The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 129

Chapter 129

The next day, Brian wakes with Elizabeth in his arms, the way they normally get up. He kisses her lightly on the cheek as he gets up to get ready for work. Going into the bathroom, getting ready to take his shower. He sees a gift sitting on the bathroom counter with a card.

Brian opens the card and just smiles, He knows she cares, it makes him feel good inside. He opens the present to his favorite perfume. The one he has been trying to find for months but couldn’t. Yet, she did. It didn’t surprise him at all. He smiles and heads into the shower and continues to get ready for work, Using the perfume.

He goes back into the bedroom before he leaves, Kissing Elizabeth on the head.

“Hey, Happy Valentine’s day.“Elizabeth says.

“Same to you. I will see you for dinner and thank you for the perfume. I see you found it.” Brian says.

“Yep, You can find anything on eBay.” Elizabeth laughs.

“I see that. You have a good day.” Brian says with a smile kissing her tenderly on her lips.

Elizabeth sees that today Brian is a bit more like himself which she is happy for. She hopes whatever that was blows over, she just knows that with Ethan in the middle until this child is born, it's going to cause problems. One's she wasn’t looking forward to.

Elizabeth gets up, to start her day, throwing some clothes in the wash, and straightening up the house, before she has to leave to go into New York. She was going to stop to see Monica before heading to see Brian for dinner. She hasn’t heard from her about the new ending of the book and wanted to see what she thought. Also, she liked talking to her, she could be honest with her, and she knew Monica would be the same.

As she is cleaning around the doorbell rings, Elizabeth goes to get the door, seeing a delivery man holding another dozen of roses. This time yellow ones, her all-time favorite.

“Elizabeth Marks?“The delivery man asks.

“Yes, that's me.” Elizabeth answers.

“These are for you, Happy Valentines Day.” The man says.

Elizabeth takes the roses and just smiles, Brian remembered her favorite color and surprised her yet again. She places them in the middle of the dining room table.

Elizabeth: 3:02 Thank you for the roses. I love them. I am getting ready to come to you! I will see you in a few hours.

Brian: 3:04 I knew you would like those. Can’t wait till your here.

Elizabeth goes upstairs and gets ready for her date, taking a long steamy shower. Then she dries herself off, sliding on her red panties and matching bra. Then her off the shoulder red tight dress with a high slit and red high heels. She puts on some makeup and puts a few curls in her long highlighted hair.

She walks downstairs, to grab her coat and purse. Then heading to the waiting car, outside her house, she gets in and it heads to Monica’s.

Elizabeth: 4:05 I am just heading out the door, I am going to speak to Monica for a minute before coming to the office. I should be there soon. Depending on traffic. I will be there by our reservation at 6 though.

Brian: 4:07 Ok, I will be waiting, let me know what she thinks about Zach now. I am still not sure about the new ending. I guess I just take it personally since I am playing him.

Elizabeth: 4:10 You don’t need to. He just does it, to be able to be with her in the end. It gives the story a twist. No one is going to see Zach as a bad guy, just as the knight in shining armor.

Brian: 4:14 When you put it that way, it sounds good, I guess we will just see. It will be a good ending, so a third book can come out. Be careful and I will see you later.

Elizabeth:4:16 I will and it will be ok. I promise.

Elizabeth not only meaning the book, but also meaning everything else. She wanted to take all of Brians fears away, she just knew she couldn't.

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