The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 133

Chapter 133

The next morning, Brian gets up and gets ready for work. Kissing Elizabeth goodbye and heading to the office. He enjoyed last night to the fullest, he just still had a lot on his mind. Things still flooded his brain, even though he tried hard for them not to. He couldn’t help himself. There was a lot going on, a lot he was worried about.

When he gets to the office Matt is waiting for him, sitting on the opposite side of his desk with his legs up on it, reading the morning paper.

“Good Morning Loverboy,” Matt says as Brian enters the office.

“Morning, do you mind taking your feet off my desk?” Brian replies.

“Heh, sure. So how was your evening last night?” Matt asks.

“It was very good. We had a very nice time together. We always do.” Brian answers.

“How is it you always get the good looking chicks to fall so hard for you? You were broke and a nothing and she still wanted you.” Matt asks.

“Aren’t you in a good mood this morning? Did Victoria bark at you again because of me?” Brian asks.

“No, as a matter of fact, she is doing her best to forget you. Seeing that Elizabeth is carrying your child, hurt her deeply. She is honestly finally trying to make our marriage work. We may even try for a baby.” Matt answers.

“Well good for you, its about time. Then why are you giving a shit about Elizabeth then? Why is it you always seem to want the woman I am with? Can’t find your own?” Brian replies.

“Who is a bit snippy now? I was just being honest, you were a bouncer in a club, chasing all the tail you could get, and now you're a big-time lawyer and sidekick author. Having this lovely home, and beautiful woman by our side. What gives?” Matt admits.

“Well aren’t you the devoted friend. I just happen to get lucky, just I am not sure for how much longer. You may not have much longer to be so jealous of me.” Brian replies.

“Are you freaking kidding, have you seen how she looks at you? ” Matt says.

“Yea, what good will it be if the child she is carrying winds up to be her ex’s,” Brian admits.

“Well shit, I didn’t see that one coming. I guess everything you see isn’t what it appears to be. He is still giving you grief? Is there any way it really is his? I mean she is all into you, I can’t see her, being with him.” Matt reveals.

“There is a possibility. I just feel if the child really isn’t mine, this is over before it began. She will go back to him, just for the sake of the kid. I am going through a lot of things on my mind lately. ” Brian responds.

“I bet. No relationship is perfect. I have been with Victoria for years, all she ever did was run after you. No matter what I have done.” Matt replies.

“You married her because your father wanted you to have a family. It would make you look good as a family man at the firm. That you were stable. You used her, just as much as she, has you. You knew what you were getting into. Every time we had a problem, I came to you and told you everything, thinking you were my best friend, and here you wanted her the whole time. I guess I was really blind or really didn’t care at the time to notice.” Brian admits.

“I think it was a little of both. You had it with her and everything. I didn't plan on taking her away from you, it just happened, and believe it or not I really care for her. I wanted the family life with her the whole time, she just wasn’t willing to give it to me. Now after seeing you move on as you have, she is ready. I hope Elizabeth doesn’t go away. She makes Victoria settle down.” Matt answers.

“I have the same problem, she isn’t ready to get married. Her past haunts her. I am not sure she ever will be and I have to say it's been bothering me a lot lately. More than I ever thought it would.” Brian admits.

“It's just a piece of paper if she is commented to you in every other way why does it matter?” Matt asks.

“It just does. I want more, I want her to trust me, to give herself to me fully. Not blame me for all that he did to her.” Brian says.

“Good luck with that, we all take baggage from our previous relationships that we bring into the next. It’s just how it goes. You have a lot of baggage of your own.” Matt replies.

“I know, it just doesn’t make it any better.” Brian answers.

Brian goes on with his day, trying to push it all on the side and do his work. To forget all that is going on, he gets lost in his work, not going home till late at night and even skipping dinner. Going back to avoiding her and needing his own space

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