The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 142

Chapter 142

Brian heads to work, a bit happy just thinking that finally, they set a date to be married. She was letting go of some of the past letting him in. Starting their real life together. It made him feel good.

When he gets to his office, he takes a seat at his desk and just sits there taking a breather for what feels like forever. Some of the stress from the last few weeks, slowly sliding off of him. He knew there was a lot more to deal with in the upcoming months but they talked and he felt they would get through it.

As he is sitting there, Matt walks in taking one look at him and seeing a smug look on Brian’s face.

“What has you looking like that?” Matt asks.

“Elizabeth and I are getting married on March 12th. IT will be small at city hall for now. We will invite you to the larger one once the child is born.” Brian answers.

“Well, there you go. Wait till Victoria hears this one.” Matt says with a laugh.

“I thought you two were doing better? That she was moving on since she heard about the baby?” Brian asks.

“She has been a lot better, or at least now she is doing her best to hide those feelings from me. I am sure this will hurt her to hear at the same time, letting her know there is no chance at all. I find it amusing.” Matt replies.

“You two have one fucked up relationship,” Brian admits.

“Yea, I know its never dull that's for sure. Neither is yours, for that matter. Is this a ploy so Ethan gets the hint?” Matt responds.

“In a way yes, I want him to know that his games are not working. No matter how hard he tries it just pushes her closer to me. I was having doubts and rethinking things but I see things clearer now. I am not letting that loser get in the way of me having the things I want.” Brian comments.

“The things that once belonged to him? I get that you love her, that she is with you now. You just tend to forget how this all came about. I am sure Ethan is a real dick, but you never really took into consideration what you did to him. How you took his wife? Caused his family to split and even screwed him with his own money. I don’t think you would like it if someone did it to you.” Matt remarks.

“Well, who would have ever thought you of all people had a conscience? No, I don’t like it. It's exactly what he is trying to do to me now. Look it happened if she was happy with him, she wouldn't have been looking. He was no saint himself. And as I recall, you were surely fast and there to pick up my leftovers with Victoria. You wasted no time, getting her into your bed. The only difference was, I didn't care.” Brian states.

“I am no saint either, I never said I was. It's just when you play with fire there is a chance of getting burned. You still have the DNA test to get through, even if your married if it comes back his, that's not going to stop him from fucking everything up. The only thing is it won’t look as bad in court with her living with you. You will be her husband, just not some live in.” Matt responds.

“I thought of that. It was another reason I was pushing for it. And if it is mine it will be born in wedlock. I want to do things the right way this time. I was young with Tylor, I wasn’t really ready to have a child. When Victoria told me she was pregnant, I wasn't very happy. I wasn’t ready to settle down, to be that responsible. Yet, I had to be. I am older now, I want this child. I want to do and be all the things I wasn't or didn't get to be for Tylor.” Brian admits.

“Tylor is still a child. You can still be all you want to be to him. It just seems when it comes to this relationship you throw him on the side.” Matt replies.

“I don't throw him on the side, Damn no one gets I had to go to work. I had to find a job that paid well. I left to better things not to desert him. It was only for a few months. Then I had to get my life together. It's fine for everyone else just not for me. Is that it?” Brian comments.

“Shit, the month you came back, you were barely here, She didn't make up her mind if she wanted you or Ethan yet and you were a mess. She called you and you left a week earlier just to run to her. Leaving Tylor again.” Matt reveals.

“Oh again with that. That was part of getting my life together. I did and I haven't missed seeing him on any weekends and I even see him now on Wednesdays. Just to spend more time with him. Just to you and Dear Victoria, I am always the bad guy. Screw you both.” Brian says.

“What happens when this child is yours and you're always there, do you think Tylor will say what about me?” Matt asks.

“He won’t have to, because he will be right there with me. They are both my sons. If I didn’t know better I would say you're trying to get me to push for more? Trying to get rid of my son from your house, so there is no reminder of me around? Do you really think living with Victoria would be better that way?” Brian snaps.

“It would be the last of you, I would have to deal with.” Matt glares

“Don’t try putting me on a guilt trip just say what you mean then! I am not going to take my son away from his mother, just because it suits you. You and Victoria need to get your shit together. I can’t help what she is. Either deal with it or leave it.” Brian growls.

“It's easy for you. Its always been easy for you. Mr. know it all. Mr. good looking. Your freaking looks landed you a dream job, and then even a girl. I still don’t know what makes you so fucking lucky. You're just a sarcastic asshole, who never got anywhere till now.” Matt admits.

“Jealous any? You always have been of me. It seems you always want what I have. You did get it, can't you see it wasn't what you thought? Maybe if you would have gotten your own woman, your relationship would be better.” Brian comments.

“You always took everything from me, My father, the girl I wanted in high school, even now with the job. Having a family and a woman that loves you. I was smarter then you, I had more money than you. And here you are, ranking number one at my firm. It just never ends.” Matt says.

“You were supposed to be my best friend and this is how you really feel about me. You could have said no when I came to you asking for a job.” Brian admits.

“I wanted to, but my father wouldn't let me. He always dreamed of you working here. He always treated you better then he did me. Still does. I never was good enough for him.” Matt replies.

“I am sorry. ” Brian answers.

“Yea, me too. I guess Ethan is Karma, she is a bitch isn’t she?” Matt replies walking out of the office.

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