The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 145

Chapter 145

After the dinner, they all head to their cars and head home. Brian and Elizabeth are happy. They spent a wonderful day with wonderful caring people. It was refreshing. From start to finish the day was a complete success. No one doing anything to ruin their happiness, people embracing it and cheering it on.

“Are you happy being married?” Brian asks on the ride home.

“Yes, Very much so. I actually feel at peace. Today was wonderful and I hope our whole marriage is.” Elizabeth answers.

“I am glad you don’t have any regrets. I know I pushed this, I thank you for taking the chance and letting go of the past.” Brian says.

“You were right, I just needed to let go. I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else. You make me very happy. I just wish I could be sexier for you tonight.” Elizabeth admits.

“Your always sexy babe, what are you worried about?” Brian asks.

“I don't feel very sexy at the moment. I feel like a whale.” Elizabeth laughs.

“Stop that, your beautiful. Our child is growing inside of you, it’s special. ” Brian answers, going to hold Elizabeth’s hand.

"You always know just what to say," Elizabeth replies.

They talk all the way home which takes 45 minutes since they went into the city for dinner. The ride home is calm and peaceful. Elizabeth felt for the first time in a long while that everything would be ok.

“Tonight one year ago is the first time we made love,” Elizabeth says with a smile.

“I remember, I never wanted anyone so badly as I wanted you. It was something I wanted from the first time we met, I was just nervous you didn’t feel the same.” Brian answers.

“I felt the same, I was just trying to keep things professional, not really sure if I wanted to go that far or like you said. If you even wanted me that way. It was nice to know you did.” Elizabeth replies.

“Sleeping next to you in the hotel when it snowed was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I wanted to peel those flannel PJs off of you and make love to you.” Brian admits.

“Well, Now you can do that anytime you want.” Elizabeth answers.

“I like that thought. ” Brian responds, kissing her hand.

They are now finally home, both of them getting out of the car and walking up the driveway to the door. Brian opening it with the key and both heading inside. Elizabeth goes straight upstairs into their bedroom. As much as she enjoyed the day she is tried and needs to sit down. Before she does so, she gets her lacey Red nightie and matching panty and takes them into the bathroom with her. Just taking a look at it and the size of herself. Not feeling very sexy at all, but remembering what Brian said, that he was happy with it.

She felt even if he wasn’t at least he was being nice about it. She was feeling very self-conscious. She just takes a deep sigh, as she takes off her clothes and gets into the steamy shower. Washing away all her stress and thoughts. She just stands there enjoying the warm water beat down on her skin.

While she is taking her shower, Brian goes upstairs checking his phone making sure everything is ok at work. He was now a total businessman. Always making sure things were in place. He enjoyed the control his job had to offer. It kept him busy and he liked it.

After checking his phone, he takes off his black suit and white shirt and lays it on the chair. Staying in his black underwear, he pulls a pair of blue night pants and slides them on, as he heads to his office to check a few things before bed.

He knew Elizabeth was in the shower and it would take a few, so in the meantime, he was doing things he missed today. He just didn’t want to get caught up in it. He knew that wasn’t for tonight, it was their wedding night and he wanted to spend it laying next to his wife. He loved the thought of that. It made him smile from ear to ear. Feeling now they were really a full couple.

He knew it was stupid, that it was just a piece of paper, that they had everything a married couple had before they actually said I do. Just for some odd reason, he wanted it. Elizabeth giving in to make him know she cared, made him feel good as well. There wasn't anything that was going to get in his way now.

Elizabeth comes out of the bathroom, seeing that Brian isn’t there. She just slides into bed, knowing that he should show up very soon. She sees his black suit laying over the chair. She smiles to herself. She lays on her side getting comfy while she waits for him. Closing her eyes and almost drifting off to sleep.

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