The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 141

Chapter 141

The next morning, they both wake up, Brian feeling a little better. He gets up and gets ready for work, as Elizabeth lays in bed, still a little shook up from last night.

She felt better knowing he wasn’t leaving and he still loved her. Just a lot of the same problems still remained. What was she really going to do with Ethan? Panic filled her heart and mind, still fearing that things would go downhill. No matter how much she tried to push herself to think positive.

She did know she was going to try to make it work, give it all she had to give. And yet even that still scared her.

Once Brian is dressed and ready to leave, he kisses Elizabeth goodbye being his normal self. Promising her and himself that he wasn’t ever going to push her away again. If nothing else came out of this, that did. He saw how much it hurt both of them, and how it got them nowhere.

Brian leaves for work and Elizabeth gets out her phone wanting to call Monica, needing to talk to a friend.

“Hey, Girl what's up? How did Valentine’s go?” Monica asks.

“It was nice. I need to ask you something, Is there any way to change my name on the book?” Elizabeth asks.

“Why? Things are taken off, I don't think it's wise to change anything now. The first book will lead the way to the second one. What were you thinking anyway?” Monica asks.

“We don’t have to go crazy just change it to Elizabeth M. Take the Marks off, Brian isn't too fond of me using my former name for things. Plus now we are getting married and I think it's only fair I remove Ethan from any and all parts of my life.” Elizabeth says.

“Hmm, I don't know. I will talk to Joann and see. Are you actually giving into setting a date and marrying him now? I know Brian really cares but he has to realize you had the name before you two got together, this might not be a good change. He may have to live with it. It's just a name, you will be his wife.” Monica states.

“I know that I just want to start fresh also. I thought it would be no harm in asking. And yes, we are getting married on our one-year anniversary date of becoming more then just friends. It will be on March 12th. We are just going to city hall and getting married, I don't feel like doing much at the moment, Once this child is born, and we know its Brian’s we can have something really nice and get married in front of all our family and friends. Plus it's not fun partying with a huge belly in front of you.” Elizabeth admits.

“I’m sure it's not. I want an invite to the bigger one!!! I was the one to watch this go through. I just knew you two were going to get together from the moment you laid eyes on each other. I never saw so much attraction before. It gave me hope that real love is out there, even for me. I am also sure everything will be fine with the baby. I know it's a lot of stress on both of you. I think a party afterward is a great idea to celebrate the child and your marriage.” Monica says.

“I hope your right, then I have other things to worry about like leaving it and going on tour. If it's not one thing it's another. I have to say maybe my old boring life was a bit better in the fact it was BORING and less stressful. “Elizabeth laughs.

“Who wants boring? There is plenty of time for boring, it will come before you know it. As for you going away on tour, I knew you were worried about the child. So what I have put in place is that you and Brian will only be touring a very short time. Here and there, the rest of the tour will be virtual. It will save money and time, and both of you can do it from your computer in your own office at home.” Monica comments.

“Really?? God, I knew there was a reason I loved you. Thank you so much. Really, I don't want to leave the baby. I hated the idea of it. This will for sure be my last one and I want to spend as much time with it as I can. I want to enjoy every moment, not missing a thing.” Elizabeth answers.

“Not a problem. It works for us to, we save money. We didn’t do it the first time as we wanted the book to get around and you and Brian get around. Hoping it would set off fans to fall in love with not only the book but you two and it worked. So this time we will do a little of both. Online and in person. Everything will be fine, stop stressing out. I will take care of as much as I can for you. Just take care of yourself and that tiny person inside you.” Monica replies.

“Thank you. And for sure you will be at our second wedding, I need a Maid of honor you know.“Elizabeth says.

“Oh, Shit! I am so there! Watch out I am so in charge of this, Zach and Racheal getting married, you know I am going to spin this to our advantage.” Monica laughs.

“Whatever you need, You always do what is best for us. I do hate that things are always floating around, I just know its part of all this. It just takes a bit to get used to.” Elizabeth answers.

“I understand, but I feel you're going to be around doing this for a while. Even when The Zach books are put to rest. I know you have more to share and your fans will want to read it.” Monica responds.

“I hope your right. We are not rich from this, the income is ok at the moment. What is keeping us afloat is Brian's real job. Otherwise, we couldn’t afford to live here.” Elizabeth admits.

“I know it's not huge at the moment with money, but with the second book coming out it will get a lot better. It takes time. You are more independent than before and it will keep going.” Monica replies.

“I hope so and thank you again,” Elizabeth responds.

"You know I have your back." Monica comments.

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