The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 139

Chapter 139

One the way home, Brian thinks about everything Sean said, He knows it was true. Could he really make this work? Put all the bullshit on the side and have the love he really wanted? He knew deep down he loved Elizabeth. There was no denying how he really felt. He knew it from when he first met her that this was it. He also knew she was married, and things would be complicated, it was no surprise, just now things have gotten even more complicated than he ever imagined they would get.

Brian was normally cool and confident. Knowing he could get any woman he wanted like his brother and others would keep reminding him, he had plenty of them. Just none ever felt like this. He would be sarcastic and close himself off, making sure he wouldn't get hurt. Never really opening himself up to anyone, not even Victoria. Just now he felt so different, he felt vulnerable and it killed him. Elizabeth had a control over him, no one ever had before, which scared him fully. Ethan didn’t help with his remarks or the things he was doing to them lately. It was making Brian lose his control little by little.

He just knew tonight, he felt terrible being away from her, leaving the house and letting her think he wasn't returning. It was the first time he was a jerk in their relationship. Always wanting to do his best not to hurt her, to watch over her and protect her, here now he was the one to hurt her deeply and push her away. He knew to make this last and work, he would have to go back to the old Brian in some ways. Letting Ethan and his shenanigans roll off his back. Having his confidence back, which he knew once, he knew for sure this was his child he would. It was the biggest roadblock they faced. Even if she didn’t leave him, how would he raise Ethan’s child? The man he hated. It was just another thing, he would have to hold back, so he didn't hurt her. Where inside he was dying.

Getting Elizabeth’s text made him feel better, he knew she was missing him, he was feeling the same. These last few weeks their relationship was rocky. Him keeping his distance more and more. How he missed her. How he yearned for her. He knew his way of going about this was wrong. Just the growing belly in front of her was a consistent reminder to him. First, of the Rape, he wasn’ t there to stop and now even a child. He felt he should have been there to protect her and he wasn’t. The quilt was another thing eating away at him.

He just couldn’t wait to get home to her, to tell her he was sorry in person and to hold her tight. Hoping it would take any of her fears away. He knew no matter what he was stuck. There was no way out of this relationship for him, he loved her too deeply to just walk away. He did feel it was so much better when he was just the sarcastic ass that didn’t care. Who just had one night stands and walked away. Things were not complicated like this then.

Then he would just picture Elizabeth and knew there wasn’t any other person or place he rather be. He just hoped she would keep her word, and stay with him.

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