The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 137

Chapter 137

It’s been over two hours, that Brian has left their home. Elizabeth still sitting on the top stair, just reliving everything that Brian said to her, over and over again. The tears just keep flowing down, her face. Knowing all this is hurting him and tearing them apart. She sits there not sure if he will come back or not, as he has never done this before. Some of the things he said, she wasn't even aware bothered him.

She feels down and low, the man she truly loves, is drifting away. Could she fix this? She wasn’t sure at the moment of anything. She just knew this wasn’t what she wanted. She really did love him and want to spend her life with him. She wanted this child to be his, and for them to raise it together. She saw her self old and grey and still wrapped in his arms. Could she give him what he wanted? Let go of all her fears and marry him? She sits there and thinks, if she doesn’t he is going to leave. Then after everything that is going on, he could leave anyway.

She knew thinking this child was Ethan’s really bothered him. That everything that Ethan said hurt him. Ethan just wanted to get under his skin and hurt him as Brian did him. More so probably for his financial trouble than even taking Elizabeth away. She knew how vindictive Ethan could be, Brian just wasn’t used to it and was falling for it. Hook line and sinker.

She just sits there not sure what to do, as the sun goes down, and the house gets dark. Not even noticing, so lost in her own thoughts. The tears blocking her view. She pulls out her phone and sees nothing from Brian. It's going on almost three hours. It just leaves this sinking feeling in her stomach.

“Where is he? Is he ok? Is he coming home?” She says to herself.

Her thoughts taking over to the point, she gives in and messages him. Feeling even though he is mad and not messaging her, she would take the first step. Just hoping that he would return the message and not ignore her. She was getting tired of feeling ignored, and unwanted. She never thought he would make her feel this way. Yet, here she was, feeling even worse than when she was married to Ethan.

With Ethan, it was pretty much more her that pushed him away. Not wanting him sexually, not wanting to spend time with him. Not liking his ways and how he did things. Slowly pushing him away, and just living her own life with the girls. Ethan doing the same bit by bit, just knowing she was there and happy with that. Never in his wildest dreams thinking she would leave him.

This time was totally different, she loved and wanted Brian, enjoying spending time with him, loving to make love with him, not wanting to push him away, but get as close to him as she could, and here he was pushing her away. She now knew how it felt and it hurt badly. This was heading in an even worse direction than she ever thought.

Elizabeth: 9:20 I know you're mad at me, I am sorry. I miss you and I want us to work. Please come home.......Or at least let me know your ok.

Brian: 9:25 I am on my way home babe, I am sorry too. I went to talk to my brother. I just needed to blow off some stream and think.

Elizabeth: 9:28 I am just glad you're coming home...

Brian: 9:32 I am sorry, I let you think, I left for good. I would never do that. I should be home soon.

Elizabeth: 9:35 K, I will be waiting.

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