The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 127

Chapter 127

One the way to the airport, both of them are very quiet. Both thinking about everything Ethan said. Brian just replays it in his mind, hearing Ethan say, for their children she would do anything, even go back to him. Would she? Would she leave everything they have created behind, and go back to Ethan?

That thought killed Brian and even made him have second thoughts about the Ultrasound. Now wondering if it was right or not. Ethan was good at putting doubts in your head, making you believe what he said was true, even when, it was further than the truth. He was manipulative at its best. Now he even sucked in Brian. Making him wonder and have doubts about their relationship.

They both get on the plane, Brian pretending to nap so he doesn't have to talk. There isn't anything he has to say at the moment. He just needs to think. He knows if he says what he is thinking, it may hurt Elizabeth and even their relationship. So he keeps his thoughts to himself.

Elizabeth stays quiet as well, the thought of it being Ethan's child kills her. She just knows, she could never go back to him no matter what. She was finally free and with someone she loved. Why through that way? Then she wouldn’t be able to give her child away either. All the happiness they shared the night before, was now over in a flash. Filled with fear, hurt and hatred. Ethan at his best. Destroying anything good just to hurt her, now doing it just for spite. It was his revenge and she knew it.

When the plane lands, they gather up their things and both get into the car waiting for them to take them home. Still very quiet. Once home, Brian goes into his office, needing time to think and get over the feelings, he is feeling inside of him. Doing his best to keep his calm around Elizabeth, when inside all he feels is rage.

Elizabeth goes into their bedroom and unpacks, putting the items needed into the washer and keeping the rest. Also getting a vase for her gorgeous roses and putting them on the entry table. She looks at them and just smiles. This is what its suppose to be, not Ethan. Not his hurtful games. There just wasn't anything she could do at this moment, to stop it. She would have to wait, to get the DNA test to prove the truth and set them all free once and for all.

Later that night, Elizabeth takes her shower and gets ready for bed. When she comes out Brian is already in bed reading some of his files for work. Trying to catch up on all he has lost out on being busy with the book tour and then the wedding. Also trying to take his mind off of today's events.

Elizabeth slides into bed, next to him.

“You have a lot of work?” Elizabeth asks.

“Yes, I will be busy for a while, I lost a lot of time so now I have to catch up.” Brian answers.

“You been very quiet since we got back. Are you ok?” Elizabeth asks.

“Yea, fine. Just busy.” Brian says.

“You know you can talk to me about anything,” Elizabeth replies.

“Yes, I do. I just don't have anything to say at the moment.” Brian responds. Keeping his feelings inside. Not sure how to express them at the moment.

“K, I am going to get some rest. I love you, Brian.” Elizabeth comments.

“Love you too. Good night.” Brian answers.

Elizabeth just rolls over and tries to get some sleep, knowing Brian isn't being truthful. She knows him well, she can sense something isn't right. She just lets it go, for now, knowing all this had to be a lot for him to deal with. It was hard for her, she just hoped he wouldn't give up on them. That he wouldn't feel this wasn’t worth it anymore. She thought of all kinds of things just like Brian did. Just both of them at the moment we're not able to be open with the other. Not wanting to hurt or scare the other.

Brian just laid there, only half his mind on his work and the other half on Ethan. It just burned him inside that even this he could turn into one of his games. Trying to destroy everything, even the happiness of their child.

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