The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 136

Chapter 136

Brian gets into the car and drives off filled with so many emotions. He feels terrible for leaving her like this, at the same time, feeling he had to get away or even more would come out. He was lashing out at her for everything and it wasn't fair. He just couldn’t help himself. He needed someone he could talk to, his nerves were taking over, and the only one, he would listen to at the moment was his brother Sean. No matter what he would listen and tell him what he thought, bluntly. Not pulling any punches.

Brian needed to get away, the hour drive would do him good, just to be himself and calm himself down. He takes off his phone not wanting to hear anything at the moment. Just needing to get his own thoughts together. Time to clear his mind.

When he is finally at his brothers Seans its seven in the evening. He parks in the driveway, getting out of the car and walking up to the door. He walks in seeing his brother sitting on the sofa watching tv.

“What brings you here? Where is your sidekick?” Sean asks. Looking at Brian and seeing him all flustered.

“She is at home. I need to talk to you.” Brian answers.

“Of course, is everything ok? What happened?” Sean asks.

“A lot,” Brian responds.

“Let me get us a beer and we can go sit out back and talk. ” Sean comments.

Walking into the kitchen, grabbing two beers and walking outside into his yard. Both taking a seat at the table and chairs outside under the umbrella.

“What is going on? Elizabeth is very pregnant? Is everything ok with the baby?” Sean asks.

“The baby is fine, it's just us that I am worried about. We had a fight. Our first one. I said some things, I couldn’t help my self. Things have been driving me crazy for weeks now.” Brian says.

“So the lovers had a fight, big deal. Everyone fights. It's a relationship. You didn’t think it would be peaches n cream the whole time did you?” Sean says.

“No, it hasn't been. Ethan is forever breaking my balls. He says if this child is his he wants it. You know she is going to go back.” Brian responds.

“You do? Did she tell you that? And I thought we already knew it was yours? Why are you letting that ass get to you? I never have seen you like this before. Normally you would just laugh everything he said or did off.” Sean replies.

“It's getting to a point, where I can’t, and no, she claims she isn’t leaving me. But hell if she will marry me. When I bring it up, I get nothing. She changes the subject. She puts me in his category, and it's killing me.” Brian responds.

“Bro, your acting worse than him, he never left her. Your feeding into her fears. You blew up and left her, blaming her for things that aren’t even happening. If the person is telling you she isn’t leaving you, why are you doing this? And what's with you, so in a hurry to get married? It's only a piece of paper. She is carrying your child, you have a home together, you love each other. What the fuck else do you want?” Sean says.

“I did act worse than him, didn’t I? Damn it! I didn’t mean to, its just so much stress lately. I know she says, she isn’t going anywhere, it justs like everywhere I turn he pops up again. I know what the ultrasound said, I just let him get to me. It's just weird with her I want everything. I want to be married for when we have this child. It also gives me more claim if it's not mine.” Brian answers.

“No, it makes it harder for her to leave you! Stress? You think a six-month pregnant woman isn’t under stress, with her ex being an ass hole and her current one doing the same, pushing her away? Dude, if you really love her like I believe you do. You need to fix this. You need to calm down. You have three months and it will be over. You get the test and prove that it's yours, and move on.” Sean states.

“And if it's his?” Brian asks.

“Then you figure out something and make it work. You're a freaking lawyer. You work for the biggest firm in New York, you can't take the fucker down? Then no one can. You need to get out of whatever you fell into. Not to mention, he probably knows it's not his. He is doing it to get you back for everything. He wants to make you sweat. He wants to bring pain to your relationship and you're letting him win. ” Sean remarks.

“Thanks, Bro, I knew to talk to you would help. I really did fuck up. I pushed her away because I am scared she is going to go away. IT would just be easier if I wasn’t so close to her. And damn it, your right about him. He just hates me for breaking up the marriage and fucking with his finances.“Brian admits.

“Tell her that. She knows you love her, you did just screw things up but I am sure you two can get past it. Fuck Ethan, in the end, he has nothing.” Sean comments.

“I hope so, I hope I didn't push her so far away there is no returning. I said things, I shouldn't have.“Brian responds.

“You need to be able to say how you feel. It’s what will keep it going and strong. You also need to know how to put things, so she understands and takes it the right way. Not in a way of being hurt.” Sean replies.

“I pushed her away while she is was kissing me. I felt the baby bump and it just set me off. I will never forget the look on her face. Damn it.” Brian says rubbing his hand over his face.

“Wow, bro I knew you could be an asshole but really? This is the same chick you couldn’t keep your hands off of? I am sure that sent her feeling you didn’t want her anymore.” Sean replies.

“Yea, she asked me if I did. I do. I love her. I want her more than anything. I think that is the problem.” Brian answers.

“Then tell her that. Explain yourself without putting your foot in it.” Sean laughs.

“I will try. I am sure she is at her wits end wondering where I went and if I am even coming back.” Brian states.

“You need to call her before you leave here. Tell her your own your way. Calm her down a bit.” Sean says.

“Thanks, Bro. I will do that.” Brian responds. Feeling a little better.

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