The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 134

Chapter 134

A few weeks go by, and it's now March drawing close to their one-year anniversary of being together. In the last few weeks, Brian has kept to himself getting more lost in his work than ever. He raises early and leaves and comes home late in the evening. They barely ever see each other. When they do, its just a few words to each other. Brian normally saying he is tired and going to bed.

Elizabeth is now six months pregnant, her belly has grown a lot and you can definitely tell she is pregnant. Which is another thing that haunts Brian. Every time he sees her belly, he just wonders, is this child really mine? Which has been leaving Elizabeth with a lot of questions herself, feeling all alone. That slowly she is losing Brian and things are falling apart.

She tries to lose her own self into her book writing, concentrating on the third and final part of the book. Feeling if she has nothing else at least she has that, which only reminds her even more of her and Brian. All that they share. It just hurts her more and more to see that it's fading away, just like she thought it would. Just this time even faster than before.

Brian at the point has so much on his mind, he is driving himself crazy with thinking of it all. On top, of it, he is very busy at work. Doing his best to be the best he can. Now that he was into it, he wanted to be on top and have everything that the other lawyers had. Matt might have been jealous of Brian with the girls he collected, but Brian was jealous of Matt's success and money. He wanted it as well and was on his way.

He would also sit and think, and know it was because of Elizabeth that he got this far. He knew he had to tell her how he felt, he was just worried if he did, it would break them. That she would just run away, it was something he didn't want. He also knew the way he was going wasn’t doing any better, just making the relationship fall apart. Feeding into Elizabeth's paranoia. Giving her even more reason not to want to marry him.

He was stuck, and wasn't sure which way to go, and so was she. They both just knew that they loved each other. Just everything else in the way now was causing them both to have doubts in each other.

It’s Saturday and Brian is home, Elizabeth in the kitchen making something to eat. They barely saw each other this week at all. Just here and there. Elizabeth spots him going upstairs.

“Everything ok?” Elizabeth asks.

“Yes, I am going into my office. I have a lot of work to catch up on still. I will see you later on.” Brian says.

“Ok, I made you a sandwich you can take with you,” Elizabeth answers with a smile.

"Thank you," Brian replies taking the sandwich with him.

It only makes Brian feel worse, he knows how caring she is, how she loves to take care of him. He saw the sadness in her eyes, he knew she was feeling low. He just couldn’t stop himself but walk upstairs into his office and close the down behind him.

Taking a seat in his black leather desk chair, just looking at the sandwich he placed on the desk. Why and how has it come to this? Is Ethan winning at pulling us apart?

Brian knew in a way he was. He got to him, this wasn’t what he wanted at all. He just wasn't sure how to fix it.

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