The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 132

Chapter 132

“Did You enjoy your dinner?” Brian asks.

“Yes, very much, but I enjoy every moment I am with you,” Elizabeth replies.

“I feel the same way about you, I always have,” Brian admits.

Elizabeth just smiles, going for the button to put the participation up, so that the driver can’t see or hear them. Brian just looks at her, not sure what she is up to. As normally they always keep it down.

Elizabeth moves herself closer to Brain, seating herself over his lap, thighs encasing his waist, faces mere inches from each other. Her arms going around his neck, giving him a passionate kiss.

“What are you doing? It is a little tight back here.“Brian says.

“You wanted a quickie back here all night, I noticed how you looked at me, how you touched me. I know its been on your mind.” Elizabeth says with a smirk.

“You know me oh so well, don’t you?” Brian grins.

"More and more all the time." She responds.

Brian places his hand on her bare skin of her upper thigh, and begins moving a slow circle of his thumb, tracing invisible patterns that leave Elizabeth wanting more of his touch. Her, eyes flickering from his hand to his face. Brian does nothing but grin at her.

Brian’s fingers going across her hips, sending shivers throughout Elizabeth’s body.

Brian’s mouth goes down to skim across her collarbone, his soft wet lips planting chaste kisses across her smooth silky skin. Letting Elizabeth give out light soft moans of delight. Elizabeth pushes down into his lap, desperately needing friction, as she moves herself closer, she gets a satisfied groan from Brian’s lips. Their hips falling into a rhythm with each other, Elizabeth pushing her clothed sex up against Brian’s growing bulge in his dress pants. Which only sparks a heat in her lower belly from knowing how she turns him on.

She tightens her thighs around his hips and pushes forward until they both are flush together, her eyes meeting his as she rubs her hips on him.

“Babe, how much time do we have? We really don’t want to get caught doing this.” Brian says.

Elizabeth looks at her watch. “We have 45 minutes until we get home. We have more than enough time to do what I want to do with you.” Elizabeth grins.

“You're being very naughty tonight aren’t you?” Brian smirks.

“I want this to be a Valentine’s you never forget.” Elizabeth answers.

“You seem to do that with a lot of things,” Brian replies. Pulling her closer to him.

Elizabeth goes for Brian’s pants and unbuttons them, reaching in and pulling his large hard member out of his pants. It feels like a relief to him, having it not rub up against his pants any longer. She slides her hand up and down over it. Making it harder than it already was. Brian goes for her red dress, lifting it up above her hips, his hands rise to grasp onto both sides of her waist, sliding her red panties to the side as he begins to ease her down onto his length.

Elizabeth gives out another moan, feeling him enter her, slowly her hands on the back of his seat as her lips go for his. Brian slides into her until they are right against one another, muscles tense as Elizabeth gives her body a moment to adjust. She can feel his heartbeat pounding as her hand slides down across his stomach, to his lower back, as Brian lifts and guides Elizabeth up and down. Going at a slow pace, making her want and need more. Needing to feel every solid inch of him in every way.

Elizabeth’s lower half still working against his as his hands drop to grope at her ass, which sends, even more, tingles through her. Elizabeth grinds down against his member, Going up and down faster, placing her hands on his shoulders as she pushes herself up and down. The feeling building inside Brian which makes him, thrust himself up against her, Thier hips slamming against each other. The inside of the car is filled with nothing but the sound of light moans and pants escaping them both. Brian’s pace moves faster and harder, coming to the edge. Elizabeth’s arms wrapping around him pulling her closer to him as she lets go, pulling on his jacket. The sight of her in his arms letting go, lets him do the same, thrusting upward one more time, letting his warm seed fill her inside. He just holds her close, breathing heavy in her ear.

“Wow, that was something.“Brian says out of breath.

“I thought it would be something you would like. We are almost home.” Elizabeth answers.

“Good, I need to get out of these clothes. I am drenched, and I liked it a lot. ” Brian says kissing her passionately.

“I can help you get out of them, Maybe head to the shower?” Elizabeth smirks

“You sure are playful tonight, I like this side of you. A shower would be nice.” Brian answers.

“It’s just how you make me feel, and I like showing you,” Elizabeth replies.

“I like that you do.“Brian says holding her hand, waiting to get home.

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