The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 131

Chapter 131

Elizabeth gets into the waiting car and drives to Brian's firm. Hoping that tonight would be fun and they would enjoy themselves like they always did together. She knew she was going to try her best to make tonight rememberable.

Once she gets to the firm, she takes the elevator up to Brian’s office. Spotting Matt coming out of his. Matt just takes a double-take, as he sees her coming out of the elevator.

“Well, hello Elizabeth you must be here to pick up Brian,” Matt says.

“Yes, I am,” Elizabeth answers with a smile.

“He sure is one lucky guy,” Matt replies.

“I am the lucky one. You have a good night Matt.” Elizabeth says walking away going to knock on Brian’s door.

“Come in,” Brian says.

Elizabeth walks into Brian's office, him sitting at his desk doing his work. His blue eyes look up to see Elizabeth, her hair is all done up, looking very pretty.

“I am here to pick you up.” Elizabeth states. Walking over to him and sitting in his lap.

She looks into his eyes and places a long kiss on his lips.

“You smell incredible,” Brian says.

“Thank you. I was hoping you would like. Are you ready for dinner?” Elizabeth asks.

“Yes, I been looking forward to it all day.” Brian answers.

“Thank you again for the flowers, I loved them. ” Elizabeth replies.

“You're very welcome,” Brian says as he kisses her.

Her arms wrapping around his neck, as his hands move up and down her back.

“If we don’t leave now, we are going to miss dinner. ” Elizabeth says.

“Your right, we can pick this back up afterward,” Brian responds.

“That sounds like a plan,” Elizabeth smirks.

Brian gets up from his desk grabbing his coat. Elizabeth waits near his door. He takes a last look to make sure everything is in order before walking out with Elizabeth.

“Enjoy your night you two,” Matt says, seeing them both leaving.

“Thank you, You too.” Brian answers. Going for Elizabeth’s hand.

They both walk out hand in hand to the elevator and to the car waiting. The car drives them both to a fancy Sushi restaurant that they both have been to before. It was their special place, always going there when they were in New York. It wasn’t your regular sushi place it was a little more expensive, where the sushi just melted in your mouth. To get into this restaurant you also needed a reservation, not only on Valentine’s day but any time you wanted to visit.

The service was exceptional, to match the food. Brian takes his seat at the black round table and black cushion chair. While Elizabeth takes off her black coat, to reveal her off the shoulder high slit red dress. Which just makes Brian, stare at her, wanting her. He watches as every curve fits into the tight forming dress. It just makes him want to touch her.

“You look, great babe. I love the dress.” Brian says.

“I am glad you do. I was hoping it would get your attention.” Elizabeth says with a smile.

“That it did, but you always get my attention.” Brian answers. Placing his hand on her thigh.

They order their sushi, talking and spending some quality time together. Neither of them thinking about Ethan or his plans. For tonight both of them let it go, just wanting to spend the time together enjoying each other.

While they eat, they smile at each other, remembering the first time they were here. How they just started to date. Brian’s hands rubbing Elizabeth’s back or touching her thigh. He just can't help but to touch her, that never seems to change.

After there two hour dinner, its time to pay and get going. It will be at least an hour ride home. Brian pays for dinner, as Elizabeth gets her coat and they both head to the car, both getting in, as it starts to drizzle outside.

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