The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 147 room

Chapter 147

A few days pass, and Brian and Elizabeth are getting along great. Things have seemed to go back to normal. Brian on cloud nine that no one at the moment can deflate his highness. Elizabeth felt the same, staying away from anyone or thing that could get in the way of her happiness at the moment. Still not even telling any of her family they got married.

Elizabeth knew that the time for the baby to be born was getting closer. She also knew they had to get ready for it. They needed things, the child needed a room. With her other children, the rooms were already done and waiting. With this one, there has been so much trouble she never started anything. She knew that would have to change and she wanted to enjoy it with Brian. It was something she wanted to share with him.

“Brian we really need to make a baby's room. Do you think your brother could come over this weekend and help us move the office furniture downstairs?” Elizabeth asks.

“I am sure he could come over. It wouldn’t be a problem. We need to get a crib too.” Brian says.

“Yes, I would like for us to do that together. Then after all the furniture is moved we can put it up.” Elizabeth replies.

“That sounds nice. I would really like that.” Brian responds.

Brian and Elizabeth head to New York to the baby boutiques and they shop around for baby gear. Elizabeth notices how things are so different from when she had her other two children. How the themes are so clean and neutral then they were before. When she had her other two, the themes were more cutesy.

They look around and get a white crib, and go for the grey and white color scheme. Getting a grey plush rocking chair, and white dresser. They also pick up a crib set in white and grey, matching curtains, A pretty grey and white throw rug, night light and some stuffies. They both find it hard to resist picking up things as everything is so cute. They pick out the most darling little clothes for their son.

Elizabeth hasn't shopped for baby items in a very long time. Its fun and exciting to do so. Especially being with the one she loves. Brian by surprise finds it nice also. Watching her so engrossed in things makes him smile. They both concentrate on their relationship and nothing else. Doing there best not to invite any negatives into it.

After buying all they need, They head out to dinner and then home. Having a very enjoyable day.

When the weekend comes, Sean comes over and helps Brian move all the furniture to the basement, where their new office will be. Brian made room in his man cave so it was possible. They both needed an office to use, so they were going to have to make do with the space they had. Clearing out the room upstairs to prepare for the new baby's room.

After moving out the furniture, Brian and Sean paint the room white. The next day, Brian and Elizabeth, put the crib together and add the new furniture in. Adding all the finishing touches to the room. Brian can’t believe how adorable it looks. What he and Elizabeth turned it in to. It makes him excited for the birth of their son.

When the night is over, Elizabeth takes a seat in the new Grey plush rocking chair, just looking around at the room. She sits there and wonders how this is going to go. Will this child get to enjoy this room? Be theirs and be happy? Or will everything be turned upside down? Her thoughts take over and invade her mind. She just keeps them hidden from Brian, not wanting to mess up everything they just shared. She couldn't wait for this burden to be lifted from her. Either way, she would know, there would be no more guessing. Which would be a relief.

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