The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 148

Chapter 148

The Month of March passes, and it's now April. Elizabeth is now seven months pregnant. She and Brian have been great. He makes sure to come home for dinner and they spend as much time together as they can, going back to their regular relationship before, Ethan was putting doubts in each other's heads. They haven’t brought up Ethan or if the child is his or not in the last few weeks. Both trying to enjoy their newly accepted vows.

Elizabeth knows she needs to tell her mother and girls that they have gotten married. She kept it a secret long enough and wasn’t even sure how she kept it this long. She was happy to be married to Brian, even though before it took place she was terrified now that it happened she was embracing it.

One day, while Brian is at work Joan calls Elizabeth to check in on her as she did daily. Joan missed Elizabeth dearly. They were always close, this move separated them, it was something Joan wasn't too happy about. She didn’t mind Elizabeth cheating or moving on from Ethan. She understood why all that took place. She watched the years go by that Elizabeth put up with Ethan. In a way, Joan couldn’t believe it lasted this long. She was happy to see her daughter grow up in so many ways.

In a way, even though Ethan did act like the way he did, Joan felt sorry for him. Saying he didn’t know any better, It was how he was raised. He was just like his mother, never satisfied, never happy. Joan could accept that, she didn't like accepting Elizabeth moving to another state and being so far away from her. She was trying her best to stick by her and give her all the support she needed. She just wished this wasn’t one of her choices.

“How are you feeling today? Everything ok?” Joan asks.

“Yes, mother everything is going well. I am a bit tired but that's to be expected. Soon this will be over and we will have our son here.” Elizabeth says.

“How did the baby's room come out? You never finished telling me about it.” Joan asks.

“It came out wonderful. Brian, Sean and I cleaned up the old office and put everything for the baby in there. It looks so nice. Brian was so helpful, we picked out everything together. I really enjoyed that.” Elizabeth states.

“That's great, I will be coming down when its time for the baby to be born. I can’t wait to see it. I miss sharing everything with you like I did the last two times.” Joan replies.

“I know, but you will be visiting soon. Mom, there is something I need to tell you. Brian and I have gotten married.” Elizabeth comments.

“You did? When? Why didn’t you tell me? Why didn’t you invite me? OH god, I just turned into Karen......” Joan laughs.

“Yes we did, it was a few weeks ago. The only reason, I didn’t tell you was that I didn't want Ethan to find out and ruin it in some way. He seems lately to ruin anything he can. I don’t need the stress from him. We didn’t do anything major just went to the courthouse. After the baby is born and you are here, we will have another ceremony and party for all family and friends.” Elizabeth responds.

“I know you dislike Ethan at the moment, but you could have told me. All you had to say is not tell him. You know I wouldn’t have.” Joan answers.

“I know, but you would have told the girls and they would tell him. Plus it is not your secret to keep, its mine. Not that it's even a secret. It sucks to have to live like this. He is such a bastard at times.” Elizabeth reveals.

“I know you two had your moments but there really isn’t anything he could do. Now, even more, you're married to another man. What could he do? You two are divorced, you have been for months now. He does still come to my kitchen table and tell sob stories. He misses you. He misses your life.” Joan admits.

“Huh, Yea he misses me taking care of him, and when I did all he did was complain. He always came to you with sob stories. Any chance he got he would put me down, but yet never left. He doesn’t make any sense.” Elizabeth answers rolling her eyes.

“You two were together for a long time, You have a lot of history together. Good and bad. It's marriage. You and Brian are going to have the same, I hope he doesn't put you down and do what Ethan did, but you will still have your ups and downs.” Joan advises.

“I know, we already have them. Most of them thanks to Ethan and his stupidity. Every time I come to Wisconsin he makes some scene or does something he shouldn’t. I don't even want to step back there ever again. I know my children are there and their families will be there, yet so is he. Which keeps me away.” Elizabeth admits.

“You can’t hide from him forever. ” Joan says.

“It's not hiding, it's moving on. I know it wasn’t all bad, we did have some good times, some nice times. Just at some point, the bad outweighed the good. Memories flooded and all I saw were the bad. Even when he would try to do right, it would only last a short time before he said something hurting again. It's just his way. You get tired of accepting it. Brian doesn't do that, he doesn't put things I do down. We are equal. It feels nice.” Elizabeth comments.

“I understand, I also know everything that took place. I was a witness to most of it. Just he took you away from your life, not only Ethan. There are other people that need you.” Joan says.

“He didn't take me away. I left willingly. This is a new life, one for myself and not others. My children are grown. Yes, they will still need me and always need me. I will always be there for them, that didn’t change. I just needed to do something for myself for a change. They grew up and left the house, one got married. They went on their way, I went on mine. I know you miss me and I miss you, I just can’t and don't want to stay there. You really need to think about moving here. When you're here taking care of the baby while we go away on the here and their book tours, you need to see how you really like it.” Elizabeth replies.

“We will see, I lived here all my life. I don’t know if I can just up and leave. We will talk about it more when I am there. Congrats on getting married, I guess. I am a bit surprised you did it. You didn't seem so sure about it the last time we talked about it.” Joan responds.

“I still wasn’t, I just didn’t want my fear to hold me back. It was something Brian really wanted. He was tired of living in Ethan's shadow.” Elizabeth says.

“You needed to do it because you wanted to, not because you were pushed or felt sorry.” Joan answers.

“I know, it is why I did it. I think in a way I needed the extra push to let go of the past. I finally feel free of Ethan. I just wish it would stay that way.” Elizabeth states.

“As long as your happy, I am happy for you. I do know you two glow from happiness when you're together. It's nice, it's refreshing to watch. Just don’t let him make decisions for you. If you don’t want to do something. Say it.” Joan replies.

“I will, I promise. So far I haven’t needed to. It will all be ok.” Elizabeth responds.

Elizabeth knew her mother was right, most were figuring Brian pushed her into this due to the fight they had and his tantrums. But that wasn’t it. She really did want to marry him, yes she was scared, unsure, but she needed to take the leap to prove to herself she could do this. That Ethan wasn’t overshadowing her new life or her decisions. She knew Brian was right, that's why she agreed.

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