.

They both finish getting washed and head to the king-size bed, where they lay down and watch some tv. Being close to each other. They order room service and make love again, enjoying all the time they have with each other. This is what they both wanted, each other. No interference from the world. When it was just the two of them, they were happy and content. Just real life would set in making it a bit hard for them at times.

Brian was happy that the wedding was over, now they could go home and be in peace. He hoped, he knew Ethan wasn’t going to let them get off that easy, that worried him. Just for the moment, he wanted to enjoy his time with Elizabeth.

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