The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 149

Chapter 149

The month of April passes without any big splashes. Things are normal, Elizabeth and Brian are going through regular normal life. It's now May and Elizbeth is going on eight months pregnant. They are very happy and getting ready for the baby, even though in the back of their minds there is still doubt, still, fear. It seems to always hover over them, no matter how hard they try.

Elizabeth tries to work on the third installment of her book. She knows its the last one, she is trying to make it even better than the last two and make the ending live up to the hype. Its been a little hard for her to get a chance to sit down and write. So much has taken place over the months, her mood seems to pick how the book goes as she writes it. So when she is feeling down, about things, she tries not to write, not wanting to put the negative feelings into play. Just sometimes it's hard. Things have been normal for the most part since she and Brian have gotten married, just before that, their fight, Ethan and other factors make things hard to concentrate.

As she is sitting there writing, or at least trying to, her phone rings and its Monica. Which Elizabeth is always happy to hear from. She likes her a lot and they get along very well.

“Hey, girl. How are you doing?” Monica asks.

“I’m good, I am hanging in there.” Elizabeth answers.

“How are you and Brian?” Monica asks.

“Great, everything with that is perfect so far. I couldn’t ask for more. He is so loving and caring. It's just hard for me at times, lately to get my thoughts together for this last book. Even now that I am back to happy, and me and Brian are fine.” Elizabeth comments.

“Girl the things that have been happening to you, I don’t know how you're handling it. All writers go through block, hang in there it will be fine. I know you will finish the book and make it great. I am sure after the child is born and you find out who is the father things will be calmer for you.” Monica says.

“Yes, its the last thing driving me crazy no matter how hard I try. I just can’t get it off my mind. If its Ethan, I will feel terrible. I don’t want to do that to Brian, he doesn't deserve that at all. He doesn’t deserve putting up with all this.” Elizabeth replies.

“Neither do you, I am sorry for everything you're both going through and what I am calling to tell you, isn’t going to make it any better.” Monica answers.

“Why, What happened?” Elizabeth asks.

“Unfortunately, Ethan has gone to the tabloids that would pay him the most and did an interview. He said that your marriage was great and that Brian was the one to mess it up. That you abandoned him and your family. He put all the blame on you and Brian.” Monica responds.

“That Freaking Bastard. Why doesn’t that surprise me? I am always the bad guy. I guess he needed the money that badly, or he found out we got married and it's his revenge.” Elizabeth says.

“He did tell them you two got married, and you may be carrying his child. The interview goes into detail. It's long he held nothing back.” Monica reveals.

“Did he mention the rape?” Elizabeth snaps.

“No, of course not. He said that when you went to his father’s funeral, you were there for him, and consoled him. One thing led to another......” Monica replies.

“OMG! Really? I was there for him, but it didn’t happen like that. He always twists things around, but of course to make himself look good. Just another thing to hurt Brian! To hurt our relationship!” Elizabeth shouts.

“I know you're upset and I hated to be the one to tell you, I knew you needed to know though. Just please calm down. You are very pregnant and really don’t need this.” Monica comments.

“I just don’t believe him. Where can I read this shit? ” Elizabeth yells.

“Online, I will send you the link. It may even be on ET tonight. I just was trying to give you a heads up. Do you want me to send it to Brian as well?” Monica asks.

“Yes, He needs to know as well. I don’t want to hide anything from him. Just another thing to add to his list to put up with.” Elizabeth answers.

Elizabeth goes on to read the interview, pacing up and down the office as she does so. You could see the steam come off of her, that is how pissed she is at Ethan. Not believing, all the things he told them. Half of them lies, trying to make it that their relationship was great and Brian caused all the damage, which was the furthest from the truth. Saying that they made passionate love when she took him back to the house after his father’s funeral. Making it be they almost got back together, and that this child has a good chance of being his.

Never saying anything about his own affair or the birth of his son. Or better yet, how he raped and held her down. Not telling any of the gory details of the truth just lies and make believe to make him look good. It wasn’t anything new, just before it wasn’t hurting anyone. Now it would Brian.

Elizabeth is so hurt she can’t even keep it to her self. She just shakes from being so upset.

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