The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 130

Chapter 130

Elizabeth gets to Monica’s office, going right in and taking a seat. She was used to going to the Agency now. She felt at home there. They all treated her like family. She and Monica would text each other often, even about things that had nothing to do with the book. After Elizabeth confided in Monica about the rape, they got closer to each other. Monica loved that Elizabeth and Brian got together. It was her real-life, story fairy tale. She just hoped it ended up like one and not a train wreck.

“Hey Girlfriend, I am so glad you stopped by. The first book is doing incredible. With the news about your divorce and that you and Brain are a thing, it seemed to work in your favor. Your fans are going crazy over it. A real-life Zach and Racheal. Just like I predicted.” Monica says.

“At least it's working out somewhere.” Elizabeth answers.

“Oh no, What is wrong? You and Brian are ok? Shit today is Valentine’s all the love crap. Shouldn’t you two be doing something?” Monica asks.

“We are, we have dinner plans. Just ever since we got back from the wedding Brian seems distant. We ran into Ethan and he is making a big thing over the baby. Saying that it might be his, and if it is he wants custody. Telling me that we can raise the baby together in front of Brian. I think that hurt and pissed him off.” Elizabeth admits.

“Well hell yea, I am sure it did. Ethan is an ass, the more I hear about him, the more I dislike him. He wants custody of the child? Did he ever think you would tell the judge how the child was conceived? That he raped you? Really what the fuck is wrong with this man? I am amazed, Brian didn’t just sock him one and walk away.” Monica comments.

“Ethan knows I don't want the rape to come to light. He knows he is lucky in that. Our children do not need to hear about that or even know it happened. Plus it would be press news now as well. I really don’t want that all over the place. That is our business, not the worlds. I just think Brian is getting tired of it all. I think I may lose him.” Elizabeth Confesses.

“I don't think Brian is going anywhere, he doesn’t seem like a quitter to me. I am sure its a lot for him to take in though. He really cares a lot about you. He is probably upset at the thought you might return to Ethan for the child’s sake, leaving him behind. That would hurt anyone. I also understand you don’t want the rape out in the open for a lot of reasons. You just can’t let him get away with always trying to take you down and using everything against you. He is making this work to his advantage and he is the one who hurt you. I also thought it was Brian’s baby? Didn’t the ultrasound prove that?” Monica replies.

“I am sure, he is upset about that and many other things. I just don’t know what to say to make him feel everything will be ok. I have no intention of leaving him, for any reason. I love our life together. The ultrasound did prove it was Brian’s. I was already two months when the rape took place. It just seems to put doubts in our heads after Ethan's tantrum. After we take the DNA test and prove its Brian’s, Ethan doesn't have a leg to stand on or any other reason to contact me or be in my life. Its what I am waiting for.” Elizabeth answers.

“You guys just seem that you are always trying to get him out of your life. He goes away for a short time and boom he is back. The bad penny that always shows up. I think maybe you should talk to Brian, maybe he needs reassurance of your feelings.” Monica responds.

“I don't know, he doesn’t seem to want to talk about it. He doesn’t seem to want to talk period. Last night was the first time we talked a bit since we got home. If I ask him if he is ok, he tells me he is fine. I can’t fix it if he doesn't tell me what is wrong. It's like he is holding back something, I just am not sure what it is.” Elizabeth replies.

“I know Brian doesn’t want to hurt you, maybe that is why he is holding back. He doesn’t want to say anything to hurt you or the relationship.” Monica comments.

“That may be true, but this is hurting it as well. Him pushing me away at times, hurts just as much.“Elizabeth says.

“I am sure he will come to you when he ready. Enjoy tonight, try to make it fun and forget what is going on at least for the night. ” Monica states.

“That’s what I am going to try to do. I want it to be a fun and enjoyable evening. He has sent me flowers and we stayed in a lovely hotel when we were in Wisconsin. We were so close and having such a nice time, then Ethan showed up.” Elizabeth responds.

“For this or any relationship to work, your going to have to get rid of Ethan once and for all Girl. How much could you put up with? How much do you think Brian is going to put up with? The stress will bring the relationship down. ” Monica answers.

“That is what I am afraid of. I will get rid of him. It's just going to have to be once he sees for himself this child isn’t his. ” Elizabeth remarks.

“I wish you both good luck,” Monica says.

“Well, for what I came here to ask you. How do you like the new ending of the book?” Elizabeth asks.

“Holy shit, it's better than I imaged! It beats the first ending and leaves you wanting more. Did Brian really kill her? Is she still alive? It leaves you asking so many questions. I wanted to text you, but I was so busy I never got to, I did show it to Joann and she loved it as well, so its the ending we are going with. She was extremely happy to hear there would be a part 3. I believe the fans will be too. ” Monica answers.

“I am glad you liked it. I thought it would be better, I want the book to go on for many reasons. I just hope Brian sticks around to enjoy it as well. He is what made me want to keep it going.” Elizabeth remarks.

“I am sure you two will be ok. Stop worrying all this stress isn't good for you or the baby. ” Monica says.

“Tell me about it. Well, I better get going. I am picking him up for dinner.” Elizabeth responds.

“Have a great night, enjoy it. Don’t let Ethan ruin it. Show Brian some fun, I know he can’t resist you. ” Monica says laughing.

“Yea that's what got us in this mess huh?” Elizabeth replies with a giggle.

“Yep, and I watched it all from the start,” Monica says with a smile.

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