The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 124

Chapter 124

The next morning, Brian and Elizabeth wake up snuggled up in each other’s arms. Brian just looks at Elizabeth laying in his arms and smiles. He couldn’t ask for anything more. He kisses her neck and rubs his hand lightly up her thigh, feeling her soft skin. Elizabeth just sighs and moves closer to him, wrapping her arm around his waist.

“We leave today, we have to get up so we can go say goodbye to Joan and Izzy before we leave,” Brian says.

“I know, I am just enjoying the time with you. ” Elizabeth answers kissing his chest.

“Me too, I still have another surprise waiting for you,” Brian smirks.

“Oh really? I like your surprises so far.” Elizabeth says.

“I am glad, I am going to order room service and then take my shower. “Brian answers.

“Ok, I will watch a little tv while your showering and I’m waiting for room service,” Elizabeth replies.

Brian just smiles at her, getting out of the bed and heading to the shower, where they showered last night. The images of her naked and in his arms still fresh in his mind. The thoughts running through his mind, turning him on.

Elizabeth sits in bed watching tv and just relaxing taking it easy. Enjoying the quiet around her. While she is sitting in bed, room service knocks on the door, she puts on her white robe and goes to let him in.

“Room Service.” The man says. This tall thin, male with brown pushed back hair and blue eyes.

Elizabeth opening the door. “Thank you, Just leave it there.” Elizabeth answers.

“I was instructed to also give you these.” The man responds.

Handing Elizabeth a dozen of red roses.

“Thank you,” Elizabeth replies with a smile. Looking at the card.

To my dearest Elizabeth,

I just wanted to say, I love you and always will.

Yours always, Brian.

Elizabeth just smiles smelling the roses, Brian walking out of the bathroom.

“I see our breakfast is here,” Brian says.

“Yes, and the lovely roses from my someone special,” Elizabeth smirks.

“Oh really? And who is he? Should I be aware of something?” Brian says with a smile.

“Just that I love him very much, and he makes me extremely happy,” Elizabeth answers walking up to him and giving him a long tender kiss.

“So, you like them?” Brian asks.

“Yes, very much, thank you. What's the occasion?” Elizabeth replies.

“Well, in a few days it will be our first Valentine together. I know you like this stuff, so I thought since we are away and together, I would start celebrating it now. I will be working on the actual day.” Brian states.

“I think it's very romantic and I like it a lot. On the real day, I can meet you at work and we can go to dinner together.” Elizabeth responds.

“That sounds great, for now, let's enjoy our time together like you said this morning,” Brian answers giving her another kiss.

Elizabeth sits him down on the bed removing his towel, and her robe. She takes a seat on his lap, wrapping her arms and legs around him. Looking straight in his eyes, her hand going up and down his back as her other hand goes for his cheek, as she kisses him.

Brian sees the passion in her eyes, even after how many times they have made love, it doesn't seem to change, the want they have for each other. With the trust and love they have, it just seems to make them want each other more.

Brian’s hands run down Elizabeth’s back, pulling her closer to him, as they kiss passionately. Their naked bodies rubbing against each other. Brian slides his hard manhood in slowly and gently, Elizabeth lets out a moan, now sitting on her knees pushing herself up and down on to Brian.

Brian holds her body close to him, his arms wrapped around her, and hers around him, as she slides herself up and down on top of him harder and faster, picking up the pace each time. Their kiss, even more, deeper then before, as they keep going, Elizabeth places her hands on his shoulders as she goes faster, letting herself go, Brian following soon after.

Brian falls lightly down onto the bed, with Elizabeth on top of him. Both catching their breath.

The romantic getaway that he was planning went better than expected. He turned Sofia's wedding into their own little love get away. Seeing his small surprises made Elizabeth happy. He knew she loved the romance and that Ethan, lacked big time in it. He wanted to show her that it really did exist, not everyone was like Ethan.

There was Love, Respect, and romance in relationships. Relationships can work and last. He was hoping, she was seeing this, and would let go of the last straw holding her back from marrying him. He also wondered if that straw would ever break or always hold her back. Even though he didn't say anything, it bothered him deeply. He was just hoping that in time, he could prove himself. Prove that he was nothing like Ethan, he was his own person, wanting to do the right thing.

That all the things missing in her first marriage would be here this time. That all she was looking for was right in front of her, all she had to do, was let go.

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