The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 125

Chapter 125

After there morning fun, Brian and Elizabeth get dressed and ready to leave the hotel. Brian has the car come to get them, having all their luggage ready to go. Brian took care of everything, getting all their things from the other hotel packed, ready and brought to them.

Before leaving Wisconsin, they are headed to Joan’s house, to say goodbye to her and Izzy. Brian thinking nothing of it. He knows Elizabeth won’t be seeing them again for at least another four months. He was sure Joan would be coming to see them once the baby was born. He also knew they were very close, and that she missed her family. He figured it would be nice to spend a little time with them before heading home.

They both head into the car, Elizabeth staying very close to Brian, holding his hand. He sees happiness written all over her. She just glows from it. Which makes him very happy as well. their evening and morning together were very peaceful and fun. Then most of the time they spent together was. They got along great.

When they arrive at Joan’s, Elizabeth and Brian walk in. Joan making lunch and happy to see them.

“I am so glad you stopped by before leaving. I am going to miss you.” Joan says.

“Me too mom. You will be coming down to see us when the baby is born aren’t you?” Elizabeth asks.

“Yes, I can’t wait. I don’t think I have ever seen you this happy before. Brian whatever your doing, keep it going.” Joan says with a smile.

“I will do my best,” Brian replies smiling at Elizabeth, who is still glowing.

“What did you think about the wedding?” Joan asks.

“I think it was beautiful, the reception was very nice. You guys did everything great. Where did you get the money for all that mom? I know Ethan is stating he doesn’t have it.” Elizabeth says.

“That didn’t surprise me, he always said he didn’t have anything even before the IRS. I had some money saved and I gave her what she wanted. He said he will give me back some when the audit is over. If he does fine, if not fine. ” Joan answers.

“If you need anything just let me know. I don’t mind helping. She just didn’t come to me with it.” Elizabeth states.

“She knew you were getting your life in order. You just bought your own home, not to mention you just got your own money. She didn't want to impose. She wanted you to get on your feet.” Joan says.

“We are doing fine. She wasn’t imposing.” Elizabeth replies.

“Your new home is just lovely. Where are you two going to put the new baby though? It's not that big.” Joan asks.

“Good Question, we never thought we would have a child so we only got three bedrooms,” Brian responds.

“I guess, our office is going to have to be turned into a baby’s room. We may have to put the office in your man cave.” Elizabeth laughs.

“Maybe, I knew the man cave was the first to go.” Brian chuckles.

“Thinking about it there is extra room down there, we can put our office down there, and turn the upstairs office into our son’s room.” Elizabeth states.

“I like the sound of that,” Brian replies, kissing Elizabeth on her head.

“I have to say, I never thought a relationship could be like yours. Your an inspiration to see.” Joan says.

“Not all relationships are bad. They just take for both parties to give and take. Just not only one half doing it all.” Brian answers.

“True, it's just nice to watch you two,” Joan replies.

Izzy comes downstairs walking into the kitchen, sitting down to eat lunch with Brian, Elizabeth, and Joan. They spend a nice afternoon together before they get ready to leave.

Brian is glad that Joan is for them being together, it makes him feel that will help Elizabeth let go of the past. He can’t help but always have that on his mind. Little by little, it was eating away at him.

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