The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 128

Chapter 128

The next morning, Elizabeth wakes up and Brian is already off to work, which seems a little odd. Normally they wake up together or Brian will at least kiss her goodbye. Which this morning, he just left. Elizabeth scenes he is still upset about what Ethan said the other day. It seems to be pushing Brian away. This upsets Elizabeth to no end, she just knows Brian needs his space, that he is dealing with all this in his own way.

During the day, she also sees Brian doesn’t text her like he normally does. Always checking in to say hi, or just because he misses her. She wonders if it's because he is busy or just doesn’t want to talk to her. This just makes Elizabeth feel alone and that Ethan is taking away the one thing she truly cares about.

Elizabeth just goes on to do her normal routine even though Brian stays on her mind. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Their first one together, she just hopes that doesn't get ruined as well. She knows she needs to talk to him, at the same time trying not to push. She is stuck with what to do. She feels it’s getting later in the afternoon, and she misses him. She will just text him and see how it goes.

Elizabeth: 4:01 Hey sweety, I miss you. I thought I would check-in, Will you be home for dinner?

Brian is at work, at his desk when the text comes through. He is busy but not busy enough to ignore her. He just looks at the text and feels bad knowing he is intentionally staying away from her. He knows she didn’t do anything to deserve it, he just rather have alone time at the moment. He just goes back to work, not answering the text, until it just sticks in his mind and he misses her too.

Brian: 4:22 I am pretty busy with work today, I will be home late. Just order a pizza.

Elizabeth: 4:24 Brian is everything ok?

Brian: 4:26 Yea babe, Just busy.

Elizabeth: 4:30 Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, we are still going out to dinner right? I would really like to spend time with you. I know we had ours a little early, I loved your surprises. I would just like to spend some time with you on the real day as well.

Brian: 4:33 Yes, Dinner is still on, I made reservations at our favorite sushi restaurant. You will have to come to my office and then we will go together.

Elizabeth: 4:35 Great, I will be there. I will also wait up for you tonight. I love you.

Brian: 435 I love you too.

Elizabeth feels a little better after talking to him, just still feels there is something he isn't saying. He was never like this with her before, they were always open with each other. Even if they couldn’t say it in person, they always could text each other and say it there. Just this time, it was taking Brian time to say how he felt or what was really bothering him.

That night Brian doesn’t come home till late, heading straight up to bed. Elizabeth already there, doing her best to wait up.

“You didn’t have to wait up,” Brian says.

“I know, I wanted too. I missed you this morning.” Elizabeth answers.

“You were sleeping so I just left, you need your rest.“Brian answers Taking off his suit.

“I don’t mind getting up to your kisses. You know that.” Elizabeth replies.

“I know, I just have so much work to catch up on. The book seems to make it worse, they all want Zach to defend them... Some don’t even care if I am a good lawyer or not. The just see Zach from the book.” Brian answers getting into bed.

Elizabeth scooting over to lay close to him. He can’t deny how she makes him feel, that he missed her just as much as she did him. He just wraps his arms around her, needing the closeness just as badly. Elizabeth wraps her arms around him and gives him a kiss.

“They all just see how wonderful you are, just like I do. I am sure it doesn’t have everything to do with Zach.” Elizabeth answers.

“So your finally over him?” Brian says.

“I think I have been over him, I have a real-life love. One better than I could have ever hoped for. I just hope he still feels the same.” Elizabeth admits, a little scared to hear his response.

“He does, just things get busy and crazy. I am glad your over him, then in another way, I am glad you created him. Without him, I guess this wouldn’t be taking place.” Brian answers holding her in his arms.

“It was just a getaway from my real life, A hope that there was real love out there. That two people could really care about each other, respect and stay in love. It was so long since I felt any of that, I forgot what it felt like to want, and love someone. To feel excited and happy to see or talk to them. It's really a great feeling.” Elizabeth states.

“So you feel that way with me?” Brian asks.

“Yes, you light up my world. I look forward to your texts, until when you come home. To just hear your voice makes me happy, and you already know what your touch does to me.” Elizabeth smiles.

“Yes, I do. I feel the same.” Brian responds.

Which he did, he felt all this before she did. Knowing she was the woman he wanted to be with. Just now, some things were in his way. He was just going to try to make Valentines a good one. Not letting anything Ethan said overshadowed it. It was their first one together, he didn't want it to be a downer. He would go through with all his plans he had already planned.

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