The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 144

Chapter 144

After leaving the courthouse, Elizabeth, Brian, Tylor, Sean and Martha head to the restaurant, where they have reservations to celebrate. Sean and Martha had it all planned as a gift to them. Wanting to give them something special. Something nice for a change.

They did it small and just with them so that things would be peaceful and the way it should be. They wanted this day to be calm. It was special for both of them. They didn’t want anyone to screw that up. They were keeping it hidden from Ethan and also the press at the moment. Once the day was over, they didn’t care who knew. It was too late to ruin the actual day.

They pull up to the expensive, Steakhouse restaurant, where they walk in hand and hand, just smiling and happy together. They are all taken to a room that has a long table that is reserved just for them. The table has a white tablecloth and the glassware sparkle, finer china fills the table making it very inviting. The room has Crystal chandeliers, armchair seating, and polished wood. They all take their seats looking forward to the dinner they are about to have.

The waiter brings out a bottle of their best champagne, also a bottle of apple cider for Elizabeth since she wasn’t able to drink.

“I want to propose a toast to the happy couple. I never thought I would see my brother this in love or happy. I am very happy that you two met and you turned him into the settled down man he is today. I wish you both all the happiness in the world.” Sean says.

“Thank you, bro.” Brian answers.

“Thank you,” Elizabeth says with a smile.

The waiter comes out with there food, that smells exceptional. An 18-ounce Delmonico, paired up with lump crab meat, asparagus, and bearnaise sauce.

They sit there for at least two hours talking and eating. Having a wonderful time together. In the background, they play soft music where Elizabeth and Brian have their first dance together. Elizabeth just resting her head on his shoulder, so happy to be in his arms. Brians arms just wrap around her, holding her close to him. Finally feeling at ease, and not worried anyone is going to take her away from him.

Elizabeth wasn’t as nervous as she thought, she would be from this. She was actually very happy and glad she went through with it. She kept staring at her wedding ring and back at Brian. This was truly the man she loved and wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

“They look so happy together. I still can’t believe they did it.“Martha says.

“Me either, but it was what he has been after for a while with her. I hope everything goes there way. They both have a lot coming up. So at least they can enjoy tonight.” Sean answers.

“If that child isn’t his, it's going to ruin a lot of things, you know that?” Martha states.

“Yes, I know if this child isn’t his he will be devastated. I just hope if it's not his they can make it through it.” Sean answers.

“The sad part is it's not either one’s fault and they both have to deal with it. Do you think your brother pushed her into getting married?” Martha asks.

“Yes, I do. I never have seen him like this before. I think she did it to make him happy and show how much she really cares. I think he should have waited until she was ready and went to him. Not pushing it upon her, but they did it now. I just hope she doesn't regret it.” Sean replies.

“I know she loves him very much. I don’t think she will regret it. I just am frightened of what's to come. ” Martha responds.

“Thay been through a lot, and a lot of other couples would have given up already. I am still shocked my brother didn’t just get up and leave. So maybe it will last, I guess we will just have to wait and see.” Sean says.

“They sure do look sweet together over there. They will need us even more in the upcoming months for support.” Martha comments.

“He knows I am here for them no matter what. He is my brother, I love him, no matter what decisions he makes, even though some I don’t approve of.” Sean replies.

Martha just smiles as they both go and have a dance together themselves. Hoping that the happiness that is there today stays. They all thought about the same thing. It was a huge cloud that hung over them.

“Was this child Brian’s?

It was something you would never think you would need to wonder on your wedding day. That it might not be the man you loved more than anything, but the one you thought you moved on from.

Elizabeth and Brian were just trying to live in the moment, even if it was just for today.

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