The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 14 Gym

Chapter 14 Workout

Elizabeth goes to her room, just thinking about everything that just took place. Still in awe, how he looked, so much like what she wished for.

“Could it be? Was all this really happening?” She thought.

He was as gorgeous as his normal self. The hair and clothes just made it so much better. She knew she shouldn’t think this way. This was business, he worked for her. She knew she had to keep her real feelings to herself. Not letting anyone know, how Brian made her feel. She was attracted to him, from the second she laid eyes on him. Not seeing any other person in that conference room.

The funny part was, he was looking right back at her. Giving her stares all day long. Still, she would tell herself to keep this professional. It would be fun to work with someone easy on the eyes. It would also be great for the book. She stayed in her room all night, Getting something to eat. Also thinking about what she was going to do for part two of this book.

The contract clearly stated, there would be a part two. So she would have to think about what was going to happen now. She laid there in this gorgeous king size bed. Filled with king-size fluffy pillows and the softest down comforter you could image, and wrote down ideas. Before she knew it, she was so tired she fell asleep.

In the morning she gets up, going down to the lobby. Just to see what was around, spotting Brian in the hotel gym. She wanted to get to know him, without pushing herself on to him. She figures pretending she worked out, would be a great time to spend with him. Or at least see how he would act. What he was really about. He had to have some flaw, that would make her see him as a real man. Make her forget all about her fantasy man. Reality would set in and it would be over. Making everything go back to normal, so she hoped. She ran to the hotel shop and grabbed some workout gear, going into her room, really quick. Changing into them, going back downstairs.

As she is walking into the gym, she feels this is a mistake.

“What the hell am I doing?” She thinks.

Wanting to turn around and walk out. Before she gets the chance to, Brian spots her.

“Hey, Elizabeth. I didn’t know you worked out?” he asks.

“To be honest, I don’t. I just thought it would be something to try. I just don’t know where to start. I am thinking this might be a bad idea.” Elizabeth admits.

“No, not at all. It’s actually a wonderful idea. I will help you. We can do the treadmill together. It’s something easy and we can go slow, to get you used to it.” Brian says.

“That sounds good.

He helps her on it, setting it up for her. Going slow. Letting her body get used to it before it makes it go a little faster.

“So where do you come from?” Brian asks.

“I come from a small town in Wisconsin called Janesville. You?” Elizabeth asks.

“I Come from Vineland NJ,” Brian responds.

“I am sure its nothing like Wisconsin.” Elizabeth states.

“I wouldn’t know. I have never been there. ” Brian replies.

“Nothing much there to see. You haven’t missed anything. Trust me.“She says.

“I love Jersey. Especially during the summer months. We go down the shore. I just love the beach. I go every year.” Brian states.

“That sounds great. I have never been, maybe you can take me some time.” Elizabeth says.

Not even knowing where that came from. That was so not like her to say anything like that to anyone. Being that forward was not her. She was always the quiet one.

“That sounds great. Maybe this summer.” Brian comments.

Elizabeth just smiles at him, trying to keep her composer. Watching this tall, tone man on the treadmill. Sweat just glistening off of his head. He was wearing a shirt but she could see his tone chest. That looked great. Brian wasn’t innocent either. He checked her out as soon as she walked in. Wearing tight black workout pants and matching black top. How the material stuck to every curve she had. Her shape was very nice. She was small and thin, with a great ass and not so bad breasts. He noticed it all. Liking everything that he saw as well. Just also trying to be nice and not overstep.

“Are you married?” Brian asks.

Elizabeth taking a long pause before answering. “Yes. I am.” She answers.

“I bet your husband is very proud of you. Why isn’t he here? I am sure, he would want to make sure you were safe on your travels.” Brian asks.

Elizabeth just laughs. “Proud? More like embarrassed and afraid. I will make him look like a fool where we live. More like he thinks all of this is just a joke.“Elizabeth replies.

“Oh, I am sorry. I would have thought, he would have loved it. I think it’s great. This is a great opportunity, even if it doesn’t become huge. Just the traveling, and experience from it all. Is wonderful.” Brian comments.

“You think that way, he doesn’t. We have been married for too long. We grew apart. We don’t think the same or have much in common anymore.” Elizbeth makes sure she says.

“Well, that happens. How long have you been married?” Brian asks.

“Twenty years,” Elizabeth replies.

“Wow, that’s a long time. That’s a miracle in this day and time.

Elizabeth just nods.

“Do you have any children?” Brian asks.

“Yes, Two girls. Sofia eighteen and Isabella sixteen.” Elizabeth states.

Brian just looking at this petite, woman, in front of him. Not believing she had two children. Not to mention, that age. He was calculating how old she could be in his mind. Not wanting to ask, just not believing she had to be in her forties. She didn’t look it. With the makeover, it made her look even younger. Then being so small didn’t help, it helped make her look younger. He just took it all in.

“What about you? Are you married? Kids?” Elizabeth asks.

“No, I am not married. I do have an eleven year old son, from my high school sweetheart. We just never panned out.” Brian states.

“Oh Sorry. Never found anyone else you wanted to marry?” Elizabeth asks.

“No. I was too busy with other things. I didn’t pay that much mind. I figured I had plenty of time. Plus after our relationship, I wasn’t looking to get right into another. It was crazy. I don’t need crazy.” Brian answers.

“I so understand.” She answers.

They spend about an hour in the gym. Talking and getting to know each other. When the hour is up, they both go back to their rooms. Getting ready to go back to the agency, to see what they will be doing. Both of them knowing a little more about the other. Still very intrigued.

Brian knew her being married wasn’t a good thing, but the way she talked about it. He felt she wasn’t happy, and if her husband really cared and wanted her. He would be here with her, not him.

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