The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 15 Places

Chapter 15 PLaces.

They both go back to their rooms getting ready. Elizabeth takes a shower and puts on a pair of jeans, with a fuzzy warm white off the shoulder sweater and brown knee-high heel boots. Putting her long blonde curled hair into a ponytail. She makes sure her make up looks good, also adding a dab of her favorite perfume.

She grabs her brown Coat, with cream hat, gloves, and scarf. As the weather in NY right now was freezing. Which was nothing for her, she came from Wisconsin. Where this was a regular thing. So the cold didn’t bother her at all.

She goes to the lobby, where she bumps into Brian. He is wearing dark wash jeans, black shoes, and a black leather jacket. He looks great. She just gives him a smile going over to him.

“Ready?” He asks.

“Yes. I wonder how long this is going to be?” Elizabeth says.

“I am not sure. I guess We will find all that out now.” Brian responds.

They both go outside and walk in the snow flurries to the agency. Neither minding the cold. Just taking in the sites of NY. All the people walking and going on with their lives. It was so different than where she came from. All these people did overwhelm her. She just tried her best not to show it.

After a small walk, they got to the agency. Both going in and getting on the elevator. Brian can’t help himself, but to look at her. She was very attractive. He loved the way she smelled. He just did his best not to let her know. That from time to time, he would just stare at her. He knew what he was feeling was a bad thing. He was also here for work. He thought to himself may be working for a woman wasn’t such a good idea, but he signed the contract. He was now apart of this. He had to go along, not to mention, he needed the money.

Once up at Monica’s large office, they had a bit of a wait. Just sitting there, looking out of the large windows in her office. Watching it snow. It was a gorgeous sight to see.

“Hi, guys. Sorry to take so long. I had to stop at Starbucks to get my latte. I can’t start the day without my coffee fix. You wouldn’t like me very much without it. Trust me.” Monica states.

“No problem. We didn’t mind waiting. I think we got here a little early anyway.” Elizabeth says.

“That’s good. I am glad, you’re early. Be that way when you get to the signings. Now look we are going to do a few states and see how this goes. If it goes well, we will add more. Take it from there. So far we have you down for NY of Course. Since you are already here. I booked you a few signings. Also, the book came in today. It looks great! We are shipping them out to the bookstores. After you do the NY signings, You will go to PA, NJ, Maryland, Delaware and finally Washinton. Then I will fly you both back here and let you know the results.” Monica says sitting at her desk. Sipping her latte.

“That sounds good,” Brian says.

Elizabeth just taking it all in. Never traveling so much in her life. This was going to be new for her, but at least, she had Brian to help her. It made her feel good to know, he was there for her.

“Now I want to state, that the hotel rooms will be from good to ok. Its what we can book, and where you are. Some will just be basic. We want to spare expenses for now. Sometimes you two will have to share the room. Two beds, of course, but in the same room. It’s only going to be one night here and there. So no sense in spending a ton. If this goes big we will also upgrade that.” Monica explains.

“I am sure Brian and I can handle it. We are adults.” Elizabeth answers.

“Great. Let me show you the book. I want the first one signed by you for myself. ” Monica says with a smile.

“Hey, I want one too.” Brian states.

“Ok to both of you.” She answers with a blush.

She signs both books and gives it to them. Both very happy.

“Ok, both of you enjoy the rest of your day. Pack up because tomorrow night you will have your first signing. It won’t be too far away from here. We will start you off small and slow.” Monica announces.

Elizabeth just nods. As she and Brian walk out of the office.

They head down to the lobby to go back to their hotel.

“Hey, would you mind getting some lunch?” Brian asks.

“No, not at all. I know nothing about anything here. So we will have to find a place.” Elizabeth states.

“Not a problem. They are everywhere. I know we passed a few while getting here.” Brian states.

They head outside seeing a small pub on the corner. “There is a place. Let’s try that.” Brian says.

“Ok.” She responds.

Both of them crossing the very busy street to get to the pub. Snow coming down all around them filling the streets with white glistening pavements.

They head into the pub, sitting down at one of the small tables next to the window.

“It’s freezing out there. I would like something hot to drink.” Elizabeth says.

“Me too,” Brian replies.

Both ordering hot coffee, and a roast beef club. They sit there looking out the window.

“I am going to start reading the book tonight, so I know what Zach is all about,” Brian says.

“Good. That will help. Let me know what you think. What you really think.” Elizabeth asks.

“Of course I will. I know he is a detective. I don’t mind playing that, Or in a way I guess, just dressing the part. Do you have any ideas for the second half of it?” Brian asks.

“Yes, but I am not sure if I want her to be the murder or not. I am still working it out in my head.” Elizabeth answers.

“That must be really fun to work all this out. I never was one to write. Or really read books. Not these kinds anyway. Never really had the time.” Brian responds.

“I haven’t read that many either. I do enjoy writing them though. I am not sure if I can make the second half as good as the first. I mean Monica and Joann think I can, but I am not so sure.” Elizabeth replies.

“You have to have some faith in yourself. You made the first part and they love it. I am sure you can do it again. You seem very smart. You can do it.” Brian states.

“Thank you. I am not used to someone cheering me on. I have to say I like it.” Elizabeth says with a smile.

“I will make sure, I do it the whole time I am with you. I will need the same. When I am playing the part. I know that is going to be a little weird for me.” Brian answers.

“All you have to do is sit there. I am sure women will be swooning. They won’t see anything else.” Elizabeth says.

Brian just blushes.

They sit there for an hour just getting to know each other enjoying the other’s company. After lunch they walk around, going into shops and doing some sight seeing. Having a very pleasant day together. Not to mention getting along very well.

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